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  1. This is a great build, I have learned a lot, as I am planning a couple of Corvette Modified Sport drag cars. I have saved the pics for reference, I really like your cage. I am not old enough to have been there when stuff like this was running at the track, but I have studied vintage drag cars and poured over pictures for years and it look's like the stance is spot on. I enjoy watching this build come together! -Larry
  2. 2018 Cannonball Run

    OK. I would like to throw my hat into the ring. I am in with a '69 Firebird, Sprint OHC 6 motor. Plan: Power adder for the motor, gutted but street legal. Modernized chassis. I just set the body on the wheels in the pics, but will probably be different. Thanks, Larry
  3. Love this so far! Great hood scoop, perfect for the car. A '55 Gasser Sedan is about as cool as it gets! When I was a kid there was a guy up the road that had a '55 Sedan that kind of looked like the American Graffiti car, but red and with Cragar Mags. Certainly rough around the edges ,but It was seriously fast, saw it run on more than one occasion. Turns out it had a big bore Pontiac under the hood! That car is burned into my memory and to this day is a strong influence on my automotive tastes! -Larry
  4. Engine Decision in my Chevette!!!!!

    I would go with the blown smallblock from the Beretta or, go total 80's style with a blown big block like the one in the Revell '68 Corvette. 6-71 huffer, Moroso valve covers tubular headers....there was a blue Chevette in all the magazines back in the mid 80's that had that set up -Larry.
  5. Monogran Model A and 34 Ford parts needed

    I have an unbuilt stock model A motor from a Monogram '30 Cabriolet you can have. PM me your address. -Larry
  6. '61 Falcon Gasser

    Great work on this so far! That motor is a work of art by itself. I also am glad to see the final wheel choice, I like them much more than the spindle mounts you had on it early on. The current wheels fit the gasser look much better! Can't wait to see this one finished!
  7. Grab those bargains off those racks... (HL sale)

    I was at the one in Melbourne, Fl. Found a '50 Ford Convertible and '69 Barracuda for $7.50 and an '80 Ramcharger for $6.75. There were AMT '58 Impala, for 7.50, '51 Chevy convertible (7.50) and Revell C7 Corvette (6.75) kits there also, but passed on them, already had the'58, didn't want the others.....
  8. I enjoyed your posts about building this car. It is a beautiful model! Great job!
  9. BBC

    Ok. Here we go: 1. Big Block Chevy, looks like a mix of parts, appears to be of AMT, or possibly MPC origin. 2. BBC pro stock motor from the many Monogram Camaro and Firebirds of the 80's and 90's. 3. 440 6 pack Mopar, most likely from the Monogram '69 Super Bee, possibly the '70 GTX which was also molded in blue once. 4. BBC from either the MPC '57 Chevy flip nose gasser or '53 Ford F-100 flip nose pick up. 5. BBC from AMT '61 Ford Ranchero. The later issues came as custom only and had that BBC. You can tell by the valve covers. Hope that helps! -Larry
  10. 1940 Ford Business Coupe V8

    Another beauty! Love the color! -Larry
  11. MPC '32 Ford Grille Shell

    Ok. I will send it out in the next few days. Do you need the grille too, or just the shell?
  12. MPC '32 Ford Grille Shell

    I have one. Send me your address. -Larry
  13. Yes, I too, used the non-acetone nail polish remover on Hot Wheels to remove goofy graphics, but Snake45 is right, you have to be careful around the plastic and clear parts. I applied with a q-tip on just what I was removing and tried to get it off as fast as possible. I have not fooled with Hot Wheels for nearly 10 years, so maybe the paint is different now and you may need to experiment on a junker first.
  14. Scion C10

    I don't like Scions at all, but if they looked as cool as yours I would reconsider! Great concept and execution! It is most deserving of an award!
  15. Hi Everyone, I am not a big poster on this board, but I do visit every day and enjoy looking at the great builds and checking out the latest news and how to's! Anyway, never posted on the trading post before, but I thought I will give it a try. I have a Monogram Big T that I bought cheap a number of years ago with the idea of building it as my version of the Big Drag. It is actually the "Golden T" version which, for those who don't know, is a gawdy 70's fad T version with all gold plating. This was a semi built up and I got it cheap. I gutted it down to the main body and frame. It had the custom cut down pick up bed from the Golden T, but I was able to get a turtle deck for next to nothing in a lot of parts. I set about gathering other vintage parts to complete the car. I have a 283 Chevy from an original Big T, a set of the original skinny whitewall front tires and matching original WW slicks. I have a Lindberg Roots Style 6-71 supercharger and an intake I will adapt to work. I also have a set of the drag style headers. I have seen the 1/8 Monogram drag parts pack, with the roll bar, moon tank, etc., but it always goes for way more than I want to spend considering the low buck nature of this project, plus I hate to use a mint example on this project because it will represent a typical 60's drag altered and not a show rod. My current plan is to scratch build a roll bar, tow bar and any other little stuff as necessary. I have a Moon tank from a Lindberg Exterminator dragster. If anyone has the parts pack parts in used conditon, I would be greatly interested. I also need wheels! I am looking for the mags that came with various issues of the Big T kits. I don't care if they are vintage or new issue. Also would be interested in the chrome reversed wheels or bare steel wheels that came with the various Big T versions, I am not really concerned with the quality of the chrome plating and they can certainly be used, as long as they are complete and usable. At this point, I have a set of 12 spoke spindle mount wheels from the Exterminator dragster that look like they will fit the Monogram tires with a minimal amount of work, but I am on the fence on whether I want to use them or not. I would rather use Monogram wheels if possible. If you are interested in trading let me know what you are looking for, maybe we can work something out. I am always interested in other Monogram Big T and Big Deuce parts too, as I have a couple more ideas for projects after I get this one done. An help appreciated! Thanks! Larry