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  1. Despite your troubles, looks like you pulled it together pretty well.
  2. Ah yes, very good. I'd never seen that Hot Wheels car before. The similarities are quite apparent.
  3. Missing some pieces there bud 😉 but that body paint is amazingly smooth for brush painted. Good job.
  4. Whoa, very exciting! Any pics from before the primer? Wouldn't mind seeing how it came together.
  5. Tamiya fine tape. I have many kinds of tape for different things but I've long since learned to spend the money for the fine edging tape. They know what they're doing.
  6. If this works for you, it works for me.
  7. Interesting texture on that trailer. Explain. I have a vintage lamp with that texture so I'm kind of curious.
  8. I'm sad to hear of his passing too, but I get a certain consolation that he survived all his stunts and died of natural causes and not some self involved antic.
  9. When our company was first requested to put a QR code on a printed billboard we weren't positive it would work, but we tested it and it worked. Then we were asked to put one on a digital billboard, which if you don't know, are very low resolution and doesn't define the code well unless it's big. Sometimes it works, sometimes no. Ultimately, we've found them to be impractical and we advise against it because most motorists aren't prepared (or motivated) to capture it anyway.
  10. On this side of the pond the decision might be easy, lots and lots of employment opportunities and unemployment is at an historical low. If this scenario is the same where you are, take the money. With five or six months to find the right fit, the odds might be in your favor. You might even get to be selective.
  11. Even some nice boat colors. What's not to love about this? Well done.
  12. Amazing detail, and all scaled exactly right. Even the hinges are correct.
  13. You had me at 1965 Impala Convertible Advanced Custom. There is no way I could build in weeks what you build in a "long weekend." I need to be a fly on your wall to see what I'm not doing.
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