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  1. PPS: I once posted a detailed comparison of these kits, but can’t find it now. Anyway, I recall a couple of differences — Minicraft has a more complete space frame but, oddly, no firewall (should be easy to scratchbuild).
  2. PS: I always counsel Gullwing modelers to use the following references: Use Google Images to search fantasyjunction Mercedes 300SL Gullwings (the cars will be shown against a red brick wall). Fantasy junction shows a huge amount of photo detail in every nook and cranny. All photos can be clicked to enlarge, though they’re large to begin with. Dennis Adler’s book, “Mercedes-Benz 300SL,” is very thorough and heavily illustrated with color photos, and contains year-to-year spec and upgrade differences.
  3. The Italeri has some better detail BUT their Gullwing body is incorrect, and the Minicraft/Entex/etc version is better. Italeri made a very accurate roadster body (except for the windshield) which, unfortunately, they adapted for the Gullwings. They are different bodies in the real world — besides the obvious differences, the roadster has more pronounced fenders and a larger grille, and you’ll see that if you compare Entex and Italeri.
  4. Your message page says you can’t receive messages.
  5. I would have had it but the grille bar was missing from the original image.
  6. I had the pleasure of being allowed to sit in and inspect a new Miura at a dealership back in the day, and the cream-colored interior was an unbelievable environment. Buttery smooth, aromatic leather that was soft and matte-finished.
  7. Fabulous work, as expected. Good to see you back.
  8. Great job. I didn’t know the kit was so nice, either.
  9. I always thought they looked like a cheap kit car.
  10. I had a neighbor who would occasionally drive home while sitting on the door sill with the malfunctioning door raised up.
  11. The Aston Ulster would be my favorite. Any Jaguar SS 100s there?
  12. He’s alive, but he and his family have terrible health problems. Last time I talked to him he was out of building models.
  13. He’s been on Facebook frequently. Selling off a lot of his kit stash.
  14. Absolutely spectacular work. The Johan Gold Cup Mercedes 500K kits are quite nice, too.
  15. As good as it gets.
  16. Wow. That’s spectacular. The only other pictures I’ve seen make this kit look like there’s lots of flash and fit problems.
  17. For years, I got carried away on Mercedes Gullwings, and have collected multiples of most available kits. But I’ve spent more time and money on research, including original manuals and 1:1 parts than anything else. In discussions with the parts manager at the Mercedes Classic Center in California, it turns out that I have things that even the Mercedes factory archives don’t have, including cars like the 500/540K and 710SS.
  18. Your work is amazing. You might be interested in looking at some exquisite 1:43 handmade die casts of this car and similar, made in France by a craftsman named Ilario —- www.ilario.com
  19. I have just received my order of a 1:43 1933 Mercedes 710 SS cabriolet, the same car I’ve been researching for years in order to build the 1:16 Revell/Academy kit. It is absolutely exquisite, totally accurate in every detail, down to the thinnest photo etched pieces I’ve ever seen. It’s one of an amazing array of classics and exotics, including larger scales, made in France by a craftsman named Ilario. Not cheap at $300, shipping included, but it’s worth the price to me. Sorry I can’t post photos, but there are plenty at: www.Ilario.com
  20. Also sold as a kit, so there’s less dismantling to do. Engine needs lots of detailing. PS: As I recall, the car in the video is a replica by Koux.
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