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AMT 1925 T bucket, Vintage Hot Rod


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This started out as the Fruitwagon kit. I changed the wheels/tires, engine, headlights, taillights, nose, dash, and steering wheel. Did add a wood floor and plug wires for little extra detail. I wanted this to look like a late50s/early 60's rod. I airbrushed the body and frame with fingernail polish, there is lots of flake in it. The wheels and engine is just duplicolor, and interior is Tamiya spray. Any questions, feel free to ask. IMG_2517.JPG.5a864e8bcfebf6c75a33f5540b08a4cd.JPG









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Thanks! I have yet to build the Fruitwagon as the Fruitwagon. I just go off and build what I'd like to own in real life. The middle one here is all box stock out of the Fruitwagon kit minus the radiator cap and small details like wires and plumbing. 



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Thanks. I know the track nose is a little odd looking, but does give us a  break in what we see every other model T with. I built a Midget Racer a while back and it had this extra nose, so I tossed it in this kit for safe keeping. I was really up in the air about the interior color. I wanted it to mix in with the two other colors used but didn't have anything handy except for Tamiya Green Pearl. I did spray a flat clear on it and used a light black wash. Think it works well. And overall I am pleased with the build. 


Oh, and I originally wanted to put a flathead in it. But I couldn't find the belt setup for the engine I had. So went with this early Hemi. 

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Well I swapped out the engine with what I wanted in the first place. I didn't have the belt assembly for the flathead when I first built this. But got one the other day and finished it up tonight. 















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