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  1. larman added a post in a topic '55 Bel Air Mild Custom   

    Love this! Great work!
  2. larman added a post in a topic Hot Wheels Sweet 16 Tribute Collection Builds - Which one should be built next?   

    Those are absolutely great! Nice detail, but still have the look of the original Hot Wheels. What a cool and ambitious project!  - Larry
  3. larman added a post in a topic Revell '29 Ford Roadster A/Altered   

    Right on the money!! I have kept a Fotki album of every build of this kit I have seen posted on here and the Spotlight board, and I like this the best! Outstanding.....
  4. larman added a post in a topic 1956 Ford - Finished -- Class of '56 - Entry #6   

    That look's great, love the hub caps! -Larry
  5. larman added a post in a topic SURF ROD 32 Sedan   

    Beautiful model! I love everything about nailed the stance, the wheels and tires are perfect for it, great color and scallops and the motor is killer too!
  6. larman added a post in a topic L-88 propelled '69 Nova   

    That is great! Love the color, very nice attention to detail! Look's real in the pics! The fastest car I was ever in was a hot rodded Nova.....
  7. larman added a post in a topic SNAKE FINK! AA/MR...Drag Monster! ...Update 4-21-12   

    This is an awesome project, it is really looking great! Love the sculpted snake face......
  8. larman added a post in a topic SCREAMING YELLOW ZONKER   

    This is great model building, the skull and aviator cap are killer!
  9. larman added a post in a topic 50's style Hot Rod Pickup....chopped, channeled, full fendered   

    Great job! that was a lot of work!
  10. larman added a post in a topic 41 Ford Gasser   

    That is awesome! The Willy's is super cool too! Nice job.
  11. larman added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    B/Stock '64 GTO
    Polar Lights '64 GTO built as a B/Stock drag car. Pretty much out of the box but has the following additions: Plug wires and oil drain plug added to engine, SD exhaust headers from the Revell parts pack with scratch built cut outs made from solder.They are finished with photoetched flanges. Steel wheels from the parts box: fronts from AMT '58 Chevy and rears from Revell Thunderbolt. Suspension is raised all around, with the front slightly higher. Interior has flocking added and side windows made from acetate with sponsor decals from Slixx. Rear tires are slicks from the kit with whitewall added. Thanks for looking! -Larman

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  12. larman added a topic in Under Glass   

    "La Cucharacha" Finished

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  13. larman added a topic in On The Workbench   

    First WIP of 2011 -"La Cucaracha"
    This started as a "pif" from another board. It was just the bare body, interior shell and frame. The idea is barn find/ patinaed car made into a gasser. AMT '40 Ford sedan delivery. Everything used is genuine "junk" parts. About the only nice items on it thus far are the rear tires and they were off a junked '57 Corvette gasser I bought. Engine will be a BBC with either a blower or tunnel ram and fenderwell headers. -Larman

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  14. larman added a topic in Under Glass   

    My 2010 Builds

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  15. larman added a topic in Under Glass   

    Last Build for 2010, '51 Chevy Gasser.
    Finally finished the 1951 Chevy gasser, with very little time to spare until the new year!

    This started out as a built custom that had no direction. I bought it at the flea market for $2.50.

    Color: Testors Lacquers Huggar orange with black and silver interior.

    Engine/trans: 348 from AMT '58 chevy

    carb and air cleaner -MPC Switchers

    Front wheels: American 5 spokes from AMT '62 Chevy on AMT Firestones.

    Rear Wheels: steel wheels on slicks from AMT '58 Chevy.

    Front suspension, axle and traction bars: AMT '37 Chevy.

    Rear: AMT '57 Ford

    Seats: AMT '34 ford Pick up.

    Roll Bar: AMT '49 Ford

    Shifter: Ertl '50 Olds diecast bank.

    Moon tank: AMT '36 Ford

    Mufflers: AMT '66 Mustang.

    Scratch built/ modified items: Rear wheelwells radiused with lip, motor and trans mounts, fenderwell headers and exhaust.

    Thanks for looking! -Larman

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