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  1. That's super nice, great resto!!
  2. 1930 Model A coupe in white

    Very nice!
  3. 32 Ford A/SR

    Complete awesomeness!! Beautiful work! -Larry
  4. How Old Are You

    Not to be cynical, but does it really matter? The oldest group listed (50+) will have enough models to keep them busy for as long as they are alive or able. Same with the 40 to 50 crowd ( the group I am in). After that, what difference will it make? We will be dead or unable to build anyway. Our collections will be sold or junked. Bottom line is the world is changing, it always has. This is just part of it. Enjoy model building for yourself, and share it with those who have a similar interest. The rest will be what it will be. Just my 2 cents, that isn't worth a dime, lol! -Larry
  5. Blown 67 Camaro

    Oh my, That is NICE! Love everything about it!
  6. LOL! No! But I do have some vintage glue tubes and liquid containers around here somewhere....
  7. Here is my current project. AMT Trophy Series '32 Ford Coupe.The plan is to replicate a 1962 era NHRA A/Altered. The caveat being that it will be built entirely with original Trophy Series parts. This is what I have so far: Coupe body, which I have completed the rough chop on. Chassis has had floor and molded in exhaust removed. Will have quick change rear from the '25 T. Front wheels are spindle mounts from an original Double Dragster kit. Rears are open steel wheels from the '40 coupe. These may be swapped for the mags from the '49 Ford coupe. The motor will be a Pontiac from the '36 Ford. At this point, I am thinking topped with 6-71 supercharger from the Double Dragster. In the interior, I have a '40 Ford steering wheel, '36 Ford Shifter, foot shaped gas pedal from the Double Dragster, fire extinguiser from the '36, seat from the '25 T. Might make it center steer.I am planning on removing the radiator from the shell and using the Moon gas tank from the Double Dragster out front.There is a lot more to do, but I wanted to post pics since it is up on wheels. The front will be lowered a bit and the back raised, so it has a nice hot rod rake. I don't think it will be channeled down either. Just sitting that way now. I will also add a hood with no side panels. I am not sure about color yet, but I have quite a bit of work until it gets to that point anyway. - .
  8. 9 second 66 Impala

    Wow! Great work! You nailed the look perfectly!
  9. Come on.... TWD can do better than that.

    I tapped out at the mid season this year, and I had watched it from the beginning. I stayed with it because I figured I should finish it out, but it has been so lousy for at least 2 seasons that enough is enough......Would there really be that many fancy, high tech weapons out there in a post apocalypse? Furthermore, there certainly seems to be unending ammunition for said weapons. Add to that, the fact that most of these people are horrible shots, even though their lives depend on it. Would Negan, or Rick for that matter make so many mistakes? In that world, threats would be eliminated. Period. There would be no chances for escape and ethics would take a back seat to survival. I know it is scifi, but it could be a little more rooted in reality. -Larry
  10. Serious poll ,Model A or Deuce Coupe ?

    While I love a nice model A and they are certainly more affordable, in the most traditional sense, the '32 ( roadster in particular) is the king of the hot rods! When Model A's are rodded, what are the traditional mods? Deuce frame, Deuce grille....because the guys that rodded them wanted a '32 but either couldn't afford one or find one. Of course, these days you can get repop bodies in both steel and glass, so it comes down to personal preference. -Larry
  11. The Little Rod - A Monogram "Never Was"

    Love this one! Great idea and perfect execution! -Larry
  12. Reposting some finished projects

    Those are all great! Nice work! -Larry
  13. Pro Street Matador

    Very cool! Totally different, probably the best looking Matador I have seen! Nice that you kept it all AMC! -Larry
  14. AMT ‘33 Willys

    Nice work! You may not like body work, but it looks like you did a good job. Doesn't look like it shows through the primer. Great stance and I like the wheels and tires, Motor is looking good too! -Larry