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Chevy II Gasser!!!!!!

Dave Metzner

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Here, is the New Moebius 1965 Chevy II Gasser. This is a third test shot. as of this date there is no box art, only the very start of an instruction sheet and no decal sheet. There are a few minor items to be revised before production..... BUT this is a good idea of how the finished model will look.. My best GUESS is store shelves before the end of the year..





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That looks like a decent kit, but just nit-picking the opening in the hood is too far back. It would never open without hitting the scoop on the real thing, plus it makes it look like the engine istoo far forward. The headlights do give it a frog-look by sticking out like that but otherwise it is cool. 

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1 hour ago, Len Woodruff said:

The best thing about this kit is that you easily build the Doug's Headers original Chevy II funny car since this has the correct roof. 

Not sure about that. I'm looking at pics of the original and it doesn't seem to be a '65, but a '62-'64 body. In that case, this roof is wrong. :unsure:

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