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1970 Rare Green Charger


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Just completed this FJ6 Charger a few weeks ago. I've been waiting on the white side stripes for a month to no avail ...
So I decided to post it anyway ... I added a 440 instead of the kits Hemi engine and the rare M51 power sunroof.(Only
a 112 were built with this option.)

Door locks, radio antenna, and a window sticker were a few items that I added as well.
I also added a close but not perfect M91 Luggage rack...another not to often seen option.
It sports a V1W white vinyl roof which was supposed to bring out the side stripes ... :-)
The deck lid was cut out and a few minor details were added...
The front grill has the black surround added as well, by making a template then cutting it
out of black electrical tape.


pic 2.jpg

pic 3.jpg

pic 4.jpg

pic 5.jpg

pic 6.jpg

pic 8.jpg

pic 7.jpg

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Really great looking work. A note on electrical tape - If it was stretched at all, it will try to return to it's original shape. That's why it's so good when wrapped around something. It tightens. But on a flat surface, not so much. The adhesive isn't good enough to hold it on a flat surface.

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