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  1. nice work... that color looks good on that car
  2. dang that is some really nice work so far
  3. trade completed with scrwdrvr. shipped fast great response and i Will definitely trade with him again.
  4. wow i dont even know what to say.. you are very skilled my friend.. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING
  5. I'll listen to all offers. i probably need to list it in the trade section first though.
  6. beautiful car and very nicely built.. i just got this same kit from a board member
  7. if i traded it id be intrested in drag car stuff gasser or afx cars.. i have the engine for it, the intake is missing
  8. i have the engine...its missing the hood, rear bumper and taillights.. i may end up trading it. thanks for the info
  9. thanks.. i was thinking of trading it but id like to know what i have
  10. cleaned up nicely. i have the grill and front bumper. i was thinking of putting in my trading pile but id like to know what it is.
  11. yea it's definitely not the best kit out there. im just old school and like the kits. i never built the lindberg. i stopped building around 89/90 and just started back about 4 months ago.
  12. i also looked at ebay and couldn't believe it. i always liked the kit.
  13. my dad had a lime green 70 back in the 80s, it was a 440 6 pack with a 4 speed. nice work on the model..
  14. very nice build and excellent choice of colors.
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