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  1. The new design looks good but I think the original was better.
  2. That level of craftmanship is a real inspiration. I'm not sure if i'm inspired to do better or quit! That looks VERY real.
  3. WOW! Let's talk about this one! Are the "patterned" panels on top done with decals or airbrush? If they are decals, what software did you use to create them? I almost forgot to say what a fabulous model that is. Great work!
  4. NICE PAINT! What colors did you use?
  5. I have to agree with everybody else. That's a great color for the '59 Chev and an excellent paint job. This will look fine when it's finished!
  6. Excellent job! Those kits are hard to build. I built the Mysterion and felt very lucky to end up with four wheels on the ground!
  7. mr moto

    Mercedes W06

    FYI, they were hybrids last year, too.
  8. I use a 5 gallon Craftsman portable air tank and it will get me through a paint job. Something bigger would be better except for taking up more room but 5 gallons gets me by. For filling it I use a "tire inflator" type pump (which also comes in handy for inflating tires, go figure) to pump it up to maybe 90 psi. If it starts getting low, it's very easy to pressure up.
  9. This is looking like a fun build to watch!
  10. Unfortunately, I don't expect to see that from Detroit in 2017 or any other year but I'm ready if it happens! Very cool look and great work.
  11. I love that! And I really appreciate seeing people bring back an old glue bomb. It's kind of like preserving a precious natural resource.
  12. Thanks everbody for all the good words and MERRY CHRISTMAS! Someone asked about the paint color on the carb and fuel pump. That's just some Testors aluminum paint followed by a just a little bit of a rust color wash - kind of like dry brushing with a wash. In answer to another question, the skirts came in the kit. It includes a lot of parts that haven't been seen in a '36 Ford box for many years. Before anybody asks, yes it has the six carb manifold and the three carb manifold for the optional Pontiac engine. Here are a few more pictures. I added a "necker's knob" to the steering wheel with a "Lady Luck" image on it. That seemed like good period touch. My idea for this build is that it's back in the day of street rods and local car clubs so I printed a 1959 license plate for it and that's the whole decal sheet down below.
  13. Just finished this today. It's the Round 2/AMT 1936 Ford built mostly out of the box. There's a few added details and tires from Modelhaus but the great majority of it came in the box. The tires in the kit are actually excellent but the 5.00 x 15 street rod tires made it a lot easier to get it as low as I wanted. Paint is Duplicolor; Seattle Silver, Toreador Red and Greek White on the exterior and Wimbledon White, Toreador Red and Light Briar Brown on the inside. These are all the photos that I have uploaded right now but I'll add some shots of the interior, etc. later on.
  14. Fabulous stuff! I'm especially in love with the two Mercs and the two Chryslers. Did you scratchbuild the up-top on the '59 Merc?
  15. mr moto

    1959 Impala

    Great job! I just love '59 Chevies and your two-tone job really does a great job of showing off the lines.
  16. I just checked BMF's website (you can order direct BTW) and they still make the black foil and the ultra bright chrome. However, my results with the black foil have been about like everybody else says. On the other hand, it's not impossible to work with. Try it and see and if it can do what your project needs.
  17. Great build as always! Did the white tires come in the kit? They don't really look like an old Aurora kit item.
  18. One that I've been wanting is the AMT (actually tooled up by MPC) 1965 Dodge Coronet. Unlike the Polar Lights kit of that car, the body actually looks like the real thing.
  19. That is a great looking rig. I just love it!
  20. I tried searching the forum for info on the possible Palmer heritage of Lindberg's '40 Ford and found lots of references to it originating with Palmer but not necessarily anything concrete. Try doing a forum search for something like "lindberg palmer" and you'll see that it's been stated a lot even if it's not definitive. Here's one that I found: http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10020&hl=%2Blindberg+%2Bpalmer+%2B40#entry73444
  21. Very cool and original idea and a great looking build, too!
  22. Great build and a familiar story. A friend of mine got a '58 Buick 3 in 1 and after he showed me what was in the box I thought my eyes would never go back in my head! Pretty soon I had a '59 Ford and then a '59 Lincoln and then ... well, here I am!
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