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  1. Very nice work on a unique subject!
  2. Even though it fought you, the finished model looks really good!
  3. Very kool! Right out of the mid to late 60's! That is a great color!
  4. I think this is all of them. These are the early to mid 70's issues, some of these had earlier issues in the 1960's. Pics from google. After thinking about it, if they did reissue them they would probably cost more than a good older issue version.
  5. This is beyond model building. I would call it 3D art! Absolutely stunning work going on here!
  6. I was able to get 2 of the Monogram '56 Chevy's yesterday. Both will be gassers. They had about 3 cases of them. They also had the 2 snap Mustangs, The SR71 and some type of helicopter. I wonder if the piggies will buy them up? That price point leaves less room for profit and none of these are that in demand.......
  7. I like the clear hood, very kool build!
  8. After a last minute thrash, I was able to finish by the deadline! Checkout the full build description and pics in the 2022 Cannonball build and Finished Racers threads.
  9. After a serious last minute thrash I actually made it to the starting line with my entry: "Plan Bee". Named so because my initial idea was getting too complicated,to the point that it was not going to be finished. I really wanted to finish this year, so I decided to regroup. Sticking with the '69 Super Bee that I had chosen for my birth year build, I decided to go the exact opposite direction and build a bare knuckle, old school street machine in the same vein as Hot Rod Magazines Crusher Camaro. If you look at the build thread you will see that the second build actually was a darker blue, but that got ruined and my finished build is actually a third body! Even though it was tense at times, I am glad it is done! Details of the build: Paint: Dupli-Color Medium Maui Blue, a GM color. Krylon Short Cuts Clear Engine: kit 440 with Detail Master velocity stacks, valve covers from the AMT '49 Mercury, block hugger headers from Monogram '37 Ford sedan, resin distributor and plug wires added, electronic ignition from Monogram '37 Ford sedan. Interior: Painted Tamiya NATO black, roll bar from Revell/Monogram '66 Malibu, shifter from Monogram Nascar kit, black flocking carpet added, dash and door panels detail painted. Chassis: front suspension lowered and rear narrowed, scratch built frame connectors and driveshaft "loop", exhaust from Monogram '70 T/A Challenger. Wheels and Tires: front tires are Monogram from the parts box and are older issue tires that are the same as the ones that come in the kit, but they are solid rubber/vinyl. I turned the smooth side out and added white letter tire decals from the SB kit. Backs are the larger street machine tires from a Monogram 1970 Chevelle kit with white letter decals added. Wheels are resin American 5 spoke mags, Modelhaus fronts and Drag City rears. Detail painted with Model Master Metalizer paints. Other details: Mopar license plate on front bumper, Firebird Designs Pennsylvania license plate on the rear.
  10. Certainly an improvement from the original! The pics are so good, it could easily be confused for a real car and not a model.
  11. That's really cool! Great color, the engine detail and exhaust cut-outs are nicely done!
  12. Ok, I'm still not done, but not giving up yet either! The car has changed yet again. The original body was a darker blue (as seen in previous posts) ,it had some mold line ghosting which I was not happy with, which was strike one. Then when I tried to apply the tail stripe decal it did not work and in the process of trying to remove it, I lifted a sizable chunk of paint from the trunk area. That body is now in scale model Valhalla and I was able to release a bit of misplaced aggression destroying it. I thought I was done, but as it turns out, I had a second older body, an original issue Monogram molded in blue. So, I was able to prep and paint the second body, this time in a lighter blue, which is what I originally wanted. I added the custom decals from the latest issue kit instead of the stock bumble bee strip that I had ruined on the other body. They are styled after the factory 1970 Super Bee stripes. I also decided to 86 the black steel wheels and replaced them with some resin American 5 spoke mags. The chassis still has the darker blue overspray, but I am not going to change that now. I am going to keep on going and try to get it done in time!
  13. Nice work! Love the stance and engine details. It reminds me of a real one my dad's friend had when I was growing up.
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