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  1. That's really cool! Nice job!
  2. Great Job! Nice to see a small block SS instead of a Z-28 or big block car for a change! Great color, I like the top too!
  3. The guy who won drag week this year, runs a Camaro very similar to the one in the OP. He ran a 5.99 with it on the last day, which is a Drag Week record. I was at Atco on Wednesday and he ran a 6.18. It was impressive, even if you don't like the car.
  4. Nice to see the firewall. I used a '64 chassis, motor and firewall to build the last one I did. Would have liked to see the separate red tail lights again! I will probably get one, even though I have a few of the later issues already. The mags are nice and the new tires are always useful..... Maybe it will show up cheap at Hobby Lobby, lol!
  5. Nice, love the Hemi and the wheels!
  6. Love your builds! Nice detail on the motor!
  7. Nice job! That motor look's great!
  8. Great job, certainly a super build for that time period ! It is nice that it survived. I am surprised they haven't reissued this one, with all the retro stuff Round 2 is doing. I always thought the box art was so cool!
  9. Very nice! You really captured the early dry lakes/beach racer look!
  10. That's less a model and more a work of art! So many neat little details make it extraordinary!
  11. I have no problem with other swaps either, sometimes its a matter of "I have this car and it needs a motor and I have this laying around". I believe that was the case with Roth's '55. He had the FE ford from one of his projects and the '55 needed a motor. I love seeing vintage motors, besides Chevys in old hot rods too. I think most people know, going in, that they will cost more and be trickier to install for most likely, lesser performance. A lot of guys in the street rod world are fine with that and less concerned with having a hot rod that is built with speed as a first priority. Or they have the funds to do whatever they want and if it costs more to make it go faster, so be it. My initial post was in response to people swapping non Chevys motors in Chevys and my basic comment was that it seems counter productive because it would most likely cost more, be more trouble to install and in the end would have less performance. Probably not always the case, but true most of the time. Sometimes it is about the best bang for the buck and sometimes it's not, I guess it depends on the person.
  12. I think mostly swaps are done because it makes sense either cost wise, dimensionally or power wise. The sbc, was and is plentiful, cheap, realitively rugged and reliable. The LS motors are the modern equivalents. So as a mostly GM guy, I look at non Chevy motors in Chevys as silly, or at times, reverse snobbery. To do it seems counter productive, unless your goal is to agitate purists. Hot Rod Drag week just finished and there were A LOT of LS swaps in all makes, and most of the top Mustangs had LS motors. There was a '55 Chevy gasser that had a big Ford motor that ran very well and Finnegan's Blasphemi which won the gasser class. So there are exceptions, but I'll bet those exceptions cost more to build.
  13. larman

    '39 Ford 3-W

    Beautiful model! Great motor, love the color and the wheels!
  14. Great looking build! the wheels and stance are perfect!
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