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Monogram '66 Malibu SS


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Excellent work on this classic kit! Like we see here, with some extra work these kits can be built in very good looking models. I'm following with great interest, as I have one of these waiting to be built as well.

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After helping a friend with one of his projects for a few weeks, I made it back working on the chevelle. Spent the last couple weeks painting a lot of the misc parts, finishing up any loose ends on the body and getting it ready for some color. Also did a little alclad chrome on a few parts. Still a lot to do but at least it's coming along.


Some of these parts are not finished yet. I'll get to them






The body got some mr. sufacer primer on it. It was then sanded. I managed to go through the primer here and there so it will get one more coat of primer and then very lightly sanded again.



I put many hours into this front clip. 


This side will be body color




The inside of the body was painted semi-gloss black



The body was finally ready for some paint. I chose to paint the body testors mythical maroon extreme lacquer. Not sure yet if that was a bad idea. The metallic flake's look kind of big even on this 1/24 scale body. First i sprayed two light coats and then one color coat. Then i sprayed five coats of mr. super clear. I will let it sit for a week or so and then cut and buff. I'm hoping for good results. In 1966, One of the colors you could get on your chevelle was madera maroon. I was shooting for close to that. But with that custom look with the metallic.




That's it for now. Thanks for looking. 





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I'm glad to see you back on this one, Paul. Nice work on the paint. I decant that paint and shoot it through my airbrush as that Extreme Lacquer tends to bubble up when I spray it from the can (I have a tendency to shoot paint too heavily). The detail chassis painting is fantastic. -RRR 

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Pretty much all of the Testors Extreme Lacquers have out of scale metallics in them. Some colors are worse than others. Icy Blue is the worst as it looks like it belongs on a bass boat. The Mythical Maroon you used doesn't seem to be as bad as most of them. 

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When you told me what you were doing, I couldn't wait for you to post your progress, Brother!


You have an eye for detail lost on too many models... you've brought the detail on the Chevelle to a level appreciated by more modelers than just me, Brother!

Contrast finishes that complement one and other is not easy to achieve!!  To the extent that most of you detail work will never be seen by the average observer.

Thanks to this platform, we have an opportunity to follow a master at work and be able to share in the fruits of your labor.  I've always been in awe of the endless level of patients you display in the results you get from your every effort!  


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As always, Thanks everyone for your comments and thoughts.  Here is a little of what I'v got done recently. It was time to do something with the engine. I put the long block together and primed it with mr hobby surface primer. I airbrushed the engine black, red, and gold. The heads were brush painted aluminum. After it dried, I mocked it up to see how things looked. I had put some time into the kit valve covers and wanted to see how they presented them self's. I quickly realized i wasn't liking them. Went to my parts and found an old pro stock engine with some moroso covers. Was lucky to get them off with little effort and tried them. As you can see, i chose the moroso's.









They were stripped and alcladed along with some other stuff.




Also got the paint on the body wet sanded and polished. No wax yet as i still need to do the bmf and i want it to stick.







At this point there is still the interior to finish. Everything is painted but needs some details finished. Putting some embossing powder on the floor also. Things have been going great and I cracked the windshield. Don't think I can use it now. Thanks for looking and more to come............








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Outstanding, Brother!  As with others following your expert hand at work... I too will be anxiously waiting for the next episode in the wonderful tail of the ol' '66 SS of days long gone and patently waiting its renewed debut from the bench of a hands down great model car builder!  Thank you for being my friend for the past three decades! -KK

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  • 3 weeks later...

Been getting some more done on this build and things are coming along. I have been working on the front bumper/grill and rear bumper. Having some original parts from a first run kit i chose to use them as the details are so much better. Mind you these parts are still no way perfect. The chrome was stripped off the parts. The two openings at the bottom of the front bumper were opened up. That added a lot of life that part. Also had a sink mark on the front bumper that had to be filled and then it was primed. Alclad is next. As for the engine, I assembled a few parts and added plug wires using a gofer racing distributor kit. I ran the wires under the headers. Not much room to work with coming from the top. Some parts on the engine are just mocked up for a photo. I'm not really planning on any more detailing of the engine but we will see. On the interior i got the dash almost done. Did some bmf and added some decals from the revelle 66' wagon kit. Had to cut down the speedo decal to make fit but still worked out well. For some reason the steering wheel is for a 67' as noted having 3 spokes. I made it into a 2 spoke. Still not completely correct but i'm using it anyway. The body is done and waxed. Applied bmf to front and rear windows and the wing windows.........
















Going to start assembling what i can and work on the front and rear. More to come and thanks for looking...........

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