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  1. Hobby Lobby Summer 19 clearance

    My question is, how much can you actually make turning these kits so quickly? Maybe sell a few at $15? Will you sell all of them? With ebay fees and your time factored, how much are you making? You probably could do better parting them out, but again, your time and fees. Maybe if you sit on them and turn them in a few years when it gets harder to find them. But then you have to store them until that time. I guess you can hustle them at a local car show or flea market, but most people who are looking for models know what they are looking at. Just seems like a lot of trouble for small return.
  2. Atlantis - Monogram Customizing Auto Engine kit

    I hope they make this, and it would be fine with me if it was just static, without the motorized stuff. Hopefully, that would take any problems off the table. These would be great for the Monogram T's and 32's especially with all the extra intake options.
  3. 1963 Plymouth Fury Max Wedge

    That is super fine! Details are terrific!!
  4. Hobby Lobby Summer 19 clearance

    I hit the Melbourne, Florida store last week and they had all the ones mentioned. I got a '66 Fairlane, Edsel, Amt boat, '70 Monte Carlo, Pepper Shaker, '66 Suburban and the Internation Scout SS. They didn't have the Polyglas '62 Pontiac, so the next day I went to the Titusville store and found 4 of those. Normally, I only take one of a kit when they are on sale so other people can have a shot at them, but the Pontiac is just too parts rich to pass up. Especially at $7.49 a piece. The 2 sets of tires are worth that alone, plus you get the whole car and all the custom parts too. I went back Monday this week and everything has been picked. The general rule with both HL and Ollies is to get them if you see them because you will not get a second chance. As other people have mentioned, a lot of these wind up in the hands of dealers ,speculators, and other vultures but thats how it goes......This time I got lucky! 😁
  5. Hi, I am looking for a 1/25 MPC 1969 or 1970 Interior bucket and dash. Just missed a '70 interior on ebay....I have a lot of parts to trade. Thanks, Larry
  6. Beautiful build! Great colors!
  7. 68 Corvette

    Beautiful build!
  8. 1941 Lincoln

    Great job! Love the color, they are such beautiful cars!
  9. "The Moose" 38 Chevy Gasser

    Cool to see a local PA. car done! Nice job!
  10. A lot of nice work going on here ! I see that you are test fitting 1 seat for your interior. I am pretty sure that the MSP rules were very similar to Gassers and for at least most of the 1960's required 2 bucket seats or a bench seat (gassers). a single seat would probably move the car to Altered class. I am not 100% sure of this, but I know you are trying to keep it as legit as possible, so maybe it is worth checking into further. -Larry
  11. Wow, that's some nice work!
  12. Revell 2019

    While this is not 100% on topic here, what are the chances that Revell would add gasser parts to their Tri-5 Chevys? They make a nice '55 hardtop, '56 sedan and Nomad and '57 150 and Bel Air sedans that are aching for this treatment. The reality is there were and are WAY more Chevy than Ford gassers out there. It would be cool if they could make each be a little different, but interchangable ( or easily modified to be). Items like different style wheels, Cal Custom and other scoops, fenderwell headers, traction bars, engine parts, etc. Plus vintage sponsor and number decals for people who actually want to build drag versions. Like they did with the '32 Fords. I am pretty sure they would sell like crazy. Nothing against the Fords, I have every version of the '57 Revell made, and will get a couple of the new gasser when it comes out, I just would love to see the same idea applied to their Tri-5 kits.....
  13. Did I see what I thought I saw on tv

    I have seen this a few times. I don't get it. Furthermore, would this rapper guy even know what the Matt Hay Tbird is? Maybe he just likes it because it is pink. I just laugh at the stupidity of it all. Maybe that is the point....
  14. The end is near

    It is the most logical progression. The car as it is, runs with the best in the world, and beats many of them at a fraction of the cost. The C8 may be a little awkward at first, but the bugs will be worked out and open the door for more chassis refinement and smaller, lighter motors that make tremendous power via turbos or supercharging. I remember in the 80's and 90's, the magazines would compare the Corvette to the Porsche .The Porsche always besting the C4. Now, no so much. With The Corvette going mid engine, I think the sights are now set to obliterate Ferraris and other high dollar super cars and do it at a Corvette price point. As a Corvette fan, I look forward to see where this goes.
  15. Everything about this is great, love this build!