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  1. I built this Monogram kit decades ago. Alas, it was sold with the rest of my collection when I moved in 2017. I knew I'd have regrets, but had to downsize. Now, I'm starting over. Monogram made some nice kits, and was my favorite brand.
  2. Done this about a decade ago when i first learned how to draw paths in PS. Started on a rough pencil sketch. Kept on adding details to make this. Did it with a mouse so it was a pain to learn.
  3. While looking for the resin 1970 L88 Motion hood I made years ago, I found this old body from around 1995. At one time it was used as a master to cast Baldwin Motion Phase III GT Corvettes. They were for me and Joel exclusively. At one time it was a finished replica of the car he bought back from a Hollywood lot. It was in all the Corvette magazines in 1992. I went to a shop in New Jersey that was doing a frame on restoration with Joel in his 5.0 Mustang convertible to check progress. Today the car is in Dan McMichael’s collection and has been on My Classic Car. An interesting story about this gold Corvette. While I was at the shop in New Jersey, Joel and the shop owner we’re looking at pictures of a phase 3 Corvette that was blue with white accents and the Shelby scoops. Joel was trying to decide whether or not it might have been a car that he built. Looking over their shoulder’s I noticed that it had two slotted taillights. Joel said it looked like something he might’ve done but never did one in that color. I said it’s probably the gold one in the magazine article that you took pictures of when it was new. It has two taillights also. It dawned on Joel that it was the same car repainted a number of times. Because flipping through the pictures he had, they were pictures of it red with white accents. That car has since been restored back to gold with black accents and was auctioned off on one of the Barrett Jackson auctions a number of years ago. This is one of Joe’s first phase 3 GT Corvettes. It was featured at the Waldorf Astoria auto show in 1969. Zora Arkus-Duntov loved this car! I resin cast a full bumper front end conversion kit for the Camaro 15 years ago. Wish I knew were that mold went! This green Camaro is the oldest, completed Motion build I still have. Built in 2000, it is my first base/clear attempt. This red Manta Ray was a curbside resin kit I was selling around 2001. This model went to Joel. These two are across the room right now and I have a third in red again, awaiting clear. Joel only built 3 Manta Rays, so I will have a replica of each! This one is the Motion Moray. I presently sits in clay to make a mold of the body! This a Motion Nova hiding on my desk. Hope you like them! Any questions or comments are welcome! Back to the 1968 Baldwin Motion Chevelle!
  4. After 12 years, I finally got this one off the bench! Using the intake and exhaust from the 69 Nova kit, and the Air cleaner assembly from (I think) the MPC 69 Camaro kit, I present to you a stock Z/28 RS!
  5. I started this one I don't know how long ago, probably around 2015 or so. Anyway, playing with the Yenko Nova and 68 Chevelle I thought I'd get Chevy's other heavy hitter back. What is funny is I compared this body to the AMT 68 Camaro, and I think the AMT version looks a little smaller than it should be. What do you guys think?
  6. Well I built this from the foose issue of the 1/12 kit. This is my first big scale kit I have completed. Mostly box stock. Paint is a duplicolor gm color and the stripes are airbrushed on. I added the springs, vacuum lines, brake/fuel lines and other small details in the bay. Overall the kit was pretty decent to put together. There was a few fitment issues and the chrome plating is not very good. But the finished product came out very well. This will probably be my last finished build for 2018 ? Thanks for looking.
  7. Hi all fellow builders,,wishing you a happy thanksgiving coming up. I always enjoy the oddball,,not so popular kits to build. This is one I got for 10$ at April #DAMM show in SE Mich. Its the 1996 pop of Jack Baldwins SCCA trans-am Camaro. First off,,its not the color scheme of the original car,,but I like it in light blue just the same. It went together fairly well,,the decals were scary,,trying to get them to hug the radius scallops/lines on doors ect. I used the decal micro-soft stuff,,and after a while they went on decent. Added some minor wiring/plumbing,, not a contest car,,but a good addition to my shelf. Hope this finds you doing well! Build on!
  8. I know I’ve said this before but this will be one of the last salvage builds I do from decommissioned builds I’ve done. I was just experimenting with stuff and decided to start on this
  9. This is a special build because its for a customer who just wants chassis done, along with wheels and tires
  10. One of my other builds I started with a big scratch built turbo. It's gonna be another small tire car with a tube chassis.
  11. I'm building a kit bash camaro. I am wondering if anyone makes resin car seats. Does anyone make camaro seats? Is there a site I can go to and find custom interior for models? Worst case if anything let me know what kind of model kit to search out for these parts. I'm trying to find these exact seats/interior for my build. I believe these are from a 73 camaro.
  12. I just recently took all the vacation, sick time and FMLA in order to come to U of W to have both knees receive a new interior meniscus cartilage tissue from cadaver. No weight for 8 weeks so my dear wife purchased this Level 2, 1970 1/2 Chevy Camaro model to build because she knows her attorney husband will go crazy just watching television or reading books and legal materials! I haven’t put a model together since I was 10 yrs old, so this is a first for me really, but I’m looking for a site that sells 1/18th or larger scale models to build.
  13. With this being the 50th Anniversary of the Camaro I thought it might be fun to start a build thread for those interested. Any Camaro from the past 50 years, stock, race, etc could be done. I was thinking the build could be for fun, no prizes. I really don't know how to run a group build or what needs to be done to get one off the ground. Thoughts?
  14. Nice re-release of the classic 83 Z28 kit. Minimal flash, nice chrome work, decal sheet is clear. No big new surprises on this one, just a good repop of an older kit. Would have liked some different tires though, just personal opinion. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLIfObfE2oY
  15. Soooooo a question about paint..... The yellow on the hood and the yellow on the body are different shades. I put another layer of paint on the body to try and even it out, as that's the lighter of the two. What else can I do to improve the look, and make it look really glossy??
