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  1. he wents some rounds last night.
  2. nice build... totally agree... Boddie's nova is badass also and it's hemi powered!! ?
  3. very cool build.. thats a awesome car!! i was just watching him and Finnegan racing the superbee and blasphemi.. great job on the build.
  4. i was curious about that. the rear axle wasn't as far foward on wild child so i wasn't sure about it.
  5. any kind of trick to prevent the decals from going on without the yellow tint?
  6. Great trade completed with Ron Hamilton will definitely trade with him again..
  7. i was wondering about the kit. it looks like it doesn't.
  8. i'll definitely be watching because id like to remove mine. i just got back into the hobby so my confidence isn't that high yet ?
  9. i have a set of daddy warbucks decals if you need them.
  10. very nice build... that color looks really good on that car
  11. from a old hot rod article i think. I've seen a better picture with the 6 pack scoop.
  12. yes it was the nhra car. and best i remember sox and martin made changes to the 68's so they looked like the new 69.
  13. this is gonna be a good build... some of the hemi cars they ran even had the original roadrunner hood on them.
  14. can't wait to see this car finished. awesome work.. I've got one on the way and watching your progress has me excited to start on mine.
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