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Revell/Monogram Jaguar XK120


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Hi all,

Here’s my latest build - Revell/Monogram Jaguar XK120 build. My build concept was to simulate restored stock version and I picked Suede green for inside & out.

Here’s my build process:
- Scribed panel lines and wet sanded with 400 > 600 > 800 > 1000 grits
- Added grey surfacer and wet sanded with 1500 grit
- Mixed Mr color’s white, green, blue and black until I got the right tone
- Applied 2 base colour coat > added super clear III > wet sanded with 2000 grit > added 2 other layers of super clear III > cured the paint for a month
- Wet sanded the paint with 3000 grit > 6000 grit and polished with tamiya 3 strage compounds
- Painted tires with flat clear and added weathering effect with pastel
- Painted wheel cap with body color and carefully scratched off the paint from wheel cap
- Painted two-tone interior with Mr color’s Ijin green and body colour
- Trimmed windscreen frame thinner, de-chromed it and painted with Alclad
- Made a pair of wipers from spare parts
- Applied various size rivets across the body

Considering this is a re-release of old Monogram metal kit from 70s, the fit and finish was great and I was able to assemble with minimal modification. As with most Monogram kits the textures are amazing, and this kit actually had good looking tires that just needed a different finish.

Next up in my build is another Monogram kit - stay tuned!


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Stunning build of the old Monogram kit. The paint work is lovely, accentuating those such gorgeous body lines. such a beautiful, cleanly built model. Excellent work.

I have one of these on the bench as a stalled project that I hope to get back to this year. It is a surprisingly good kit, with the exception of the bonnet fit, which on mine was terrible. I got so tired of trying to make it fit, that I eventually glued it shut, and will display the engine alongside on a stand. The overall effect of your build, and the way the paint shows of the sexy lines, is what I am shooting for. If it turns out half as good as yours, I'll be happy.

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