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  1. That is really cool! It would be great to have a kit of the Cheetah, but I guess if it hasn't happened yet.....It's not likely....☹
  2. $14 a case for promos and $13 a case for kits.....wonder if we can still sign up! 😁
  3. Awesome build! Love the idea behind it and the stance, color and overall quality are top notch!
  4. That's cool! Like the Northstar motor! Those things were pretty quick in heavy Cadillacs, I would think they would run really well in a Fiero!
  5. larman

    '68 Charger

    Super job! The question is, how did you shrink a real car to 1/25? 😁
  6. That is very nice! Great color, stance and chop!
  7. People used custom hubcaps back in that time. You could also get them from other cars ie: Lancer, Cadillac, etc. A day 2 circa 1955? Depends on what part of the country. West coast nose dropped a bit. Custom caps, maybe a custom grille, dual exhaust, maybe cut outs, maybe a hotter cam, tuck and roll upholstery, pinstriping. East coast probably would sit level or maybe slightly dropped in the tail. Same stuff as above but with skirts, dual spots. Painted black steel wheels with polished or chromed lug nuts were big, but that might have been later 50's, early 60's. And a street car would have wide whites all around.
  8. I have had the one about not being prepared for a class or not knowing you were enrolled in it until the final, many times since 1991, when I graduated college. Also have had one about my teeth cracking and crumbling out of my mouth many times. There has also been a series of snake related ones, usually with me not seeing them at first because they are camouflaged. Another one is thin worms, or maybe they are vines, poke through my finger tips and start growing uncontrollably. And since my dad died in 2012, I have had reoccurring dreams about him. Both good and bad. He died of cancer and it was horrible. At first the dreams were bad. But after a while they were better, but it is tough when you wake up and you realize he is still dead.
  9. That would be Supertramp: Child of Vision and Take the Long Way Home.
  10. What style of build are you going for? Maybe I can help you out with rear tires. Send me a PM.
  11. Cool!, It does remind of the mid to late 80's style cars I grew up with! Love the yellow and the Centerlines!
  12. larman

    32 Ford Vicky

    Great job! Look's like it could be on the cover of an early 60's rodder magazine!
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