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  1. ... And condition. This listing is a black moldy mess. That would explain the relative de-valuing.
  2. In the past I loaned my mint glass tree from the 62 Newport to Dave Burkett. Several months (perhaps a year) passed and no 62 Newport, then one morning I checked the mail and there was a tiny box with my glass still in mint shape. No explanation, no "thanks for the fish", just my glass. What happened? I dunno.
  3. You mean like the "Lonely Thai Beauties"? If they're lonely, there's something wrong in Thailand.
  4. Put my toque back in it's box ... I'll get it out again in the fall!
  5. And my daughter has class trip to France in about 6 weeks. Scratch that from the tour .
  6. I'm waiting patiently for the stars to align with the holes in my billfold and the space on my hobby shop shelf! Meanwhile ....... 3 2 1
  7. The Long Riders - Cole Younger to Jesse James
  8. Are ye in the highlands? If so, what's in the water? Heck, what's in the water anyway?
  9. I thought that, too, but if you read the linked article you will find that it's basically scratchbuilt around a 55 Chevy rear end. When Tognotti'sT was built Jag XK-Es were like 3-years old and not so common in the junk yards.
  10. Oh! The horror! That will be my next few months, too!
  11. I've built two of these; one as a tuner and one as a pro/street roadster. Thought about a beater, just never got to it. You did the beater well!
  12. Really? Oh, dear ... my mind must be going. There! Repetition is gone!
  13. I've reached a similar conclusion about guitars; I can grab them by the neck and make them scream and they'll never press charges!
  14. Yep! Knew about the real one, owned a 75. Comment was made referring to an "MPC Cosworth Vega". An alleged model kit.
  15. Yes on the van and pickup! Cosworth Vega? That must be a really rare piece as I've never even heard of a kit of it, never mind seen one.
  16. I'm rarely shocked; I have low expectations.
  17. My absolutely favorite race car: GT-40 MkII; my favorite livery, THIS:
  18. If we're talking critter related liveries, this has to be it:
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