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  1. Really nice work, Pierre. This one has been on my project list for a while. Yours will be an inspiration to get mine built. Great Job!
  2. Man, that is absolutely gorgeous. Great Work, Scott. Really nice photos too!
  3. Thanks for the kind words, Helmut. Many years ago there was an article in the old Motor Racing Replica News that described how to convert the Heller Talbot F1 to the Le Mans version. It looked like the project was beyond my skill set, so I was very happy when Fernando Pinto of Portugal came out with his resin kit of the Le Mans Talbot a couple of years ago.
  4. Good looking build, Conrad. I noticed the wood grain on the steering wheel and console right away. Can you describe how you did it? Thanks, and keep up the good work!
  5. Here are a few new ones along with the 1966 winner. A couple of these were built over 20 years ago! This is the 1998 winning Porsche 911 GT1-98 driven by Laurent Aiello, Allan McNish, and Stephane Ortelli. Kit is by Scale Production. This is the 1992 winning Peugeot 905 Evo1 drive by Mark Blundell, Yannick Dalmas, and Derek Warwick. Kit is by Profil 24. This is the 1988 winning Jaguar XJR-9LM driven by Johnny Dumfries, Jan Lammers, and Andy Wallace. Kit is by Tamiya. This is the 1970 winning Porsche 917K driven by Richard Attwood and Hans Herrmann. Kit is by Fujimi with Historic Racing Miniatures engine. This is the 1966 winning Ford GT40 MkII driven by Chris Amon and Bruce McLaren. Kits is by Fujimi. Sorry for the duplication - looks like this car was a popular subject! Based on the previous postings, I'm not sure the tire markings are correct. This is the 1965 winning Ferrari 250LM driven by Masten Gregory, Ed Hughes, and Jochen Rindt. Kit is by Academy. This is the 1964 winning Ferrari 275P driven by Jean Guichet and Nino Vaccarella. Kit is by Monogram This is the 1950 winning Talbot Lago GS T26 driven by Louis Rosier (23 hours, 20 minutes) and his son Jean Louis (40 minutes). Kit is by Fernando Pinto of Portugal Models.
  6. Wow! That's just spectacular. I hope you don't mind, Tomasz, but I'm saving some of your photos to use as reference pics for when I build my 1/24 version of the C9. Great Job!
  7. You really got the most out of that old kit, Randy. Great Job!
  8. Great collection, Rich! You turned those kits into some really nice models. I'm a huge fan of Fisher Models as well. Similar to you, the Ferrari 312P coupe was my introduction into resin car modeling. Paul's kits gave me the opportunity to build a good replica of an interesting subject without a lot of hassle and at a good price. Can't beat that!
  9. Nice Work, Eric. You did a great job hanging in on this one till you got it done. Your perseverance has me thinking about the dozen or so models that have been on hold on my shelf for multiple years. Also, the weathering you did isn't overdone and looks pretty realistic to me. Great Job!
  10. Man, I love this one! Great Job, Steve. I hadn't heard of C1 Models but I'll be doing a search on them today.
  11. Nice work, Ray. As Rich said, FPP kits are not "shake and bake". You did a good job fighting through the problems ending up with a good-looking, unusual subject.
  12. Really nice build, Trevor. Your pictures made me think I was looking at the real thing!
  13. I'm normally a VW traditionalist but I like this one a lot. Great concept and execution!
  14. I can't believe I missed this one the first time around. I stumbled on it because I just ordered this kit and was looking for build-up articles. Great Work, Anders! Extremely clean build and your color scheme makes a gorgeous car look even better.
  15. Super clean build. Great Work!
  16. Beautiful work, Anders! Coincidentally I pulled this kit out of my stash a couple of weeks ago. I hope mine turns out as well as yours.
  17. Really nice work, Anders. I especially like your work on the interiors.
  18. Nice Job on another unusual subject.
  19. Nice clean build, Chris, with some good detail. Great Job!
  20. Really Nice Work, Ray. I'm tempted to pick up one of these kits but I don't have enough room to display it!
  21. Nice build of an unusual subject. Nice Work, Chris!
  22. Gluebomber

    427SC Cobra

    Really nice, Chris. As others have mentioned above, super clean build and great color choice.
  23. Turned out great, Harry. Really nice work. Thanks for the lessons you learned the hard way. Here's one from my experience - Tamiya White Surface Putty DOES NOT work well as a polishing compound!
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