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  1. Nice! Where did you get the wheels and tires?
  2. How about the one in the '86 Monte Carlo SS. Recently reissued. It's 1/24, has a good level of detail and an automatic trans. You could mix and match with the one that comes in the '37 Ford kits to get a "crate motor" the way you want it.
  3. larman

    green t bucket

    Beautiful job! great color and nice work on the engine and detailing!
  4. That's super cool! So are your GTOs. Long live survivors!
  5. Thanks for all the replies. I appreciate everyones input and good advice. I wrote the original post yesterday when I was pretty mad and since I have calmed down, I don't think I will totally quit building. I might for a while, but I have no intention of getting rid of my tools and parts. It took too long to get all that stuff! As far as building for contests or others, I haven't worried about that in years. The Catalina in the above post was for me, to my standards, but it just fit horribly and I questioned why am I doing this? I have decided it is going to be a parts car and I will use the good stuff on something else. I have another unbuilt '62 if I decide to try again at some point. Thanks again everyone! I think I just really needed to vent.... Maybe the next one will be one of the Monogram muscle kits, they seem to go together well and look pretty good when finished.
  6. Or at least seriously reconsider how I send my modeling money and time. I don't have a lot of time to build models any more and when I do, the last few times have been way more aggravating than rewarding. I have a little time off for the Easter holiday, so I have been trying to finish an AMT 1962 Catalina that has been sitting for years. It is the first issue, circa 1998 and probably was started right around there. It's been painted and a lot of the detail work done. I thought, "this shouldn't be too bad, no major mods or scratch building, pretty much build it out of the box. So I started finishing the little stuff necessary for final assembly. It all looked pretty good, engine painted pretty close to the correct color, nice tri-tone interior, detail painted chassis. Wheels and tires look great. Then I attempted final assembly, and I am very close to turning into my version of Roth's Fink-Eliminator and smashing this thing to bits with a mallet. NOTHING fits. I don't know if things have warped from sitting, this kit doesn't go together well, or maybe I am just not as good at all this anymore. At any rate, I am thoroughly disgusted and I am really considering eliminating these so called "modern detailed" kits from my collection or just quitting all together. Please understand that I am not new to this and I believe my skill level is at least above average. I know that things must be test fit and that paint will change tolerances. I also expect varying degrees of adjustment when modifying a build and know how to do most things. This kit looks GREAT in pieces but is a disaster to try and get together and is not the first AMT modern kit that I have felt this way about. I know there will be people who will probably lambast me for saying that, but I really think I might have had enough.
  7. I ordered some of his Model A, '32 Roadster and AMT '57 T-Bird hard tops and they are EXCELLENT! I don't buy a lot of resin stuff, generally because it is hit or miss quality wise, but I will certainly buy more from Ed. The product and service was top notch!
  8. That looks great! I was going to get the convertible and put a '65 GTO hardtop on it, but now I will wait and get 2 or 3 of the 442 hardtops. I prefer the hardtop and the fact that it is a 442, even though there is not a lot of difference for the '64 model. An AMT '66, '67 (Lindberg) or '69 442 would be a good candidate for a chassis and engine upgrade.
  9. Great job! I've been following along, nice to see it finished!
  10. Nice job! Smoke would approve!
  11. I love Adam's youtube stuff, very informative and he is interesting and entertaining in a very genuine way.
  12. Super work! Hard to believe it is a model!
  13. Outstanding job! Great paint and that engine is fantastic!
  14. It is true. For people like myself, who were not alive or were too small to remember the "good old days", the net is probably all we have. The best sites are ones like "George Klass Remembers", where you have collections of vintage photos and not modern restorations and recreations. Magazines and brochures are helpful, but not always right either because sometimes information was wrong or options changed after the brochure was produced. I have a lot of them, but they take up SO much room. My biggest source of knowledge was my dad, who was a car guy and a modeler. He also had a tremendous memory for all this stuff, we lost him in 2012, so often I am "flying blind" now. When it comes to the internet, I tend to do what others above have said and find what I am looking for, then several examples to support it. It is also helpful to get on this site and ask questions. With guys like Ace-Garageguy, Dennis Lacy (and many others!) on here, there is a wealth of real world knowledge, which to me has been invaluable!
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