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  2. 27 mack stake body

    Neat idea! Don't know if those drive chains will take the abuse of that motor!
  3. Wrangler Porsche 934 .

    That really is a beautiful. Do you have any pics of the engine in it?
  4. 1/25 scale tie downs

    Aber makes PE weld lines (Aber R-05) which can be used to simulate tie down straps.
  5. S13 Silvia and Pignose 240SX

    I think it will be for a good reason that I had to strip it. I think I will build a better hood, some aero mirrors, and a better wing. Plus the paint just wasn't very shiny.
  6. AMT Trojan Horse funny car completed

    I agree with your comments about this kit. I bought it a few years ago thinking it would be a nice kit. You did a good job with a difficult kit. I used the chassis and made an altered.
  7. Welcome Tim, and I think you'll find building scale model motor cars more interesting than building aircraft, ships or military stuff, although to be fair ... each to their own in this free world. David
  8. The Twister Vega

    I think the color turned out good. Nice job. As for the Bruce Larson re-issue, I'm still waiting too, but heard they now decided not to do it.
  9. 1/25 scale tie downs

    Instead of thin sheet plastic, consider cutting up an empty aluminum beverage can. Use scissors or an Xacto knife. Be careful though; the cut edges can be sharp and may need some sanding. Also, do not use your wife's sewing scissors to cut the can, unless you enjoy sleeping on the couch.
  10. Freightliner COE Questions

    the blue button was actually a brake release it supplied enough air to release your maxis to roll a short distance if you could not build air to full pressure
  11. The dove as a symbol of "peace", or on the menu?

    I said the same thing about barbequed armadillo. Using apricot marmalade and hot sauce to baste it brings out the flavor. I ate fried monkey when I was in Fort Sherman participating in JOTC training back in 1980. I guess that could be considered as cannibalism in some jurisdictions.
  12. 1/25 scale tie downs

    Thanks Hugh, those would be perfect. I am afraid I would not be able to assemble them right. Looks like I will be making some the best I can with masking tape and some thin sheet plastic for latches.
  13. The dove as a symbol of "peace", or on the menu?

    Thanks Joe, that was my good laugh for the day
  14. S13 Silvia and Pignose 240SX

    How unfortunate with the paint. I had been waiting for work to resume on your build for quite some time, can't wait to see the finished model.
  15. Today
  16. Cobra Racing Team project

    Thank you very much guys.
  17. Do it have a solid rear axle as jeeps and trucks do have or does it have independent suspension? If it is a solid axle check the trackbar that goes from the frame down to the axle. If the bushings in the trackbar is bad the axle can move frome side to side by itself and it will vibrate like crazy. You can use a crowbar or large screwdriver to check for any play if yu can get it behind the trackbar and its mount on the body and axle. Also check the controlarms if there is any play in them, they can also cause a vibration if they bushings are worn out. You can check them the same way you check the trackbar If they have never been touched since 02 then they probably will be worn out by now.
  18. The dove as a symbol of "peace", or on the menu?

    That's covered under WITSEC. Anybody remember Prince's hit "When Doves Fry"?
  19. 1/25 Revell Baja Bronco

    Yeah, I think they’re supposed to be XT Commandos? Also interesting on the front flares - the “Stroppe” Baja I believe only had rear flares. I like the new wheels - maybe - if they are correct size. They look deeper than the first set. Cool model though.
  20. resin builds

    Every single one is cool as can be-bravo !!!
  21. I really dig this. Nice work 👍
  22. Some kits for trade

    Hey Nick-tried to send you a PM, but you’re inbox must be full. Is the Mustang Boss still available?
  23. feb. 17th show

    Just had to look a little further down the page. MID CAROLINA MODEL CAR SWAP MEET SALISBURY NC 2/17/2018 Great guys put on a great sale.
  24. 1958 Plymouth Belvedere

    Thanks Cliff and David.
  25. Decals for the MPC Wedge Dragster

    Thanks for the info. I will see if she can help.
  26. Honda CRX Drag Racer

    The CRX looks great-I like it. reminds me of the early ‘90’s import drag craze. The only criticism I have is the front wheels. Honda’s generally have a positive wheel offset due to being a FWD layout. A negative offset wheel on the 1:1 would push the wheels out of the fenders. Also, fitting a drag wheel this width and diameter would require the wheel wells to be cut/modified. Oh, and the Honda EF platform was never available in a 5-lug bolt pattern. again, I mean this to be constructive feedback, not negative criticism. keep up the good work!
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