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  2. 32 Ford's

    I missed this thread the first time around and being the promoter for Deuce Days in Scale which will hopefully take place again in Victoria BC Canada in July 2019 I am posting my Deuce builds in somewhat chronological order
  3. Old 69 Yenko Build Up Cut Up

    I was gonna say the same. Very cool
  4. The dove as a symbol of "peace"

    Sparrows, pigeons and robins around here can be regularly seen chowing down on discarded Chinese takeout fried chicken and/or wings. Must bring back fond memories of when they used to be T-Rexes prior to downsizing.
  5. The dove as a symbol of "peace"

    Interesting. We must just have a particularly mean strain of doves here. Speaking of acorns...I've noticed something new (at least I hadn't noticed it before) with robins. There will often be very large flocks on the streets under oak trees, eating the acorn innards that have been crushed by passing cars. The bluejays like the cat food I put out for the feral ones that live under the house (as do the possums and raccoons). The squirrels aren't getting into the bird feeders this year, but I've gone to some effort to make them rodent-deterrent. We have a now year-round flock of Canadas (two breeding families) a couple blocks away in an office park that has two lakes, and they do make a mess. I keep thinking one might make a nice Christmas dinner. There's one solitary blue heron over there too.
  6. These are found in the Fujimi (and presumably the reboxed Revell) Ford GT40 kits. Sorry, not a great pic, but maybe someone has something better: A few more shots of the wheels found in the Revell '31 Ford Model A Sedan kit. These have some seriously "frosty" chrome plating, but I think they are from an early issue and don't seem to have a crispness later issued wheels don't:
  7. That is awesome, nice work never seen one complete.
  8. 2019 Ram

    They got caught too and had to stop that practice. Also why we lost the Ranger, they moved production overseas and it became subject to the tax, making it unprofitable. As the Big 3 move more light truck production out of the country, and the tax is being enforced on them they have been more interested in a repeal. Light commercial vehicles were thrown in by Johnson as a bribe to the auto unions not to strike in the run up to election. It is the only element that remains of the chicken tax the other industries impacted by it have long sense been excluded. It has cost us as consumers some very interesting and useful vehicles over the years. I for one would be happy to see it go.
  9. Old 69 Yenko Build Up Cut Up

    This looks real nice, hope mine turns out half as good.
  10. You nailed it with the weathering.
  11. The dove as a symbol of "peace"

    Like you I also feed the birds on a regular bases. The Doves in my neighborhood seem to get along with everyone. The only trouble makers I seem to notice are the Black Birds and the Crows that pass thru the area at times. Even the Blue Jays are playing nice this winter. My biggest problem is the lazy Squirrels that jump on the feeders instead of looking for the nuts they have been burying all last fall. I have a tree that provides so many acorns that it is hard to walk under and this @&%$# rodent is climbing the feeder. It seems as though no amount of BB strikes seem to deter them. The biggest menace seems to be the infestation of Canadian Geese that camp out all winter. They defile the sidewalk by our pond and if allowed onto the lawn they eat the grass to the bare ground.
  12. 1958 Imperial Southampton

    Outstanding workmanship on this restoration.
  13. What about using something like HOK ice pearls which sparkle in the light, looks like scale metalflake.
  14. Stupid Is the New Smart

  15. 2019 Ram

    Weird...I thought it was in my lifetime. Anyway, it looks like the Japanese found ways around it through the 80s-90s. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chicken_tax
  16. 2019 Ram

    Nope. 1963.
  17. 2019 Ram

    Those double cab VWs are neat...one of my neighbors in Phoenix had a couple.
  18. I've had the 5-slot wheels on multiple occasions, but had no idea which kit they were originally included with. The original issue of the '49 Ford appears to have been molded in white, creme, light blue, and grey plastic, and I know for sure I've had the light blue wheels before. Does anyone have a pic of these wheels in either white or creme-colored plastic? The below wheels are grey, but a bit washed out due to overexposure: Also, why are there no lug nuts on these wheels? You could get away with that up front allowing for a spindle mount, but the center cap on these appears neither large enough in diameter, nor tall enough, to "cover" any lug nuts which should be present.
  19. 2019 Ram

    And why my '62 VW double-cab pickup (selling it in '91 was one of the stupidest things I ever did) just snuck in under the wire in '63.
  20. 1958 Imperial Southampton

    That's beautiful! Thanks for sharing.
  21. Tamiya Ferrari F189

    Thats great thanks guys I really appreciate the feedback
  22. Stupid Is the New Smart

    He didn't get the answer correctly and I think they still gave him a trophy so he could feel good about himself.
  23. new for 2018

    Thank you, this information is what I needed, I'll be getting the GTO also.
  24. new for 2018

    That was the MPC '67 GTO that had issues...had the '70 GTO seats in the previous couple reissues.
  25. Today
  26. Pay It Forward-Round 2-Let's have FUN!

    If that Barracuda is still there tomorrow I will claim it , Id claim it now but just claimed a mustang last Saturday !
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