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Ollie's strike again

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Fort Wayne store now has all of the Monogram kits I’ve seen shown on here.  But almost all of the AMT stuff is gone.  Just a few of the smaller scale stuff left.  I’m hoping they get more in stock.  There are still a couple from this latest round I would consider picking up.

 I Finally got my ‘69 Camaro!  (As if I needed another one…😂)

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4 minutes ago, BlackSheep214 said:

Badman and the '55 Chev were the only ones Monogram did.


The original Monogram 1955 was a 3 in 1 kit. Stock, custom and convertible.  That tooling was cut up for the Badman kit. My buddy found an original kit to make a 1/24 55 drag car!! 

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On 12/8/2023 at 10:50 AM, deuces wild said:

Whatever happened to the $7.99 prices???... So far, the only kit I'm interested in is the Mustang droptop kit...

Last time I saw $7.99 was when they were dumping the stock after Walmart stopped carrying Model kits on a regular basis.  Those kits were pre-Round 2 AMT and MPC...

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