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  1. I don't believe I've ever seen that in a kit,And I started building in 1958. I do believe there were some regular tops molded clear thru the years,but not for the years '53- '55.
  2. Only with an electric motor powering it . According to my references.
  3. Love your model and the real car too. I always thought the Banshee was better looking than the Corvette Indy. Has anyone ever used the frame and running gear on another build?
  4. Just to add to the reference here.Those that followed the older mag Car Modeler,in the January 1992 issue #11 there is an article on upgrades to the older issue of this kit. It is orange on the box ,but looks like the older issue that had some front nose issues. It goes on to describe how to make it somewhat less glaring. I don't know if this is easier than grafting the nose from the newer release,but something I might investigate. How about a MCM update on the 70's Camaro? Anyone .
  5. I have just the trailer. Have not done anytning with it.
  6. Yup ! got their scriber, saw & punch set.
  7. Does round two/AMT have TWO separate different tools in the pipeline? I picked up one recently with an orange car on the box. This tool appears really worn. Lot's of flash etc.
  8. Is this a diecast/ If so just get some stripper MEANT for stripping metal. I use an orange smelling stuff called Citri-strip.
  9. I have some really thin wood from cigars that it was wrapped around. Maybe I'll try that. Nice looking boards and great wood grainning!
  10. I've had success with tube glue releasing by just soaking in Super Cean. Could take a long time though short of that SMALL amounts of liquid glue sparingly applied has worked as had mineral sprits applied in the same way and allowed to soak in. These remedies are not for the faint of heart.
  11. Several adhesives come to mind. Acrylic clear paint is one I've used. Beware of the 5 minute stuff as it will yellow. I have in my stash some 90 second epoxy that I have yet to try. There are several adhesives specially made like Formula 5XX canopy glue, testors clearparts cement , and a watch crystal glue whoose name escapes me.
  12. SUPER lative build ! Nice stance and just right.
  13. someone was working on a '72-74 cuda headlite /grille upgrade Did that ever pan out?
  14. The seats and maybe the dash look like parts from the Revell Custom interior parts pack.
  15. Thanks Snake, That's basically it. Just looking for a detailed chassis to finish out the resin body. It didn't come with a chassis, Or an interior either . Maybe I can use the Camaro as a donor for more than just the chassis.
  16. Looking at building a '70 Firebird resin . Body and parts are cast off the MPC firebird. I thought about the AMT '70 Camaro newer issue?
  17. Can you pull the wires out? If so put a small amount of medium SG on the wire and push it into the hole. Another way to tackle this would be to make boots that fit in the hole and are even with the valve cover level and then cement from underneath like Mark mentioned.
  18. Did you order direct from his website? I ordered that futuristic trailer from his site and It seems to me it wasn't real long.
  19. Try soaking it in super clean, or a strong dish soap. Of the hundreds of clear parts I have soaked in super clean it has never harmed the glass. It MIGHT remove the yellow,
  20. Enamel clear tends to yellow over time. Why not shoot lacquer clear?
  21. If it were easy and that important I would post a pic of the part I just had in my hand, Believe what you want.
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