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  1. Nice colors! These are tricky with the multi piece body, you did a great job!
  2. Beautiful work! Great color, wheels and stance!
  3. I downsized and still have way too many, but I continue to buy more! I will NEVER build them all. I also don't build much now because of work and life always taking priority. I guess I am saving them for when I retire, which will be within the next 5 years. I am afraid to get rid of stuff because I don't know what I will actually build when I do have more time. I already sold an original Monogram 1932 Ford Sport Coupe and MPC 1968 Impala SS ht and have serious sellers remorse for doing so. I would like to replace both , but when they come up on ebay both are bring big $$$.......I think I will wind up getting rid of a lot more when I do retire and can figure out what I want to do.
  4. larman

    '69 Impala SS

    I have a pretty decent '69 Impala SS. It's a decent restorable built up, but it doesn't have an opening hood. I had 4 '68s over the years, 3 hardtops and 1 convertible, and foolishly sold them. Made decent $$$ on them, but I do have serious sellers remorse on one of the hard tops that was a very good started built up with the box. I would love to see a new kit of either the '68 or '69, and also the '65-'69 Bel Air or Biscayne. These cars are highly overlooked IMO....
  5. Nice job on the Mustang and congratulations on the award! Really like that Chevy more though !!
  6. Great job! Love the weathering! The coal looks great!
  7. Super build! The weathering is spot on! I grew up around farm trucks and you nailed the look perfectly.
  8. That's cool! Great color! I am thinking about putting the 1950 F1 kit on an old Monogram F-150 high roller chassis I have,. hope it comes out that nice!
  9. Tremendous work! Great stance , love the careful work getting the interior upgraded and the trunk and chassis detail!
  10. You did a nice job on the chop and the scratch built bed, especially for the time! Looks like it has nice paint and detail too!
  11. That motor is phenomenal! Great job!
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