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  1. Nice job! The kit graphics look great on it!
  2. Beautiful work! Great stance, color and as always, attention to detail!
  3. I'd go with the Cragars, fits the feel of the car much better. You have a real late 60's vibe going with the work you did and that 413 Mopar, the Cragars work better.
  4. Nice job! Super cool motor in the wagon!
  5. I second that! Would love to have a hardtop or that Historic Racing Miniatures trans kit, is it still available? I could not find anyone who sells it.
  6. Great job! Nice 60's custom vibe and super paint work!
  7. Outstanding work! Could easily be mistaken for a real car and not a model!
  8. Fantastic build! Great color! Great stance, perfect motor! Everything works perfectly together!
  9. FWIW, there is a seller on ebay who is parting these out already. I have NO connection to them, but I bought an extra interior. I am going to use the back seat to get a correct front one. It will take a little work to make a seat back, or cut the one of the kit front seat and fill in the center area (where the speaker?) is, but a viable solution to get a more correct, matching interior.
  10. I ordered one, should be in my hands Monday. I know nothing about the show. I like Chevys, but am not interested in 4 doors. I am thinking of using the non SS stuff on the new car with the SS to create a 2 door hardtop non SS. I am still hoping that we see a 2 door Bel Air or Biscayne as a future release if this does well.
  11. Thanks for all the responses! I am going with the stock intake and carbs from the kit. I have a good set of headers and a set of Johan M/T valve covers, which may not be right, but I like the way they look and are period correct.
  12. Hmm. That would tend to narrow it down then. Would the Edelbrock intake look stock?
  13. I just ordered decals to do this car using the AMT 1968 Roadrunner kit. I have a resin 727 trans, headers, a set of Cragars and ordered a set of the AMT Firestone 500 drag tires for it. My question is would this be a race Hemi, like the '68 Hemi Dart and Barracuda? Or would it have a street based inline 2x4bbl intake. I can't find any engine shots of this car or one like it. I can see from this pic it has a racing oil pan, is there a good one in scale? Any help appreciated.
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