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  1. larman added a topic in Wanted!   

    Looking for Monogram Big T parts, mostly wheels......
    Hi Everyone,
    I am not a big poster on this board, but I do visit every day and enjoy looking at the great builds and checking out the latest news and how to's!  Anyway, never posted on the trading post before, but I thought I will give it a try. I have a Monogram Big T that I bought cheap a number of years ago with the idea of building it as my version of the Big Drag. It is actually the "Golden T" version which, for those who don't know, is a gawdy 70's fad T version with all gold plating. This was a semi built up and I got it cheap. I gutted it down to the main body and frame. It had the custom cut down pick up bed from the Golden T, but I was able to get a turtle deck  for next to nothing in a lot of parts. I set about gathering other vintage parts to complete the car. I have a 283 Chevy from an original Big T, a set of the original skinny whitewall front tires and matching original WW slicks. I have a Lindberg Roots Style 6-71 supercharger and an intake I will adapt to work. I also have a set of the drag style headers. I have seen the 1/8 Monogram drag parts pack, with the roll bar, moon tank, etc., but it always goes for way more than I want to spend considering the low buck nature of this project, plus I hate to use a mint example on this project because it will represent a typical 60's drag altered and not a show rod. My current plan is to scratch build a roll bar, tow bar and any other little stuff as necessary. I have a Moon tank from a Lindberg Exterminator dragster. If anyone has the parts pack parts in used conditon, I would be greatly interested. I also need wheels!  I am looking for the mags that came with various issues of the Big T kits. I don't care if they are vintage or new issue. Also would be interested in the chrome reversed wheels or bare steel wheels that came with the various Big T versions, I am not really concerned with the quality of the chrome plating and they can certainly be used, as long as they are complete and usable. At this point, I have a set of 12 spoke spindle mount wheels from the Exterminator dragster that look like they will fit the Monogram tires with a minimal amount of work, but I am on the fence on whether I want to use them or not. I would rather use Monogram wheels if possible. If you are interested in trading let me know what you are looking for, maybe we can work something out. I am always interested in other Monogram Big T and Big Deuce parts too, as I have a couple more ideas for projects after I get this one done. An help appreciated!
    Thanks! Larry
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  2. larman added a post in a topic Hot Wheels 1/25 Tribute - "Sweet 16" - Custom Corvette   

    Great work! Super cool idea, they are all well executed!
  3. larman added a post in a topic "Bad Bird" '57 Thunderbird: A Better Windshield Frame for the AMT Kit!   

    Look's good, I like the idea of the Lincoln motor. The smooth hood is cool too!  
  4. larman added a post in a topic '56 Stop Light Warrior. Outdoor pics added.   

    Vintage Fords are just about right as they are, sometimes a slight adjustment in stance, maybe a little smoothing out or tasteful performance upgrades are nice. It is very clear that you understand this well, it is evident in all your builds. Once again you nailed it, luckily you decided to "rescue" this from it's original build plan of  resto rod with rubberband tires.....
  5. larman added a post in a topic Li'l Gypsy Wagon   

    Great work, I love to look at posts like this, so much clever thought and artistic execution! This is what modeling is all about!  
  6. larman added a post in a topic Round2 Kat's Kollection - New Series   

