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  1. No decals on this one. Wife said hers didn't have the stripes. I messed up the paint job when I put on the clear, trying to get a good shiny surface and sprayed it a little too thick causing some runs and pooling. Wife is ok with it, so I'm good. Will try to get finished photos today.
  2. Looks real good Bob. I'm still trying to figure out how to get a good looking paint job like you guys do.
  3. Looking good. I just pulled this kit out today, think I'm going to do the drag version.
  4. Almost finished. Since there has not been much interest in this not a hurst mustang I'm not going to post anymore WIP photos of it. I'll put up a couple of photos in the under glass section when it's done.
  5. I'll be following this Bob. I just got this kit a week ago from HL. Was maybe planning to start it after I finish the Mustang I'm working on now.
  6. She wanted blue, she got blue...........................
  7. I started when I was about 12 or 13. For some reason my parents got me a model kit for christmas, I think it was a 32 Ford. My Dad and I put it together at the kitchen table. I was hooked after that and starting buying and building for the next 4 or 5 years. Then along came girls, etc. and the kits stopped. But also along then came the muscle cars and racing. Our generation had the best cars ever. Then I got married, had kids and a job so I quit the hobby for a long while. Several years later I got into Nascar and starting seeing kits of the drivers cars and thought it would great to build one of those. Did that for several years, but stopped again. Now I'm retired, and just got back into the hobby a couple months ago, really enjoying it. I think you have to have a desire to work with your hands, and most young people don't have that. They just want to be on their phone or play video games, which I also like. My grandkids are like that. I also have other hobbies like reloading my own ammo and playing guitar.
  8. Thanks. Thanks. Thank you. Thank you. Thanks. I could not figure out how to orient them to look right. Thanks.
  9. Wow.........I can feel that thing shaking the ground just looking at it. Nice work.
  10. Sharp looking Vette. Nice work.
  11. Dang it Bob, hate to hear that. Take a break for a few days, then get back on it, I'm sure you can fix it.
  12. I guess the title did assume that. Kinda misleading. I need to change it to Not a Hertz Mustang.
  13. I'm not really concerned about it being a Hertz. My wife wanted me to build a Mustang because she had one in her teens, but the only thing she could remember, it was dark blue and a fastback. When I got the kit it was the only Mustang HL had. As long as she is ok with it, I'm good.
  14. Got it in primer. The wife had a Mustang in her teens, don't think it was a Shelby though, anyway hers was dark blue and she wants this one dark blue, so I'll go with that. Got just a little sanding to do first.
  15. Is there a link to your finished project? It looks like you were getting it looking very close to the movie car.
  16. I saw that Monogram kit on ebay and thought it would probably be a good base for the car. But it was 50 bucks and I would not be comfortable cutting that front clip off to make the flip nose.
  17. It's just a thought right now Bob. Sounds like it would be quite a undertaking for me, I probably need to get some more building under my belt before I try it. I have 3 or 4 kits now that I need get to first. I just got the MPC 57 Chevy Spirit of 57 gasser and it made me think of the 55 in the movie. I use to watch that movie about once a year, but haven't seen it a while. If I remember correctly the car was a grey primer with a flip nose and a 454 engine. There were actually 3 cars built for the movie, but the grey primer one was the main car. Thanks for comments guys, gives me something to think about.
  18. Ok, just thinking out loud here, but say I wanted to build a Two Lane Blacktop 55 Chevy, what would be the best base kit to start with? Are there any flip nose 55 Chevy gasser kits?
  19. Got the Roadster yesterday from Hobby Lobby. Ordered the 57 Chevy gasser from ebay a few days ago, and it arrived today.
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