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Revell 1968 Dodge Charger R/T. Day 2/Street Machine, in Plum Crazy.

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I'll be getting started on this one probably on Monday. I primed it with Rustoleum 2X flat white primer on July 27, then painted it on July 31. Decals went on around August 13, and the clear on August 16. First pic is the 1:1 car this will mostly be based on, although I'm a little dark on the color.








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Thanks everyone, I didn't realize I forgot to put the paint/color in the original post. It's Model Master Plum Crazy from the 2-part Lacquer System line (Unfortunately no longer being manufactured) sprayed straight from the can, and I think I used Testors Wet Look Clear on it.

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I got the rest of the parts in primer today. I used Stynylrez white and black primer straight through my airbrush. The seats and door panels will then be painted white to help achieve some shadowing. I'm also considering changing the wheels. I wasn't happy with the way they looked after the initial painting with Molotow, so I stripped them and will re-paint them along with the Cragar style wheels with Molotow again and decide which to use then.





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Thanks guys, I sprayed Molotow on the wheels (resin wheels from MAD Modeling, which are great wheels by the way), but I didn't prep them very well and they look much better in the pics than in person. With that, I decided to strip the Molotow in order to do a better prep and paint on them. I used 91% isopropyl alcohol and after 30 seconds the paint was coming off very quickly. I probably didn't need to soak them for more than 3-5 minutes, however for some reason I let them set overnight. This pics show the result. All four had softened, with one of the deep dish wheels separating, and the other distorted. The skinnier fronts are basically ok, other than being softened. Lesson here, go with your gut instincts and don't let parts soak any longer than they need to, especially resin. Good thing when I bought these, I got 2 sets, and I will definitely buy more soon because they are nicely casted wheels. At least I learned my lesson on a $5 set of wheels rather than a 40-50 dollar body. As for the Charger, I hope to get most of the rest of the parts painted tomorrow, and hopefully Saturday will be wet-sanding and polishing the body day.



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I got my spare set of Draglites cleaned and painted today. I sprayed Molotow Chrome from my refill bottle at about 20 psi. I also got the body wet-sanded and polished. I started with 4000, and then 6000 grit sandpaper, then switched to Micro Mesh Polishing pads for the 8000, and finally 12000. I followed that up with some Novus #2 polish. I'm going to wait until I get the BMF on before I wax it, hoping the foil sticks better than it did on my last build, the '67 Impala.






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I did notice a flaw on the driver's side 1/4 panel when I got it back out of the box from when I painted it back in August. When I put it in the box after paint, decals, and clear back in mid-August, everything looked fine. When I got it back out last week, I saw what looked like a scratch or some kind of separation from the paint and clear. I thought it would sand out and even itself out, but I sanded down to the color and it was still there. I still have some of the paint left in the can and will spray it into a bottle cap and try to touch it up with a brush. I don't think taping it off and spraying it will end well. Stripping it is out of the question as well, since I don't have nor do I intend to buy anything for that purpose. Whatever I have after the touch-up is what it will look like, so hopefully it works out well, lol.

DSCN9174 (2).JPG


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