    I like the idea of what they are doing. As far as the Hippie Hemi goes, I agree about it being more or less useless, but hopefully the "Kats at AMT" offer other items in this series in the future, that are more appealing. Let's face the fact that MOST of the automotive modeling subjects out there are not aimed at the youth market because it doesn't really exist. I am a middle school teacher, and I assure you, very few kids have any interest in building models of any kind and most don't really care about cars unless they have an adult in their life that is in to them. For that matter, there are a significant number of high school age kids I know who have no interest in driving or getting their license. What they do love and follow: Super hero movies, Star Wars and other sci-fi stuff, some sports, texting and surfing on their phones and most notably,video games. They also watch youtube videos for HOURS of other people playing video games......You would be hard pressed to find any who would be interested in building models of even the subjects that they do like, because it would take too much time and effort. I don't believe subject matter is the problem in getting youth interested, rather it is the fact that there are too many things that interest them more and will always win. Most would also shy away from a modeling project because there would not be an instant reward and there is also a good chance of failure. I am not trying to be a "Negative Nelly", just giving my honest observations on the subject. Technology has changed everything in our lives, so why would it not change what people do in their leisure time?  People who had horse and buggies hated the early cars, early model builders felt that "plastic kits" were for cheaters, technology is always changing, some change with it, while others try to fight it. There will be enough kits to keep us all busy until we are gone, but will the hobby be around in 25 to 50 years, my guess is no. I guess the question is, does it really matter?  
  7. larman added a post in a topic Ollie's has big car kit sale - see attached ad.   

    Went to the one on Airport Road in Allentown, Pa. Had some Lindbergs and Revells left over from last time: Revell '94 Mustang, '32 Ford Finkwagon, Porsche Boxster, Lindberg S/S Dodges, Bugatti, Mercedes SSK roadster. This is what they had new: AMT '25 T Fruit Wagon, '53 Corvette, '63 Corvette, Carl Casper Cosmic Dragster thing, Jawbreaker Dragster, weird VW dune buggy thing......The one on Tilghman St had some Lindberg and Revell left over stuff from last time. New stuff : '53 Corvette,Jawbreaker dragster, Carl Casper Cosmic thing, Weird VW dune buggy thing and even weirder Pirahna show car. 
    I got a '25 T, a '63 Corvette and a Jawbreaker..... I will go back in a day or two to see if they add anything ......   
  8. larman added a post in a topic K&R Kustoms+Rods "barn find" dry lakes belly tanker   

    Even though it's been said a bunch of times here, this is fantastic work! Brilliant engineering and scratch building followed by "dead on" paint and weathering.
    Easily one of my favorite builds I have seen on this site!  -Larry
  9. larman added a post in a topic 1961 Dyno Don Impala Pro Street   

    Very nice! Nice engine!
  10. larman added a post in a topic Gasser class designations   

    You are absolutely right that there is some leeway in scale with motor internals, weight, etc. I think the point of most of the comments  above is it is noticeable if the model is a C/G car with a naturally aspirated small block Chevy and has an A/GS designation on it.
  11. larman added a post in a topic 1948 Ford Convertible Club Coupe, now with outdoor pictures (pic heavy)   

    Love all your vintage Ford models, and your photography is top notch too!
  12. larman added a post in a topic K&R Kustoms+Rods belly tanker update: 8/12/17   

    This is a fantastic build! Top notch work on a great subject.....
  13. larman added a post in a topic Help need a 1/12 scale 427 Chevy big block   

    The Monogram 1/12 '67 Corvette is a 427 tri-carb motor. Has  options for stock and a single 4bbl carb, tube headers and Moroso valve covers for the drag version.  Probably cheaper to buy a whole '67 kit than get a 3d printed motor. I had planned to do a '69 Yenko Camaro a few years ago and was going to swap the 427 in the '67 Corvette into the Camaro and the 302 Z28 motor into the Corvette.
  14. larman added a post in a topic old kits   

     Unbuilt models are just parts until you do something with them. Original box art and old stuff is cool, but IMHO, if it's too "valuable" to build sell it while you can and buy more models that you will build! 
  15. larman added a post in a topic Gasser class designations   

    I have seen plenty of drag models that are clearly classed wrong. For me, I try to follow the NHRA/AHRA rule books for specific years on my builds. I guess it is in the same vain as do you want  correct plug wire order? Do you want authentic colors? Equipment? Everyone builds for different reasons, so I guess it wouldn't bother a lot of people. However, I tend to recognize it when it is wrong and I think there are quite a number of drag builders who woud also.