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AMT 1965 Riviera Curbside Custom - DONE!


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So I was getting a little burnt out on my showrod truck project... I decided to build a quick curbside kit. I wanted to keep the construction and materials similar to what i was planing for the truck... This way i could give myself some experiance and testing on parts that I havent labored on for many hours.

I really wanted it to be so quick and easy I wasnt going to do a WIP thread... Well honestly, I am just too excited not to share!

Started with a glue bomb 5.00 built kit, and another non built kit im planning on building in full detail at a later date. Shaved the handles, wipers, emblems and pancake-ed the hood. Wheels are the pegasus supremes.


Then I cut the front bumper apart and made them seperate units using the custom parts from the kit... While I was at it I shaved the bumper gaurds.


For the paint I went with Wet-n-Wild "Disurbia" nail polish




Last night I started on the bare metal foil.... hoping to clear this weekend.


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The interior needed to be crazy... so I added lots of pleats... and a rotary phone on the console.





Then painted everything white... and then added some pearl powder to my dullcoat.... then added detail wire purple piping.



I only have one seat done so far.... 3 more to go... and the door panels... so much for that quick easy curbside. :D

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Fantastic work on an interesting project. This Riviera can be turned into a super cool Custom and it might not even need body mods for that! Excellent color on the body and very good looking paint job as well. That interior makes me tempted to just jump in for a ride!

Here's a little inspiration for you - a Finnish Buick Riviera Custom:



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