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1970 Dodge Challenger Deputy 225ci slant six

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Finish my 1970 Dodge Challenger Deputy with 225ci. slant six.

Base was the old AMT Challenger "Vinishing Point" .

Glue the roof on it, Fill the Hole in the Shaker Hood for an Standart base Hood.

Hubcaps are 3D designt and 3D Printed.

Engine is from Lindbergs 1964 Dodge 330.

Hope you like it.















1970 Dodge Callenger 16.JPG

1970 Dodge Callenger 17.JPG

1970 Dodge Callenger 18.JPG


1970 Dodge Callenger 15.JPG

1970 Dodge Callenger 14.JPG

1970 Dodge Callenger 13.JPG

1970 Dodge Callenger 12.JPG



Edited by Michael Kröger
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Beautifully done!  The conversion work to the hood is flawless, and the work you did to make the hardtop convincing on this kit which was meant to be a convertible goes without saying.

I almost bought one with a slant six and three on the tree as a teen.  It was the only one I have ever seen equipped that way.

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The low priced Challenger Deputy (Option Code A93) was a mid-year introduction (March 1970) and continued until the end of 1971 model production.

This version of the Challenger was unique in several ways.

The car was similar to the base Challenger hardtop with the following exceptions ;

  • The rear quarter windows were fixed in place by leaving out the regulator and bolting the track.
  • The rear window winder was deleted and the hole plugged with a chrome button.
  • The standard engine was the 198 6 cyl. with the 225, 318 and 383 (2v and 4v) optional.
  • The seats were the cheaper standard Plymouth Barracuda seats in black or white only.
  • The steering wheel is coachman grain like the Barracuda.
  • Things like dual horns, cigar lighter and night/day rear mirror were optional.
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Outstanding 'JH21C0' , Herr Kröger !  One of the teachers at the high school I went to had a blue 1970 Challenger coupe ; it was a Western Sport Special

By the way ; I have a set of your outstanding 'W11' Deluxe Wheel Covers waiting for the perfect candidate .

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