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I started this one quite awhile ago before we moved. Now that I have a new bench set up I was able to get beach to it. I will say with age my skills are diminishing but I do enjoy the hobby still. 
That’s an Iceman Collectibles engine squeezed in there under a bulged hood. Some Revell 32 Ford wheels and tires and painted with Testors enamel. 8F756673-B7C0-455A-BCAD-7E61C5D24381.jpeg.3d36adbdd57a91b0fc09f84950d43c3e.jpegB753E8D9-AE01-41C8-BA7A-16396E7DF54F.jpeg.4fc347d99e4be6ae00069f26e16ceed8.jpegAF048162-885A-4DB8-9D50-247DD570E48D.thumb.jpeg.8eaa86f8f34a33f7c5593b9dbbaf121a.jpeg8E27670E-73CA-4C49-8934-CCD0E24AA886.thumb.jpeg.bb8e1efe76d37d950d11d9dccc520314.jpeg

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