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wow, dave. guess i gotta come to this thread more often. i love what you have done to your R34. awesome chassis details and those are by far some of the best license plates i have seen.

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This topic kind of reminds me of the now-departed "lazy barn door garage" thread, which rambled around crazily and made it impossible to find any particular subject matter. If it was just about Jared's builds, I could deal with it. Just sayin'. But I guess it's like a box of chocolates.

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got some work done on my R34 Skyline project, doesn't seem like much but this took all day B)





That Interior color fits the color of the Car....yes that really caught my attention...very Nice..

Cheers Don aka XJ6 B)

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nice camo paint work on the ford there harold! :lol: ...even though im not fond of the blue oval..... :blink::lol:

Neither am I. That's why the only ford parts left are cab, interior, and chassis.

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Thanks! I used a pin vise drill to open up a small hole in between and then a jewelers file to open it up more. I need a slightly smaller file to get it perfect. Need to also figure out a way to get all the fuzzies cleaned up from the file.

A good way to get rid of the "fuzzies" is to brush some thin liquid cement on the edges of the part. The edges will smooth right out.


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Here's mine with mostly supplies and small parts from my Silverado Plow Truck and '72 Heavy Chevy builds. The plow truck was finished but ended up getting dropped and badly damaged. The bodywork and paint quit fighting me and it's well on its way to finished.

My vantage point from the chair.


Angle shot of it with the overflow shelf at about shoulder height to my right as I sit at it.


My photo box doubling as an overflow for painted bodies. The truck topper just got another coat of Future. Just waiting for the Future to set up better before handling. The Heavy Chevy body and hood are ready for final sanding before paint.


The photo box from my vantage point as I sit at the table.


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On my bench tonight is my Cuda, same ol' same ol' and a friend of mines 440 that were putting together for the Lil' Red Truck I got him, it's his first build and I think I'm just as excited to be a part of it as he is. Yes the Carb is green, that was a fudge up by us, it'll be changed.





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I am still working on revells 2010 camaro, (trying to strip the paint), going to start on a R35 Vspec tonight I think, just finished up my eleanor 2 stang , plus working on a lot of NASCAR builds. Will post some pics soon



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