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  1. Smoooooooth........... G
  2. Bigger orifice = more paint flow. It needed a bit more PSI to fully atomize that paint. G
  3. Looks good. The trunk lid could be more horizontal and the transition at the end should be sharper. The character line should extend through the rear fenders as seen here. That will help alleviate the slope of the trunk. The black pinstripe follows the body line.
  4. Very nice! We received some of these off the state order for our Traffic Safety Division. That was a whale boat of a car for sure. It was the only police car I ever drove that I had to bring the seat up a notch or two. G
  5. Looking good so far. Love the "tribute" cars as they hold all the memories! In real life the roof numbers were initially the "shop" number of the car and had nothing to do with beat or call sign. 1A12 is a Central Division, 2 man car, patrolling beat 12. Later, the division number was added to the trunk, so a 1 would be on Central Division cars. Air units had to ID particular cars by calling "Shop xxx" and then giving directions. Pilots caught on quicker that the beat coppers. No one really remembers the car's shop number, only the call sign. G
  6. If the plastic is a warm color, paint the inside gold. If it's a cool color, use silver. Just like the base coat for a candy paint job. G
  7. All that and they mounted the muzzle break sideways...….
  8. My two current faves. All time #1 Still got it in her 70's. G
  9. This is a black Ford "Enforcer" SUV with white vinyl wraps for the doors hood and tailgate. All the reflective graphics are already printed on the white vinyl. Come trade in time off comes the vinyl wray and you have an all black Explorer again. G
  10. I collect wives. I trade them often. G
  11. Bravo sir! Very well done. G
  12. RIP Mike BLT 1/8, Beirut 10-23-83 I still have your tie bar. G
  13. I am definitely down for one of these. G
  14. NYPD Blue had some good moments. Police Story was a favorite of mine from back in the day. G
  15. Now that looks about perfect. Our Fleet Services had a porter who believed Armorall was invented just for police cars. When he Armoralled one of those plain vinyl bench seats, it was like driving while sitting on a Slip n Slide. G
  16. Nothing sinister, just showing a reference. G
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