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'40 Ford Coupe Something Different?


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I think there are a few iconic cars that form the basis of the hot rod culture. The T Bucket, the '32 Ford Coupe, the '40 Ford and the tri 5 Chevs.

90% of the rods and customs follow a standard format so its a challenge to find a different look. Here is my go at the '40 Ford coupe...

Started with a donated Coupe shell (thanks Silver Foxx...more on that later). First cuts were to the roof and body.



Next I shortened the roof to move the proportions to what I was looking for. It was always going to be mid engine so I wanted a cab forward look.20210218_192555.jpg.c04dbc84fa42bc581381e2f8c441f2ef.jpg20210218_194537.jpg.2f0eea3443faed6b62ef72b7d0c597df.jpg


Decisions... Coupe or Roadster. The roadster had better proportions than the coupe at this stage and I was tempted to go that way but I really wanted a bad looking coupe. Besides I have already done a '32 roadster with similar styling. So to get proportions right I cut 250mm scale out of the length which i where I am at the time of posting!



Power is transverse rear mounted BMW 6 with  a stack of trumpets and twin cam cover sticking out of the rear deck...  Front suspension will come in and forward a bit and the body closer to the deck. Early days yet.

Thanks for looking and comments welcome!



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Okay Bodywork pretty much finished. Just a few holes for door handles etc. Radiator scoop and outlet done. Decided to go for an wild exhaust treatment to match the inlet trumpets.


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