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  1. In sub-assemblies for painting but what color(s) How about High Gloss Camouflage!!!! Looking good by the way!!
  2. Well I'm going to focus my attention for now to the lower wing and dive flaps. First off the dive flaps had a NASTY bow in them. For instance: So a pot of boiling water was in order. I ran out of tea yesterday so this is the perfect opportunity to go ahead and boil the water for that too. Any how this is the results after dunking the part for about three seconds and reshaping: It has a small twist in it, which is really easy to correct, but no bow. Now onto the wings: After a "rattle can" primer coat of Tamiya gray, I painted the wing flat white, allowed to dry a
  3. If its cars then Revells gonna get my vote for availability and relative ease of building. Planes....................well that's just all Eduard for me! Its just that simple for accuracy and detail. I will say, as Chillyb1 did, that Tamiya is in there too. They are fairly accurate and generally easy to build(at least with the kits that I've seen).
  4. Whats funny is my vendors name is Patrick Ball. Man that guy must have had it rough as a kid!! LOL
  5. I like being able to pay it out too. It's rare for me to have 100 bones laying around in my slush fund!
  6. Youre not gonna be able to get one right off of the truck but if your vendor is cool like mine is, he'll see if Paashe is on his vendor list from Matco. I've gotten my Badger 150 and my Badger Renegade Velocity through him already. I saw this Paasche job and had to get it.
  7. I actually found this jewel available from my Matco Tools truck vendor that frequents the shop weekly for 72 bucks and can pay it out! It should be here next week. KingSix:I was going to take you up on your offer for those 6 airbrushes. The only thing that stopped me was the truck can warranty mine. Thanks for the offer pal, Joe
  8. Man you aint kiddin' there! They have been nailing on the head in terms of accuracy. I can't wait until their Bf109 G-6 1/48 scale bird comes out in 2014!
  9. Hey guys. Was able to get up this morning and test fit the fuselage halves together only to discover that the IP was contacting both cockpit side consoles at the very front of the console resulting in the IP being pushed forward at the bottom and angled out ward at the top. Shown here: ...........and now corrected! I have another Revellogram SBD kit and will piece together the in box cockpit and fuselage halves to give you a better idea of whats missing in the Monogram boxing tomorrow morning. What worked out REALLY good was the fact that the Hasegawa gun turret fit perfectly in place
  10. Thanks Wayne and Ira! Will be bringing more pics to the table tomorrow morning. As for future plans for the tail guns I spied some Verlinden .50 cal ammo belts that will set the .30's off in the back. Will be running the belt from the guns to the ammo box. I'll be ordering that soon.
  11. Yeah that looks like a well lit, nice and tidy area!!!
  12. That's a good point. If it was something out of the ordinary that makes sense. I've got a 1/48 scale BV 141 that was put out by Hi-PM in about 98 or so. That kit looks dangerous! But like youre saying it is a subject that I'd like to build and I have one of two choices. Build it or get rid of it. I hear ya!
  13. I used to think like that until I opened up an MPM Arado 196 box! There was more flash on those sprues than a nuclear bomb could have emitted!!!
  14. I've got a 1/48 Citroen staff car from them and that thing is a beaut!! It's been around a while though.
  15. Hey everybody. I was thinking about some of the kits I've built and I have my favorites and, of course, my least favorites. Thought I would talk about the everybody's favorite. For starters I build a lot of different kits from a lot of manufacterers as am sure a lot of you all do. So far my favorites so far are late Revell automobile and aircraft kits and with aircraft hands down for me its Eduard. I've noticed that Revell is trying to keep up with the times by some of the new kits and the amount of detail put into their kits. Also the parts count for a lot of kits has doubled resulting in sev
  16. Now THATS an airbrush!!! Tooltruck is coming today and that thing is all mine!!! Thanks for sharing that. I think its just what Ive been looking for in the best of both worlds. .
  17. Ok fellas. Got up this morning and finished up detailing another Hasegawa part for this thing. The instrument panel from the Monogram kit was a decal and that aint gonna work so was kit bashing time again. I took the existing Hasegawa IP and trimmed it to fit into this kit. It's not only got the IP but also the backs of the .50 cal cowl machine guns at either side of the IP. Painted the sides with Zinc Chromate, the center with Matte Black and picked out the details with a white lead pencil. The guns got a shot of Gunmetal. Lots better! Any how here's pic of that mod. Photo bucket was not coo
  18. Thanks for the encore Wayne! I'll have some progress to post tomorrow. I'm on a mission to complete this thing. I usually spend between 1 - 2 hours on it a day.
  19. I've got two Badger 200 airbrushes that I picked up last year when Micheals had em on clearance for 20 bucks (yep I said 20 bucks)new and still in the boxes . I ordered two quick disconnects for both AB's and THAT made just as big of difference as having an internal mix AB over the BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH Badger 350 AB I started off with! The QD's make things nice for a quick swap out of ABs if one is giving me a lot of static in the middle of a big job. Just switch out AB's real quick and continue working. I also use a Badger 1/6 HP compressor that is super quiet in the mornings (about 4 am) to n
  20. Thanks Ray and Mark! I've always favored this bird. It was never the fastest nor armed to the tee but it's like the 57 Chevy of planes. Whoever designed this aircraft sure knew how to sculpt some cool body lines!!
  21. Here is the cockpit flooring and related parts as well as the gunners ring with the twin .30 cal setup. I first painted the seat with "rattle can" Testors Metallic Silver enamel followed by a coat of Model Master acrylic Zinc Chromate Green. I then took a toothpick and chipped the Chromate as to provide a scratched seat back surface from parachute buckle and seat belt buckle contact for that worn in look. The seat belts were made out of lead foil with PE buckles from Tom's Modelworks. I must have worn that stupid visor for 30 minutes trying to feed those belts through the buckles and through t
  22. On to the rear gun and turret assy. This kit was supplied with a rear gun but it has absolutely no accuracy at all. A half moon shaped gunners ring is supplied along with what looks like a modified "potato gun" for the rear firing .30 cal machine gun. The next photo shows that: This is how the gunner ring is supposed to look: I am going with a twin .30 cal setup in the back so heres a so-so photo of that : The next shots will be of the completed cockpit floor and related items and the rear gunner ring with the twin .30 cal set up that I used from the Hasegawa
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