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  1. Great job on this! Nice color combo! Love that old issue '57, I've built a number of them over the years!
  2. I went to the closest one after work today. The Easton, Pa. Store on Rt. 248. Lots of holes in the model car area. Looks like a bigger diecast area. Also a lot more non-car models. Military, planes and Gundam Robots. I got a Foose pickup and the new '64 Plymouth. I have seen a few people "retro" build the Foose pickup, I think I will do something along those lines and pull the wheels and engine to use in something else. I think the '64 Plymouth will be done as a late 60's street machine when I get to building it in 2030 or so.....😉
  3. I could be wrong, but it seems like Carmax and Carvana are aimed at 20/30 something hipsters who don't have the" time" or interest to buy the "old fashioned" way. I find the commercials annoying and I can't see how there is any way it isn't more costly. But I find myself becoming more of a curmudgeon by the day, so maybe it's just me.....😐
  4. Thanks for the heads up! Ordered 3 of them, plus 2 Revell Model A tops! They really look great and I am glad to hear they will work on the Monogram '32 too.
  5. Hope it's true! Even though I bought most of the Moebius Fords, I would much rather have Chevy and GMCs. Would love Dodges done to this level also!
  6. larman

    '67 Camaro

    Super job! Love the color and the motor detail is outstanding!
  7. Nice job! Your skills are improving! Do you paint the chrome (bumpers,etc) with silver paint, or dull cote it ?
  8. This is a really great project! Love the stance and your wheel choice! Everything is coming along very nicely!
  9. larman

    '71 Duster

    Another awesome build! Great stance and color!
  10. Went to the store on Airport Road , Allentown, Pa. Had the BRR, some big boats, diecast Pagani, Scooby Doo Biplane and Van, smaller Testor's diecast/pre-paint military kits ( planes, Jeep, tanks). Lindberg military. A 1/32 Revell fire truck and 1/48 Focke Wulf 190 fighter . No cars. I also went to the Tilghman St. store (also Allentown, Pa), they had a few left over C6 Corvettes from last time. The big Lindberg boats, BRR and the smaller Lindberg military stuff. They also had the '48 Ford Coupe and '66 Suburban. I picked up 2 Fords and 1 Suburban.
  11. I had MANY 1/18 diecasts, as well as a number of mint cars and smaller scales and have experienced a wide range of deterioration. From paint rash to disintegration. I had cars that ranged from low cost Maistos up to high dollar models from Lane, GMP, AutoArt, etc. The problems did not discriminate....The models were stored in a very low light, temperature controlled, stable area. i was very careful with them, but the problems still occurred with a significant number of the models I had. Probably something like 1 in 4 had some type of issue. I got so disgusted, I sold nearly all of them. I have since pretty much stuck with plastic models. It has been my experience that it is not a question of if, but a question of when you will experience some level of damage when collecting diecast.
  12. Got mine today at Walmart, went with the red. At $10, I will probably get the other colors if they turn up. Sam's Club has the 1/18 Maisto models. So far they have red and highlighter yellow with graphite stripes. I heard there is a Sam's Club exclusive color (orange?), but I haven't seen it yet. I would really like a nice plastic kit of the C8, it would be awesome if Tamiya would do it. Not holding my breath though......
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