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  1. larman added a post in a topic 63 Dodge   

    Boy, That is NICE!  Love those carbs!  Great job!  There is nothing like the sight and sound of a true max wedge car on the drag strip! 
  2. larman added a post in a topic 1/18 Diecast dead?   

    The biggest thing for me about 1/18 diecast, or any scale for that matter, is the problem with "metal fatigue". AKA the tin worm. I have had a LOT of 1/18 diecast from low line store bought Maisto models to expensive items from Carousel, AutoArt, Precision Miniatures, GMP, etc. Regardless of brand, you can have a model that will literally fall apart, or at the very least, get a paint "rash". This is particularly prevalent with the Ertl  'American Muscle" models. It does not discriminate by cost however and I have seen GMP and other high end models with similar problems. So, I have had a good number, about 5 to 10% of my entire collection of cars (collection in the hundreds) that have various degree of damage through no fault of my own. They were always stored indoors in a dry environment. There is also no guarantee that the others won't have a problem over time. In contrast, I have plastic kits that are from the late 50's and early 60's that are 100% fine, with the only issue being decal sheets that  yellow over time. I did not buy any of my models to turn around and sell them for profit, but in recent years I have decided to sell a good number of items due to space limitations and changes in lifestyle.( Married now, with many more family commitments, etc)  It is much harder to sell diecast for what you pay for them compared to plastic models. Most of the older plastic kits I have sold I made a little profit on, I am lucky to get my money back on diecast.  When you put them on ebay, most people factor shipping into what they want to pay. I still can't offer free shipping like a high volume dealer, so it is hard to get a decent price unless it is a super rare item or in demand at the moment. I always find it laughable when the guys who collect 1/18 brag about the fact that they are "real metal" and have "weight to them". BIG DEAL! They may also fall apart, or have the hood curl up or have paint crack or rash up......Frankly, I would not have gotten involved with the diecast had I known about these issues. These days, I am strictly back to plastic in 1/24 and 25th scale with an occasional big scale project. Honestly, I am kind of glad to hear 1/18 is dying out, I feel like a lot of people are not aware of the possible issues these models can have over time. 
  3. larman added a post in a topic 67 Vette Street Freak/Gasser   

    Great model ! I was following the in progress posts on this one! I'm not gonna lie, because of your post and the Mongoose version you posted I was inspired to buy one of the Accurate Miniature kits on Ebay. There was/is a guy selling them for $7 plus shipping, minus decals and photoetch parts. Perfect for this kind of build! Thanks for the inspiration, and once again, you did a great job! -Larry
  4. larman added a post in a topic Revell 1929 Model-A Roadster ArtDeco/Streamliner   

    I was watching "in progress" on this model......absolutely stunning!  Certainly one of the finest builds I have ever seen on this site and that is saying something because there are a good number of phenomenal builders here!!!  Superior design and execution!! 
  5. larman added a post in a topic Street Roadster Pick Up   

    Very nice!!! Street Roadster class cars seem to be overlooked by a lot of modellers. You nailed the look perfectly! Love the graphics and the wheel tire combo!
  6. larman added a post in a topic MPC '74 Charger--Take Me to School PICS ADDED 3/14   

    The '76 was a different body style, shared components with the Chrysler Cordoba. The '74 was the last year of the previous style, which went from '71-74. Infact, if you wanted to really super detail the '74 MPC kit, an AMT '71 kit would be a great donor. 
  7. larman added a post in a topic MPC '74 Charger--Take Me to School PICS ADDED 3/14   

    I had a real '74 Charger and it came from the factory with the "road wheels" (magnum 500 style wheel). So those would be fine. You could also get Rally wheels and there was a wire wheel type hub cap. Of course, any type of mag wheel could work too, just depends on the look or era you are shooting for. I think the issue  you have had Cragar SST style wheels on it. Motors would be 318, 360, 400 or 440. The kit motor is supposed to be the 440, but it has earlier style exhaust and air cleaner (stock parts). It is a nice kit, typical of the era. With a little research and parts scrounging, it can be built nicely. -Larry
  8. larman added a topic in Under Glass   

    First build of 2017, "LIL Devil" B/MP 1957 Chevy
    This was more of a restoration project, here's what it looked like when I started.
    Finished model: B/MP drag car circa 1965. 

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  9. larman added a post in a topic '55 Bel Air Mild Custom   

    Love this! Great work!
  10. larman added a post in a topic Hot Wheels Sweet 16 Tribute Collection Builds - Which one should be built next?   

    Those are absolutely great! Nice detail, but still have the look of the original Hot Wheels. What a cool and ambitious project!  - Larry
  11. larman added a post in a topic Revell '29 Ford Roadster A/Altered   

    Right on the money!! I have kept a Fotki album of every build of this kit I have seen posted on here and the Spotlight board, and I like this the best! Outstanding.....
  12. larman added a post in a topic 1956 Ford - Finished -- Class of '56 - Entry #6   

    That look's great, love the hub caps! -Larry
  13. larman added a post in a topic SURF ROD 32 Sedan   

    Beautiful model! I love everything about it....you nailed the stance, the wheels and tires are perfect for it, great color and scallops and the motor is killer too!
  14. larman added a post in a topic L-88 propelled '69 Nova   

    That is great! Love the color, very nice attention to detail! Look's real in the pics! The fastest car I was ever in was a hot rodded Nova.....
  15. larman added a post in a topic SNAKE FINK! AA/MR...Drag Monster! ...Update 4-21-12   

    This is an awesome project, it is really looking great! Love the sculpted snake face......