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  1. Sad to hear this, didn't know he was sick. Very funny guy.
  2. Even though this is a silly design that does not represent any real car, I love the box art! I will be getting one!
  3. Really nice work! Love the color, wheels and tires and stance.
  4. Yes! Why does it matter if this isn't around years from now? Most of us have more than enough kits. And for those who don't, there is no shortage of them available now. The majority of us here are at least 40+ and many are retired or older. Who cares what will happen after we are dead? If you have family that will happily inherit your stuff, great! If not, enjoy your hobby now, while you can.
  5. Just finished a trade with Bismarck, aka Kevin, super to deal with! Good trade! Thanks!
  6. Same on my end! Thanks Scott I would trade again with you also!
  7. Wow! excellent build, it could easily be mistaken for a full size rig!
  8. Excellent job! Creative, unique idea and tremendous execution! Roth would approve!
  9. Super nice work! Great color choice and stance!
  10. That is certainly true, but why not use kits that would tie in with Rat Fink better? Round 2 has dozens of hot rod or 50's cars that would make way more sense. Some of which have not been reissued recently. I don't think truck guys are going to buy this version and probably only a limited number of diehard RF collectors will be into this because it really doesn't fit. I can see this being a flop now, but being sought after down the line because it is so weird.
  11. Outstanding work! Nice detailing, especially on the engine!
  12. Very nice work! There is a guy up the road from me that has one in his garage.
  13. That's really cool! You really nailed the late 60's street machine/street race look.
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