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  1. Super work! The body and paint are outstanding and I really like the engine and detail work!
  2. I know the engine and rear end are no good in this kit, but so are the wheels. I thought they may have improved them because they look better on this box art, but when I watched the HPI Guy video, I see they are the same. The tires look better though. I have the old Saints issue, so I probably won't buy this one, but someday I want to build it like the one that was on the cover of Hot Rod when I was a kid in the 80's. Genuine California BBC street racer, I always thought it was about as cool as they get......
  3. Could they be the Hurst wheels from the AMT '65 GTO and a set of redline or maybe gold line tires?
  4. Those BRZ's are sharp! I liked the K5 GT too, but at the time they were hard to find here and the closest dealer only had one. I went to look at it and they balked when I wanted to test drive it, so I went with the Sonata. The N-Line Sonata and K5 GT share drivelines, so mechanically they are about the same.
  5. 2021 Sonata N-Line, traded my POS '16 Malibu on it. The wife has a '21 Elantra N-Line, with the 6-speed manual trans.....Both great cars!
  6. Wow! Excellent work, you nailed the stance and the weathering is right on!
  7. I would like to enter. I am choosing the Moebius '55 Chrysler 300. Can I request the #12 if it is available? I will be using the Tim Flock version because it has all the stock stuff, headlights, wipers etc, but it also has the nascar interior with the back seat removed, and the heavier duty wheels, etc. So it probably won't need a lot of mods. That means I have a better chance of actually finishing it, lol!
  8. I am in and going with the Monogram 1969 Super Bee. Will probably have a Hellcat/Demon engine, I have one from Iceman and another from Clearly Scale. The rest is still being figured out.......
  9. Stunning models and photography!
  10. Another super build! Love the engine and all the added details!
  11. Thanks for all the comments! I posted this here and on the Spotlight Hobbies board and while the majority opinion here seems to be to go the gasser route, the overall opinion seems to be to just let it alone. So, I believe that is what I will do. I think I will fix the things that need to be repaired, clean and polish it. I might switch the wheels because I really don't like the ones that are on it now. I have 1 sealed kit, another that is unbuilt but is missing a few things and a salvageable built up, so I will build a gasser from one of those.
  12. Excellent job! Both the car and all the accessories are outstanding!
  13. I have decided to do an Overhaulin' or Garage Squad type resto of this old '39 Chevy I built back around 1985 or '86, when I was 15 or so. It is painted with 80's era Testors "New Car Colors" paint. I believe the color was Black Cherry with a clear coat. Over time, it seemed to have yellowed a bit and is almost more brownish now. It also has a lot of dated stuff like the American Racing Champ wheels, fad van-like seats and I added felt carpet mats and wood pieces on the door panels for some reason. Even right after I built it, I was kind of annoyed with it. It wasn't bad, it just didn't do anything for me. It sat in the box for years, and I thought about redoing a number of times, but never did. Now I will have a little bit of time at Christmas, so I think I will finally do something with it. I will keep the paint, it's not too bad, there are a few blemishes I will polish out. The problem is I don't know which direction I will go with it, so I have narrowed it down to 2 choices and would like input from my fellow modellers! So here are the options: Option A: Classic street rod, replace the current wheel/tire combo with big and littles on 5 spoke Americans, better rake, small block engine, replace seats with more modern buckets, clean up door panels and modernize the interior. Option B: 60's gasser, same American 5 spoke wheels on slicks and skinny fronts, gasser stance, already has a straight axle (would raise it up a bit and the rear too), switch out rear end for something more heavy duty. Traction bars, 283/4speed from a Monogram '57 Corvette with Hilborn injection and homemade fenderwell headers. Drag seats, simple rollbar. Not sure if the color is great for this option, but I would add some lettering, numbers and sponsor logos. I also have 2 or 3 of these unbuilt. So I could build whatever version I don't do here with one of those. If you would like to share your opinion, it is greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  14. Just saw the trailer too, it looks pretty good. I did not watch the movies because I just could not see Tom Cruise as Reacher. I will check the series out though....
  15. Nice job! What a unique model and great work on the tracks, they look really good.
  16. Then a hood from a stock AMT kit would work with no mods.
  17. If the street machine version you have is the one that is lime green and white on the box, then the pics I posted are the same kit, stock version. It could also be the older MPC version, like Snake said. The flip nose is also derived from that kit, but is quite a monstrosity.
  18. Nice job! Great stance, nice wheels and black and gold always looks good!
  19. Nice job! Good to see a stock one now and again!
  20. There was a stock version of the '57 Corvette issued by AMT:
  21. I am looking for a clean clear plastic windshield for the Monogram 1/24 1957 Corvette for a recently acquired kit with one that is cracked. I have parts to trade......Thanks!
  22. When I think first gen Camaro, this is how I picture it! Blue with stripes, 5 spoke mags......Excellent job!
  23. Yes! I hope the T/A is the '79 and not the '80, also!
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