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After leaving art school in 1980 were they taught us to "paint what you know", I desperately wanted to be the next Michael Turner. I gave it the best I could but not being able to pay the bills I had to walk away. Everything you've ever heard about "poor starving artist" is true and then some.

Perhaps now being retired, I could look at the automotive art world in a different light. I think I enjoy building model race cars more than doing paintings of them.

Most are done for ads and posters that I also designed. Some are commissions. I was racing my own Formula Ford at the time on a shoe string budget and would often barter artwork for race entry fees and hotel stays. I was broke but I raced....

P1010034.jpg.       (edited)_P1010087_zps7z45nscd.png

P1010035.jpg.      (edited)_.png

P1010037.jpg phonepics13111001.jpg phonepics13111002.jpg phonepics13111003.jpg phonepics13111004.jpgphonepics13111006.jpg phonepics13111007.jpg phonepics13111008.jpg phonepics13111009.jpg phonepics13111010.jpg phonepics13111011.jpg phonepics13111012.jpg phonepics13111013.jpg phonepics13111014.jpg phonepics13111015.jpg phonepics13111016.jpg phonepics13111018.jpg phonepics13111019.jpg phonepics13111020.jpg scan0001_zpsc77da6bc.jpg

Seeing these again brings back so many memories. Thanks for looking......



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