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  2. Autoquiz 357 - FINISHED

    I thought back to an ugly car I was not able to find a few years back, remembering it was from Israel, so I searched from there. The funny thing was that the other car was a different model from the same company.
  3. 66-68 Shelby’s

    they look great, now a 65 and 69 for book ends
  4. Ferrari Enzo

    nice work and awesome detail !
  5. The dove as a symbol of "peace", or on the menu?

    Tastes just like chicken! Steve
  6. resin builds

    Nice collection of models.
  7. The dove as a symbol of "peace", or on the menu?

    Thanks for the chuckle Bill.
  8. This is one i have had in and out of the box for a few false starts. With the Xmas holidays i thought lets have a crack at it. I always liked these kits and it was a shame they were done as a snap kit, i think if they had of been a glue kit there would have been more traction and maybe we would of had more than the two Lola's? So this is where i go to last time, sanded the seamlines and painting went well till i had done the black and noticed my white had a small mark in it, i sanded this down and then thought to help the declas i will just shoot a little TS13 onto the body, well i then ended up with the lovely melted paint finish, and this was with a dust coat. Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki So then a bath in the 99% alcohol and prime again and this is what i am back to. Hosted on Fotki Paint went on nicely this time.. Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki I have had a chance to finally finish up the decals and now i am working on the suspension arms and engine.
  9. Honda CRX Drag Racer

    Tamiya Ballade Sports Mugen. Body painted in Tamiya Metallic Blue and Tamiya Clear. Modifications include: Custom made deep dish rear wheels modified from 65 Vette Street Machine Kit, muffler from a Ferrari kit, scratch built exhaust, rear and back windows tinted, Japanese number plates, custom intercooler and drag tires on the front from another build. Constructive criticism welcome.
  10. Ferrari Enzo

  11. So while working on the Mansell build Michael from Indycals comes up with this new sheet, i look at it and think YES... Then i think hey one Lola two Lola's cannot be too hard and at the speed i build hey two models done....Nice. I look around and dig out another Duracell Lola and get to work on it. Then i read Michael's post again and see that the car ran with the roadcourse sidepods, luckily for me i have one laying around so i semi start it again. And this is where i am now, just waiting for the sheet to arrive... Hosted on Fotki Hosted on Fotki
  12. 1958 Imperial Southampton

    Looks great!
  13. 1969 Plymouth Barracuda

    Looks great!
  14. resin builds

    I love different, all are very nice. If they were real life that metropolitan would be a real treat to hold on the road. lol
  15. 1958 Plymouth Belvedere

    looks bad A, nice job
  16. 1977 Mustang II

    awesome, looks great nice job
  17. 66-68 Shelby’s

    Very nice!
  18. The dove as a symbol of "peace", or on the menu?

    ANNOUNCING TWO NEW "Country Classic" FLAVORS FROM CAMPBELL'S...Squirrel Noodle and Bunny Noodle soups. M'm! M'm! GOOD.
  19. Woody

    Don’t post much, but have been busy building.Here’s the Woody I’m working on. Custom baby blue paint I mixed up and cleared with duplicolor paint shop clear
  20. 66-68 Shelby’s

    great looking Mustangs, very nice builds
  21. Today
  22. Sacrilege or really cool? Hmmmmm...

    Singer gets it, and they got it right...
  23. Cobra Racing Team project

    Nice work Ray. Like the blue you've chosen.
  24. I agree there's a LOT of useful information on the web, but to determine what's good and what's crapp usually takes significant prior knowledge of the subject, or something very closely related. The dwerb in the above video makes statements that tell me he's a know-nothing wannabe, maybe owned one, so thinks he's an expert. He's not.
  25. Mold box

    Thanks all. Much appreciated.
  26. Estes Garage

    I know for sure that the Testors Garage was the Fujimi re-boxed. Wasn't Estes once part of Testors?
  27. Sacrilege or really cool? Hmmmmm...

    i totally agree. When something turns one of these: into something like this: That's vandalism, pure and simple.
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