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  1. If you want to build a plastic kit of it the best place to start is a kit bash of the Revell "Rat Roaster" 32 ford and the Revell 32 Ford Five window. The Rat Roaster has the correct headers and fenders for the build. Model Car garage has a chopped 32 ford grill shell with PE grille, and you can choose your favorite set of Chrome reverse rims as there are many out there. The tough part is the 4 carb intake and the top chop. If you are feeling lazy you can use the Jimmy Flintstone resin body.
  2. As a huge Porsche 911 fan I can say I wish they had released that. from the looks of it it would have compared very well to the Revell kit
  3. If you combine the two you can build this car from the Movie "Lemans" It was a Lola T-70 rebodied to look like a Porsche 917. you can see some of the original yellow body work in this photo.
  4. From what I understand from the statement on Moebius' website, it was not sold to Pegasus, but the controling interest was sold to the people who also owns Pegasus. " PEGASUS HOBBIES OWNERS TO ASSUME OWNERSHIP OF MOEBIUS MODELS Model kit producer's product output to remain unchanged [Glenwood, FL, March 1, 2018] As of March 1st, Tom and Larry, owners of Pegasus Hobbies will assume ownership of Moebius Models. Moebius will remain an independent company and will continue production on its popular line of plastic model kits and other products. Original Moebius founder and president Frank Winspur will remain with the company as a minority partner and will still be involved in guiding Moebius from a creative standpoint. Moebius Models was formed in 2008 as a division of Doll & Hobby Inc. and has released licensed model kits from properties such as Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Lost in Space, Battlestar Galactica, the 1966 Batman television series, Warner Bros. movies Batman V Superman, The Dark Knight, and Interstellar, Marvel superheroes such as Iron Man, Universal's classic monster characters and Fantastic Voyage, as well as automobile and truck models. Recently Moebius has produced licensed model kits from 2001: A Space Odyssey and will soon launch a line of Star Trek kits from the recent theatrical movies produced by J.J. Abrams, Star Trek, Star Trek Into Darkness and Star Trek Beyond. Moebius Models' art director Bob Plant and new product manager Dave Metzner will remain in their current positions at the company and Moebius' upcoming product releases will remain unchanged through the transition. Customer service will remain at 386-734-3599 and email contact will remain customerservice@moebiusmodels.com for the present time. Frank Winspur will provide a personal statement on the transition on Facebook within the next few days. No further information is available and calls and/or emails to the company are unnecessary at this time. Moebius Models is a toy and hobby company based in Glenwood, FL."
  5. that car is the Thomassima III Thomassima cars
  6. To me this is just the latest "end of the hobby as we know it". we'll be fine.
  7. That might be because in bold print in three languages it clearly stated " 1 Plastic Kit"
  8. I don't think anybody expects them to retool the kit to match the illustration, but is it too much to ask that they hire an artist who; A.) Knows the subject matter and can tell a 94 Impala from a 96 Impala. B.) Has the talent to create an original artwork, rather than painting over somebody else' photograph, and claim it's his own work. This is an exact tracing of a David Freers Photo from Motor Trend. .http://www.motortrend.com/news/callaway-impala-ss-road-test/ Would it have really been that hard for the artist to track down a 94 Impala, photograph it and then draw it?
  9. Yeah the box "artist" simply airbrushed over a photo and didn't even bother to change the background. I miss the days when the model companies hire real artists to create original artwork for the boxes. The reason the box art car's wheels look different is because this was copied from a picture of a Callaway modified Impala, that used similar, but wider wheels. The kit has a stock 1994 Impala SS in it rather than the Modified 96 Impala pictured.
  10. Holy carp! the sky is falling again? seems to happen about every ten years.
  11. I agree, take as much time as you need to, as long as it comes out right. I've got plenty on may banch and not enough$$$$$ for all the kits I want to buy.
  12. My only gripe is i want these now!...lol. Seriously though as much as I want you to make these as accurate as possible, I appreciate any new plastic you give me to glue. Even if the kit came out horrible, I could turn it into a radical custom, and that would be ok too. But I've been pretty happy with everything you guys have done so far, so I'll assume you guys will do ok again. Sure a Big block would be cool in the Nova, but hey I've got plenty of those I can drop in. My only request, since you are doing a small block, is a while back Revell tooled up a really nice set of BB Chevy Moroso valve covers. I don't even know if they are period for that car, but a set of SB chevy moroso valve covers would sell a few more of these kits to me.other than that carry on. keep up the good work.
  13. Sorry, I thought you going all caps, and calling us "inconsiderate beings" meant you were upset. I apologize for taking that incorrectly. I'll also try not to misunderstand you calling us narrowminded, and the fact that you are "highly irritated" as you being upset. I will just assume all is well. I bid you good day.
  14. And all that stuff gets loaded onto your truck with pallet jacks and forklifts, and I have no interest in building models of those either. If you are feeling under-appreciated in your job or somehow unfulfilled in your chosen vocation, it's not up to us to make you feel better about it. It's great you enjoy building Model trucks and there is a whole section on this forum dedicated to your interests. Getting upset because the people in the "model cars" section of the "Model Cars Magazine" prefer to build model cars is frankly ridiculous, and you are being way too sensitive about it.
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