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  2. Tamiya Ferrari F189

    Great job on this, one of the cleanest F1 designs. Would love to see this with its clothes on as well. Jason, this is an excellent kit, I just finished it a few months ago. It was also my first 1/20 F1. (I think this car is occasionally referred to as a Ferrari 640). Beware the rear suspension, quite delicate but looks accurate. Mark has obviously put in a tremendous amount of time with the superdetailing, but this Tamiya kit builds up very nicely box-stock as well.
  3. AMC Matador - dad's build

    That's not a model, it's a family artifact. FYI- The latest reissue of the NASCAR Coke stock car has the stock grille, as well as many of the stock engine parts. That's the one with the model photoshopped onto a race track on the box, the earlier one with the plain grey background does not contain the unused stock parts.
  4. Tim.......very inspiring ......this build is the bomb
  5. Nice hauler

    That is nice
  6. SC/Rambler Nightmare

    Yeah- this kit is garbage. But you wrung a pretty nice model out of it. I had one I had grand plans for- Fred Cady decals, some nice aftermarket red line tires, the works. I ended up starting to make it into a drag car because I realized I'd never be happy with the results.
  8. 1/24 Monogram Trans Am Pontiac

    I just did. They are pretty easy to find! Not counting on the decals still being good - probably have to make a copy, but still. My plan is to build it OOB - ugly/cool/funky as it is...
  9. Topless 300C and Wagon 300C

    Very cool ideas, and look good. The slab sides of black car lend themselves to a convertible. Great work!!
  10. Stupid Is the New Smart

    I don't think I'd hold my breath on Bill trying if he doesn't know the answer to THAT! You just might die instead.
  11. What did you get today?

    Its coming, already filmed , just needs to go into post I am not surprised, mine took a close to two weeks to get here using EMS/USPS
  12. Hey happy new year😡My Jeep battery is dead

    Lol, I know a body guy that refers to many of them as "parts changers", since they change parts based on what a computer tells them. Had one buy a receiver pack and when he discovered the plug to go into the receiver was different (I was either off or on lunch when he bought it, and nobody else on staff that day may have known better), instead of calling my store, explaining the problem and bringing things in to get things straightened out, be butchered the wiring on the battery he bought and on the 4 AA holder the truck came with and put the wires together with wire nuts. Needless to say, nothing worked and he came back mad, and got even more so when I said we couldn't take things back because of how he hacked things up!
  13. 1/24 Revell '78 GMC 4x4 Pickup

    ... and no mention of the "3-on-the-tree" manual trans ? Not necessarily a bad thing --- just doesn't fit with the whole Monster Truck motif . On a good note ; at least the Monogram (now under the Revell banner) kits have clear tail lamps ! Definitely better than solid-red ... ... or moulded-in (MPC , et al.) units for that matter . BTW ; those Revell-origin C/K's are horrible . The most offencive aspect -- and it's not mutually-exclusive to their C/K's -- are the windscreens with the runners' leading-edge blobbing-onto the windscreen's top-edge .
  14. new for 2018

    Oh yeah, sorry! New kits!
  15. New kid on the block ?

    I agree 100%! While I'm not much of a fan of NASCAR in general, I was a fan of stock car racing, back when it was actually "stock car racing". Today the cars are all exact copies of one another. While I don't want to disparage anyone for building modern NASCAR kits, I could never build the exact same kit over & over again with different decals. I doubt that I could maintain interest on one! That being said, I hope this new venture goes well for them. Eventually maybe they'll come to their senses and produce some stock kits! Steve
  16. What do you drive?

    Wow. Original paint! Beautiful car. Amazing.
  17. New kid on the block ?

    Anytime something new is announced, I don't pay much attention to what is said . Everybody said Revell's Mustang was a bad kit, wrong, never sell....etc... and all I know is they fly off the shelves around here.
  18. What did you get today?

    Nice - Looking forward to the Toyota van review... My 240 has been in San Francisco since January 4...?
  19. I think you're right Edward. I'm just glad to have the two that I got. The one is going to stay a long bed and of course this one is a short bed plus a 1/2 ton and not 3/4 ton.
  20. I use a combination of flat Testors enamels and Alclad paints for most of my small parts painting. I mix a lot of my own flat enamels for things like engines & then clear coat them with Testors clear lacquer. For exposed metal parts like transmissions, exhaust, etc, I use several different colors of Alclad lacquer. It looks much more realistic than the bottle paints. For black I generally use Duplicolor black primer straight out of the spray can & then clear coat as needed. For interiors, I generally mix all of my own colors from Testors flat enamels as well. Steve
  21. It wasn't until I looked at fitting the exhaust that I realized that this molding was supposed to be the exhaust pipe' So I painted it steel.
  22. Revell VW Rabbit - Clearly Scale Engine

    Ii I have to tell you, I would have had no interest in a model of this car normally, but your efforts in the extra work are really paying off. Nice results.
  23. New kid on the block ?

    I would hope as someone I'd consider an industry insider, you'd know the story of both AM I & II. But I detailed it above if not.
  24. New kid on the block ?

    Having done work for both Accurate Miniatures I and AM II , doing everything from building sample kits, test shots and even packaging kits....I have a perspective few have. Both versions were filled with talented dedicated folks. Both companies failed because of perfect storms. AM I I will not detail to much.....I was an freelance worker and was outside looking in. AM II I can detail some as my family was deeply involved. AM II had some great plans. Unfortunately salezs did not support the planned tooling. Left with the GS Vette and some plane kits.....cash was an issue. But that alone did not do them in. My brother-in-law was art director and was a big part of kit design and development assisting Bob Johnson, expert kit designer. My brother-in-law passed away quickly and very unexpectedly. He went from working one day to passing 3 days later. Thom's passing did not shut AM II....but almost all the folks at AM II had major life altering events within a month. All this combined caused the end of AM II. It was just fate. This new JR model co is in for a very tough road. I do not know anyone involved.....but having done work for Moebius in the early years I have seen how difficult it is......and how costly. I hope I am wrong but if they just set the CAD to the tooling maker this week (per their FB page) I do not see a kit before Fall '18 if all goes well. I WANT that Olds.......I make a number of decals ready for it.....but I'll take a wait and see.....thx
  25. Best Masking Tape to use.

    Everything he said! Steve
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