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  1. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Holy carp! the sky is falling again? seems to happen about every ten years.
  2. I agree, take as much time as you need to, as long as it comes out right. I've got plenty on may banch and not enough$$$$$ for all the kits I want to buy.
  3. I don't care if you call it a "gasser' or not. I want to build it!
  4. My only gripe is i want these now!...lol. Seriously though as much as I want you to make these as accurate as possible, I appreciate any new plastic you give me to glue. Even if the kit came out horrible, I could turn it into a radical custom, and that would be ok too. But I've been pretty happy with everything you guys have done so far, so I'll assume you guys will do ok again. Sure a Big block would be cool in the Nova, but hey I've got plenty of those I can drop in. My only request, since you are doing a small block, is a while back Revell tooled up a really nice set of BB Chevy Moroso valve covers. I don't even know if they are period for that car, but a set of SB chevy moroso valve covers would sell a few more of these kits to me.other than that carry on. keep up the good work.
  5. Sorry, I thought you going all caps, and calling us "inconsiderate beings" meant you were upset. I apologize for taking that incorrectly. I'll also try not to misunderstand you calling us narrowminded, and the fact that you are "highly irritated" as you being upset. I will just assume all is well. I bid you good day.
  6. And all that stuff gets loaded onto your truck with pallet jacks and forklifts, and I have no interest in building models of those either. If you are feeling under-appreciated in your job or somehow unfulfilled in your chosen vocation, it's not up to us to make you feel better about it. It's great you enjoy building Model trucks and there is a whole section on this forum dedicated to your interests. Getting upset because the people in the "model cars" section of the "Model Cars Magazine" prefer to build model cars is frankly ridiculous, and you are being way too sensitive about it.
  7. I like the Truck a lot, But I really love the Novas. I'll need a few of those.
  8. The washer and Dryer two kit set will only be available through select retailers.
  9. Why couldn't they have done that in 1/25 scale? And who wants kits on new washing machines? I wish they would do a 1977 Maytag top loader! If we get a second kit they'll make something i want. Does anybody sell Avocado green in hobby sized paints? Perhaps next they will do a refrigerator, that would be cool!
  10. "Ala Krate" Woody Street Rod

    This is why I posted this this early to help me catch some design issues early on.
  11. "Ala Krate" Woody Street Rod

    I think you are right. I used this measurement so I could use the original front seat but I think I'm going to adapt a different seat and lengthen the doors.
  12. "Ala Krate" Woody Street Rod

    I tried that but decided to go with the same roof height as the original Ala Kart. to keep the proportions the same.
  13. "Ala Krate" Woody Street Rod

    This is project I've been wanting to do for a while. The Idea is to do a variation of the Barris Ala Kart, as a woody. The plan is to use only period parts but perhaps change up the engine and suspension to make it as I would have done it back in the day. What do you guys think? I figured I'd get an extra set of eyes on it. Do you like the proportions and the design? any suggestions?
  14. new for 2018

    even if you can get away with copying over somone elses professional photograph through some loophole, I still think it's dirty pool. I often work from photos as I can't always have the car in my driveway to look at, But I either work from my own photos or photos I've had taken for me when I can't make it to where the subject is. Maybe it's an artist thing.
  15. new for 2018

    Well that, and it is a 96 that is illustrated. If they were going to airbrush the photo they could have at least illustrated the correct side mirrors for the kit.