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Luc Janssens

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Q4 2019 and Q1 2020 automotive releases by Revell (Germany)

source: IPMS Germany:  http://ipmsdeutschland.de/FirstLook/Hersteller_News/Revell_News_2020_I.html





Best.Nr. Beschreibung Maßstab Monat Bemerkung
07646 '78 Corvette (C3) Indy Pace Car 24 02/20 Reintro
07619 30th Anniversary "Fall of the Berlin Wall" 24 09/19 Reintro Geschenkset limited edition
07653 Citroen 2 CV "Cocorico" 24 02/20 Reintro
07655 Mercedes-Benz 1017 LF 16 24 01/20 Reintro limited
207643 VW New Beetle 24 03/20 Reintro
07025 1969 Ford Mustang Boss 302 25 08/19 Reintro
07652 2013 Ford Mustang Boss 302 25 04/20 Reintro
07648 Camaro Concept Car (2006) 25 03/20 Reintro
05685 Schaufelradbagger 289 Gift Set 200 03/20 Reintro limited
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These are the German releases, they will likely have a different group of items announced for release here.  The '69 Mustang has been available here for a while now.  The German release will be in a different box, maybe with different decals, probably available here at a slightly higher price.

The German releases bear watching in that they might give some insight into German preferences in American cars.  New tooling in the future might be a bit different when it comes to subject matter, and that could be a good thing depending on your likes and dislikes.

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28 minutes ago, Plowboy said:

I don't remember Revell making the '06 Concept Camaro. I remember and have the one from AMT. Not saying they didn't. Just don't remember one from them.

Roger, I had to look it up because I couldnt remember either, its this one.




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It's sad the only thing on that list that even interests me in the slightest isn't even a car, it's the bucket wheel excavator that has not only been one of my Holy Grail kits but just last weekend has hit my shelf thanks to a friend that wants me to build it for them! I'm just curious now to see what the price is going to be on it and if I may get one for myself as well or not, since the one I have now is the best of both worlds since not only do I get to build one of my grail kits, my friend is having me build it as a commision build so I get paid for building a kit I've always wanted but just could never pull the trigger on!  

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RevellAG has always done these 4Q/1Q handful of reissue type of announcements. The actual 2020 kits are announced New Years Day, but this gives them some models to release early in the year, since the 1/1/2020 announcements that involve new or significantly modified tooling are always 2nd Half of the year items.

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I wonder if Round 2 or even Moebius could buy the automotive tooling bank from Revell?  Almost going out of business in the U.S. market and then regrouping in Germany was a scary thing.  I'd hate to see them go the way of Johan with their molds being divested never to be seen again.   

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On 11/16/2019 at 6:47 PM, martinfan5 said:

Yep, same kit, different boxing


Remember that this one was the famous  "Make It - Take It" program car.  They gave a ton of these to Michael's stores.  A member of our club found them as bag kits on the store shelf for super cheap and bought them.  So they became  a club project.  

Pretty promo-like. Nicely molded, I enjoyed building it with my own retro twist.




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You guys do realize this is the Revell GERMANY announcement? Revell USA is a separate entity both owned by the same company (Blitz). So, just because there's not a lot of US market stuff on the list I wouldn't be too concerned just yet.

Actually, 4 out of the 9 announced items are US subjects, pretty good representation of US domestic auto kits intended for the European market. 

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1 minute ago, DukeE said:

Like a 720, and a Koenigsegg. Or the vastly overdone 991/992, GT3/RS/TT/whatever. ?. Pininfarina Bautista, Rimac, Taycan, Senna....

Those would be interesting,  Current Porsches would be nice--the only kit out there is the Panamera.  I'd like to see more down to earth stuff like current Audis, BMWs, Mercs....

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