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  1. A lot of nice work going on here ! I see that you are test fitting 1 seat for your interior. I am pretty sure that the MSP rules were very similar to Gassers and for at least most of the 1960's required 2 bucket seats or a bench seat (gassers). a single seat would probably move the car to Altered class. I am not 100% sure of this, but I know you are trying to keep it as legit as possible, so maybe it is worth checking into further. -Larry
  2. Wow, that's some nice work!
  3. Revell 2019

    While this is not 100% on topic here, what are the chances that Revell would add gasser parts to their Tri-5 Chevys? They make a nice '55 hardtop, '56 sedan and Nomad and '57 150 and Bel Air sedans that are aching for this treatment. The reality is there were and are WAY more Chevy than Ford gassers out there. It would be cool if they could make each be a little different, but interchangable ( or easily modified to be). Items like different style wheels, Cal Custom and other scoops, fenderwell headers, traction bars, engine parts, etc. Plus vintage sponsor and number decals for people who actually want to build drag versions. Like they did with the '32 Fords. I am pretty sure they would sell like crazy. Nothing against the Fords, I have every version of the '57 Revell made, and will get a couple of the new gasser when it comes out, I just would love to see the same idea applied to their Tri-5 kits.....
  4. Did I see what I thought I saw on tv

    I have seen this a few times. I don't get it. Furthermore, would this rapper guy even know what the Matt Hay Tbird is? Maybe he just likes it because it is pink. I just laugh at the stupidity of it all. Maybe that is the point....
  5. The end is near

    It is the most logical progression. The car as it is, runs with the best in the world, and beats many of them at a fraction of the cost. The C8 may be a little awkward at first, but the bugs will be worked out and open the door for more chassis refinement and smaller, lighter motors that make tremendous power via turbos or supercharging. I remember in the 80's and 90's, the magazines would compare the Corvette to the Porsche .The Porsche always besting the C4. Now, no so much. With The Corvette going mid engine, I think the sights are now set to obliterate Ferraris and other high dollar super cars and do it at a Corvette price point. As a Corvette fan, I look forward to see where this goes.
  6. Everything about this is great, love this build!
  7. Hi, Looking for front bumper for Revell/Monogram 1969 Dodge Super Bee. Would prefer nice condition with good chrome. Have lots of parts to trade. Thanks, Larry
  8. Marx Big Red Rod maybe?
  9. "Squad Rod" '79 Nova

    I normally don't stick up for much in the late 70's to 80's, but my experience with this era Nova was positive. A friend of mine in high school's parents had a 1971 Malibu and a '77 or '78 Nova 2 door as their main cars. This was circa 1985 and both cars were stone stock. I rode in both, many times with my friend driving and both handled pretty well for daily drivers and were pretty quick. That Nova was stronger than the Chevelle, both had V8s. The Malibu had a 307 and I always thought the Nova was a 305, but it could have been a 350. It pulled hard for what it was, I was surprised and somewhat impressed. There was an older guy who was a meat cutter at the grocery store I worked at that had a '77 or so with a 350 and 4 speed transmission that he had special ordered, that one ran well too.They were also popular with kids in my high school and I don't remember any of them being doggy compared to the other stuff that was around at the time. Certainly, by today's standards it was a dark time for cars. But, It seems to me that style Nova was better than a lot of other offerings of the time. - Larry
  10. 1980 turbo cobra

    Digging this one too! You've definitely got the eye for this type of build! -Larry
  11. 70 Challenger T/A pro-touring

    Wow! That is super cool! Love everything about it! Great stance and color! Love that Hellcat motor, might need to get a few of those .....-Larry
  12. Great Traders List

    Thanks Oldcarfan27, this was my first trade and everything went very well! Item was exactly as you described, packaged well and sent quickly, would certainly trade again! -Larry
  13. Up for trade: JoHan 1962 Chrysler Hardtop, built up. Molded in red, not painted. This is most likely a USA Oldies issue, probably dating from the late 1970's to 1980's. The good: Not painted, All emblems and door handles are intact, hood opens, 413 2x4bbl motor is complete and comes out of the car, glass look's pretty nice no glue marks on the areas that show. I would grade the chrome as good (7 to 8 out of 10). Has 4 good thin whitewall tires. Good tail lights. Complete unpainted interior. The not so good: Missing front driver side headlight, missing rear bumper. Has 3 stock hubcaps and one that does not match. Look's like it had something glued to the center of the top, but did not do much damage. Has glue mark on top of passenger side top of front fender, where a mirror or antenna was. Look's like it will clean up relatively easily. Has very minor glue marks on the chassis and has minor sink marks on trunk where the posts are underneath. These were most likely in it from the factory. The car is not disassembled, so I do not know how easily the interior and windows will come out, There is no visable glue damage on the outside of the car caused by overgluing the windshield or interior. All in all, It is a solid resto project for guys who like resto projects and or big Chryslers. I am not one of those guys! That's the reason I am looking to trade. I like hot rods and drag cars, I am interested in trading for a newer unbuilt kit. I like Monogram Model As, I could use a Monogram '65 Shelby Gt350R. But I am willing to listen to what you have. Larry Court - Bethlehem, Pa.
  14. Plymouth 383 auto.

    Also, unless the real car had an engine swap the GTX didn't come with a 383. Either the 440 or hemi only. The GTX was Plymouth's top end muscle car. The 383 was available in Roadrunners and Satellites, as well as other Plymouth cars of various sizes. Not that it really matters in scale. It is just something to be aware of when painting and applying engine decals.