  16. Got this 2010 Chevy AMT Showroom Replicas Camaro kit from eBay a long time ago and final had a cool idea. I ordered the decals from Bill Bozo and painted the car with German Silver metalic. The decals are top notch and well worth the almost month long wait. Took some artistic license in placing the decals on the front. The words could not be placed together as they are in the Chargers because of the vent on the front. Took a bit of artistic license with the blue interior tail lights. Found a "Call #677" plate and scaled it down. The two antennas on the drivers side are custom built, while the ones on the passenger side I found in a box or spare parts. You can see the radar display mounted to the dash behind the windshield. The radar itself is made from various sizes of styrene with pieces of clear sprue in each end. The spotlight is made from a head light from a '29 Ford Roadster. I made the computer out of a piece of styrene in which I printed a screen and keyboard then attached it to a piece of round styrene and attached it to the center console. Hard to see in this picture, but there is a custom CB radio in the center console, just in front of the cup holder. Caught some young whipper snappers out driving their '66 El Camino on the back roads. Thank you for looking.
  17. Coming in August 2017...
  18. Happy Saint Patrick's Day, friends! I stopped at Hobby Lobby after work and picked up this brand new Round 2/AMT 2017 Camaro SS "Fifty" edition. I haven't seen a review for this kit, so I decided to take some photos and let you know what I think about it! Please leave some feedback and share your thoughts on this kit. I've only been back into building for the last couple of years, so please correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this is the first completely "new" kit from any of the Round 2 brands. I've been looking forward to this one and I'm not even the biggest fan of Camaros. The body is molded in what looks like the factory correct color "Nightfall Gray Metallic", credit to RandyB. for identifying that color. The shrinkwrap sticker on the box said this kit was molded in black, so I was surprised to see the body molded in this color. You're going to need to paint it as the plastic is very swirly. The body on this kit feels very flimsy and thin. You can see the actual print through the roof when held to the light and you can also so how thin the plastic is near the door handles. Very disappointed in that! There are a couple mold lines to look out for on the front clip and over the rear wheel well. Note: This is looking from the top of the car and down. The area near the door handles look almost like a non-fill issue. The piece count is very nice for this kit. The parts are molded in black, metallic gray, silver, clear, chrome and transparent red. I'll go into a more detailed look at these trees down below. As like the body, all of the large pieces in this kit feel brittle and flimsy at the same time. I really hope that only my kit is like this and it's not an issue across the board. That would be a real bummer. The frame, chassis and floor pans are all one solid piece. This may be similar to the snap version of this kit, but I'm not sure. If you look, you'll see the driveshaft is even molded in. The rear seat detail will disappear under a coat or two of paint. Very poorly molded or mastered. The wheels look pretty cool for this car. I wish that the bow tie was a lot more visible, instead of the blob it looks like. The clear parts in this kit however, are some of the best I've ever seen! Lots of detail and thought went into these pieces. I love the tail lights and the defrost lines in the rear window. The black window trim is a great touch and gives you one less problem when detailing the kit! The tires look good and they're directional. They are not branded, however. I hope that Round 2 doesn't go the same way Revell-Monogram has gone. The last photo is of the decals. Like all of the other Round 2 releases, these are very brilliantly printed. If you've stuck around through my ramblings this long, I thank you for your time. I'm not sure that I'll ever get around to building this kit. I've got so many other projects started or that I want to start and I don't see this one knocking any of those out anytime soon. It's a nice kit and looks very accurate, but it has flaws that shouldn't exist on a newly tooled kit that was made 3 months ago. If you have one, let me know how yours is! Until next time!
  19. This is the monogram motorworks 85 Z/28. Anyone who knows this kit, knows the kit came with a 305ci Cross fire injection engine. The motor is a two piece design. The lower half was molded to the chasis. The upper half was pushed into the lower, and the intake pushed into the upper. The driveshaft, panhard rod(torque arm), and rear axle were all one piece as well. I cut the motor out of the chasis and the driveshaft and torque arm off the axle. I replaced the 305 with a 350 from another camaro. Took the valve covers out of my parts box. And bought a tuned port injection on ebay. The driveshaft is out of the parts box as well as the torque arm which is more of a tubular performance look than the standard arm. The wheels are pegasus 19" iroks and I put the disc brakes on it again from the parts box. Wish I still had the mirrors. Paint is actual chevy color. Cut down and painted springs up front. Hope you like it!
  20. Hey all! I'm still pretty new to the model scene but have loved so far what I've seen on this forum. There's a lot of amazing talent around here and it's definitely inspiring. This is my first finished model while being a member on this forum. I always want to improve on my model building so constructive criticism is always welcome. Thanks for looking!
  21. Built back in the 1982 to 1984 era. I liked this one! In fact, I liked it so much I got a sealed kit from ebay a few years ago to redo it. Painted Testors' White enamel with a black interior. I made a custom twin turbo intake system for it :-) Pictures of the sealed kit I have. Thanks for looking :-)
  22. I've been away from models for a while but have just recently got back in and couldn't be happier. This build will be using the Reher Morrison third gen camaro, but will be built a little different. I've always loved third gens and have a 1:1 of my own. I will be adding some extra details with parts from Ted's modelling marketplace. Thanks for looking!
  23. Box isn't in as good of shape as the 92 was :-) Nothing is wrong with the kit, I just didn't have the frame in right. The instruction sheet. I'm using this kit for the frame and engine. Thanks for looking!
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