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  1. eBay part seller now gone

    I understand why people get annoyed with the jacked up prices for parts, but it happens everywhere. Not just on Ebay, I was just at a local flea market a few weeks ago and a guy had an out of box 1/18 low line diecast '57 Chevy that had seen better days, FAR from perfect. Fair value would have been around $20-25 for a nice one in the box, this one was probably worth $5-10 as it sat and that would be a HARD sell. What was the seller asking for it ....$330! Because it was very rare. FWIW, at the same market I got an old issue MPC Maverick Iron Horse, started ,not painted for $5, a near mint 80's issue "Recharged" Johan '64 Dodge Super Stocker (molded in off white) for $30, a nice built up MPC 1970 Chevy pick up for $10 and a nice unbuilt MPC "32 Chevy Roadster street rod kit, issued mid 70's. The one with the headers out over the fenders for $12. I thought all those prices were fair, I am guessing there were others there who didn't, but I am happy I got them. I also just bought a bunch of new parts on Ebay from a seller who starts his items with fair starting bids and let's them go where they will. He also sells some stuff with BIN's that are very reasonable, he combined shipping so what I got was very reasonable. Some stuff he had got bid up, so I let that go, other stuff went my way for decent prices. I bought the parts to repair/restore a bunch of common cars I have that otherwise would not have been worth putting money into, so it worked out nicely for me and I guess the seller did ok too. Bottom line is, there are good deals out there as much as there are bad ones, maybe more so if you keep looking.
  2. AMT 49 Ford "GASMAN"

    Love it, great color!
  3. AMT '40 Ford Tudor: 1959 Style!

    Absolutely great build! Love everything about it!
  4. Yet another fabulous project! Great colors, and that unique interior pattern is awesome! -Larry
  5. What kit is this from?

    Not 100% sure, but I think that block is from an old Lindberg hot rod kit, an early hemi, perhaps the one that was in their "32 Ford Roadster". It's got a molded in distributor and intake, and look's like it was poorly cribbed from an old Trophy Series AMT kit. A hallmark sign of those Lindberg kits.
  6. Looking for a 1/25 Header piece

    I have a set, you can have them.
  7. hobby lobby

    I found An AMT '57 Ford and 2 McEwen Barracuda Funny cars for $7.49 at the HL in Easton, Pa. 2 Thunderbolts at the one in Trexlertown, Pa., also for $7.49. They had the the Snake and Mongoose dragsters, Mazda RX7, '53 Ford Convertible, '69 Yenko Corvette and a Porsche 914, all marked down at the Easton store, but I did not take those. Trexlertown had the Mazda, the '53 Ford and Yenko Corvette. they also had the '76 Torino and S&H Torino, I left those too. Also checked the Phillipsburg, NJ store last week and they had nothing marked down, they may have some now, but I haven't been back. $7.49 is dirt cheap! HL had much better deals this year than Ollies.
  8. 66 Pearl White Nova

    Nice work, very well thought out!
  9. 2017 AMT Camaro SS 1LE

    Had to do a double take on that last pic to make sure it was a model ! Great work!
  10. That's super nice, great resto!!
  11. 1930 Model A coupe in white

    Very nice!
  12. 32 Ford A/SR - FINISHED

    Complete awesomeness!! Beautiful work! -Larry
  13. How Old Are You

    Not to be cynical, but does it really matter? The oldest group listed (50+) will have enough models to keep them busy for as long as they are alive or able. Same with the 40 to 50 crowd ( the group I am in). After that, what difference will it make? We will be dead or unable to build anyway. Our collections will be sold or junked. Bottom line is the world is changing, it always has. This is just part of it. Enjoy model building for yourself, and share it with those who have a similar interest. The rest will be what it will be. Just my 2 cents, that isn't worth a dime, lol! -Larry
  14. Blown 67 Camaro

    Oh my, That is NICE! Love everything about it!