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  1. larman

    '40 Ford Bobber

    That's really kool! Love the Hemi. Love the rear view!
  2. Master level work! Hard to tell it's a model!
  3. I don't buy too many diecast anymore, but I did get the Hellcat, Zr1, Grand Sport Vette and a ZL1 Camaro because there are no kits and you are right, they are really nice for little $$$. Got all of them at CVS except for the ZR1, that one was from Walmart. Still looking for a C7 Z06. It is kind of fun to hunt for them! I would be happy to see more modern muscle from Welly, Motormax and Maisto. Would absolutely love a current Hellcat or Scat Pack Charger.
  4. I am not on Facebook, but I would be interested in a gasser community build on here, too.
  5. I finally got all these edited. Some good reference and inspiration for drag race builds. https://public.fotki.com/larman/2019-hot-rod-drag-w/
  6. I am sorry that such a nice model is decaying for you. I never really bought resin, because I feared this type of thing. Also, I just didn't like working with it, compared to kit plastic. I have had a BIG issue with diecast paint rash and "cancer." I had a lot of 1/18 diecasts and have sold most of them because of this. I don't buy them anymore, even though there are some really nice models out there. I do have plastic kits that go back to the late 50's/early 60's and they are still in excellent shape. I know there are the tire issues people talk about, especially Revell tires damaging or melting original wheels.I have not had too much trouble with this. The only other issue is decals, but I have always expected them to deteriorate because they are paper.
  7. Very nice job on these! It seems hard to get these to look nice in scale, at least it was for me, you have done a first rate job!
  8. Great lot of builds!! Nice job!!
  9. Nice careful work! Great color too!
  10. Great builds! Love the Woody, Charger and the LX Mustang!!
  11. Great build! Love the color!
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