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  1. No, Tom, it does not have a '32 frame........'Z'
  2. I will be there, vending, with some 400 plus sets of 'ZSWHEELZ'...........Steven Zimmerman
  3. mmmm. So did I. The stock underbody can be modified without too much work to accept a wider wheel / tire combo, and the front suspension is fairly simple and can be lowered easily Only oher solution involves a lot of work (beentheredonethat )
  4. Race Motor Replicas casts a 67 / 8 / 9 ' Pro Street Chassis, replaces the stock underbody front to back.....'Z'
  5. Good job ! I worked on this; ended up cutting the rear deck lid off and using it as a hood on a 41 Willys !
  6. White Gel Pen works very well for me, wash n dry tire first. Seems fairly durable too
  7. No, no jigs. Just very careful to get the A arms, glued to the frame at the same angle, left vs. right. I use superglue. Actually thought it went together much more easily then others - The R/M series of 37 Ford Street Rods with the IFS.....I HATE those ! A arm mounting points are too fragile ! My favorite is the R/M '41 Willys Street rod front suspension, with the upper A arms cast integral with the frame...'Z'
  8. I have assembled this frame 5 or 6 times and had no problems.
  9. To my knowledge both Jimmy Flintstone and Race motor Replicas offer this, in different configurations. Both are bases on either a radio controlled toy, or a diecast; cannot remember which. RMR's has a frame, I believe.........'Z'
  10. I just re subscribed for two years. I hope it's being continued ?
  11. Let us know when you put this back in production, please. I want one in the worst way.......'Z'
  12. Hmmmm, I have been using them for many years and never had that problem......
  13. If you use them dry, they will wear out WAY WAY WAY before you're finished.
  14. I would love to see this re issued with different wheels, to fit the kit tires. Maybe Torgue Thrusts ? Also would love to see these tires, with other wheels, issued in separate sets, like the tampo printed Goodyear L/60 - F / 60 Poyglas GT sets. IMHO, one of the best market offerings they've given us...'Z'
  15. Probably are, and I have similar wheels that fit 23" PEGASUS tires, but looking for a wheel similar to that above, that I could modify to fit the smaller PEGASUS 19" tire. And the wheels on D.C.'s truck appear smaller than 23" , IMHO....'Z'
  16. Beautiful build, some interesting facets there ! Does anyone have ,or know where I can get, a set of these EXACT wheels ? Thanks, Steven Zimmerman
  17. Thanks. I have this 'thing' about poseable front wheels on my builds, not quite ready to scratch build something so delicate / fragile. As you said, a function of getting old....... ..'Z'
  18. I LOVE this ! I picked up 2 of these kits, with the idea of doing the same thing, but just haven't had time. One question; where did you get the poseable front axle ?....Steven Zimmerman
  19. I believe Ron Andrews / Race Motor Replicas offers a 70 Vista Cruiser, along with Vista Cruisers from a few other years.......'Z'
  20. I sent George 500 resin wheels and ralley caps; got them back in record time and was EXTREMELY happy with the results.You da man, George Hernandez !
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