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  1. That is an exceptionally neat and clean build Larry, congratulations. Dave B
  2. That's very effective Tim, would it look any better sitting on the shelf if it wasn't a curbside, that would be no. Dave B
  3. Looks good Rich, love the lights. You can make basic kits look really effective with a bit of work and you nailed it. Dave B
  4. A mate of mine has his 3D printer up and running, not a resin printer unfortunately, and he surprised me with this 1/24th body. It has taken a lot of work to get to here as the curves are rather segmented. I searched through my resin parts box and came up with a suitable manifold and tyres (Accurate Miniatures McLaren), wheels (Eagle Indy car), injectors (apparently shoe ferrules), gearbox (Fujimi GT40) and interior (who knows?). It will never be perfect but it will be different and look OK in my display cabinet. Tks for looking. Dave B
  5. They are exceptional. At least you are able to build ALL the GS Corvette's. Tks for posting these group photos. Dave B
  6. You've been very busy. Another great build. Dave B
  7. Looks really good Phil, I love the TransAm racers, I just don't build them and I'm not sure why!! Dave B
  8. This is my take on the early GT40 GT/102. Based on two earlier Cox slot car bodies, one provided the sills, I have built it retaining it's slot car roots by using the original interior. The wheels are from the re release of the earlier Revell GT40 and the tyres are resin Dunlop Racing's from my parts box. Decals are Patto's. My only fault was that, while reviewing my reference material to apply the decals, I realised the rear engine cover deck should have been white and flat black!! Tks for looking Dave B
  9. About a month ago I was given two well used Cox GT40 slot car bodies. One had the front of the front wheel arches opened up the other had the front of the rear wheel arches opened out. Luckily the sills on the first mentioned were untouched so I was able to remove them and graft them onto the the second mentioned body.. Not all the glass was there, and what was had to be carefully removed by scribing the edges, there was a lot of glue holding some them on!! Between the two I had enough glass. After sanding and polishing the glass it has come up respectable. This model will be built as the #140 car at Nurburgring and will not be fine detailing, instead staying true to it's slot car roots. I have removed the dashpanel so I could deepen it and make it more realistic. Just have to decide which set of wheels to use, the realistic silver painted Dunlop racing shod set or the flashy wider Goodyear shod set!! Decisions, decisions. Tks for looking Dave B
  10. Nice build Steve, I really must get mine out of it's box!! Dave B
  11. Great build Josh, it looks really good, my only other comment would be it should probably be posted under ' other racing, road racing etc.' Dave B
  12. This is my take on the Ford France entered GT40 roadster raced at Le Mans in 1965. It retired on lap 11 with a broken gearbox. The model is based on an old slot car body, possibly Monogram, fitted onto a Fujimi GT40 chassis and using Monogram 427 Cobra Halibrand wheels and tyres. I haven't done any of the fine detailing required for an accurate conversion, instead paying homage to it's slot car roots. Painted in auto acrylic with decals by Patto's. Regarding the interior colour, Ronnie Spain's tome, 'GT40 an individual history and race and record', states the interior trim was black however a small publication by John S Allen shows GT/108 with a well worn blue interior suggesting that most of it was original. I have used poetic license and have opted to go with a blue interior!! Tks for looking Dave B
  13. Spectacular build Tomasz, could be the real deal!! Dave B
  14. That's a nice looking Porsche Rich, not really into the modern racers but that looks cool!! Dave B PS still waiting to see the Shadow.
  15. Looks the part Bernard, nice to see it finished. Dave B
  16. Great build Miroslav, I prefer the look of the 'C' type to the 'D'. Dave B
  17. Great build Rich! I have never heard of that brand, maybe I should have a search and see what else they do. Dave B
  18. Another unique build Pico, absolutely stunning. Dave B PS, probably should be posted under 'other racing' ?
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