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Ken MIles GT40


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I received this Fujimi 1/24 kit from a friend in the UK, randomly chosen by him. It arrived the day before I saw the 'Ford vs. Ferrari' film so I had to build it immediately. It depicts the Ford GT40 driven by the 'true' winner Ken Miles, and is painted with Ammo Mig light blue through my airbrush. One of the decals for the orange area around the headlights didn't co-operate so I ended up spraying these with Tamiya Orange. 20191208_142157.thumb.jpg.c424b6b450e2e49c1603bc23fdb04ddf.jpg20191210_102748.thumb.jpg.68b80c642535e996351eac209f2418ff.jpg20191210_102819.thumb.jpg.811a403be183dbce682622d1265a21b1.jpg20191210_102829.thumb.jpg.f22cffaa76d755df2d0ac0f330beb607.jpg

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Nice work on the GT-40. If you weren't around in 66 you have no idea what a big deal Ford winning Leman's was.  There were only 3 sports cars of any importance then in most of America. The Corvette because it was American made, the Cobra, the legend was beginning to grow and so was the price and Ferrari ,  because it was a Ferrari. They made some beautiful cars. It seemed for the first time the general public, not just the sports car fan, was interested in GT racing. The way Ford won, dominating a race most of America had only heard about, proved America could do almost anything. Again nice work on the Ken Miles Ford GT.

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