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Jo-Han Javelin inspired by Ringbrothers' Defiant

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New year...new build! 

Finally scored one of my unicorn kits off e(vil)Bay...a Jo-Han Javelin AMX.

Ringbrothers' 'Defiant' will be used as inspiration.

After a dip in the purple pool, emblems and side markers were shaved off. Through trial and error, the chassis and suspension from Tamiya's Ford Mustang GT4 fits with minor razor sawing. Street tires were fitted to the GT4's rims (the pre-soak pic shows Scale Production 19-inch fifteen52 Outlaws). The powerplant is a Dodge Hellephant from IceMan Collections. Hoping to use some of the GT4 ground effects front, side, and rear, too, if possible. Leaning towards a bright blue (possibly Splash Paints' Ferrari Azzurro Dino, Porsche Voodoo Blue, or Aston Martin Flugplatz Blue).

Would love to increase the wheelbase to shorten the nose as Ring Brothers did, but will be too much in 1/24 scale for my limited skills. The nose has been sanded back a tiny bit and I may press my luck a little further.








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I understand why you aren't changing the wheelbase but it completely changes the whole look of the car.



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Really, really cool idea and a great start to your project. Stance is everything in this type of car/model, and looks like you are really nailing that. Good Luck and will be watching the progress!  TIM 

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Very cool project!  We don't see this Javelin body style very often and your inspiration subject really does look very aggressive!  I will definitely come and see your progress because I really like out of the ordinary subjects and yours is a good example!

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