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  2. Lindberg 64 Dodge kit. (blue car with dog dishes pictured) MPC 1969 Firebird/Trans Am kit.
  3. Thanks.. I used the #1 needle that was in it by default from the factory. Haven't changed a thing on it yet. I was shooting clear through it.
  4. Scott, interested in the Nomad, Lincoln and Mustang. Were you able to get hold of the 63 Bonnie? Pm me.
  5. Sweeeeeeet!....... ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘
  6. You need to look at the assembly of each specific kit. You need to make sure that there arenโ€™t steps in between that wouldnโ€™t be able to be done. For instance with the chassis and cage assembled can you still assemble the interior? Or will the seat not fit between the cage bars? I once assembled a chassis and found the engine and headers needed to be in place before a top rail was installed.
  7. 4 confrontations with people in the local supermarket who don't seem to quite get what a 2 metre exclusion zone means. Or as one said 'I've got to get my shopping!' So let's be clear, we all have to stay at least 2 metres apart - unless we're doing our shopping! Brilliant. That'll keep the virus at bay.
  8. The baby moons from the Deora kit... I once had a bunch of Deora kits I bought for the slant 6 engines.. but procrastination is my friend! Polar Lights came out with the 64 Dodge and Plymouth with the best slant ever in a kit. So I sold off the sealed Deoras.
  9. People are idiots. There was a guy who sold an item in a mint box and plastered the mailing label on it. Or the guy who sold me a 1962 Chrysler convertible built up and slammed it into a bubble mailer, assuring the windshield would get broke.
  10. I got this exact same kit a few months back. I also got some aftermarket decals to do the RC Cola version of this car.
  11. I use Tamiya primer on all my builds and it's an amazing product including their paints and over coats so no problem in sight! Good start so far Pat, but I just wondering to know if you have an engine to put under the hood... lol.
  12. Well hey we each have our favorite "things", maybe the VL is going to be one of yours. Good news, glad it went well for you! Which needle did you use ?
  13. Now the wheels make sense. Makes the 356 look attractive!
  14. So you got a Tiger 1? Just watch out for Oddball.
  15. Yea! Both you and I both get it. It seems like common sense to me. The vendor has indicated he's planning on refunding my money.
  16. I'm okay with MPC keeping the '73 Mustang kit just the way it is in it's latest release, as a '73 Mustang. What I don't like is them doing trying to pass that kit off was a '71 or '72 with just a different grille insert.
  17. Folding the card is a big no no. I'm surprised he did not know better.
  18. Just got this off Ebay for so cheap, I almost feel guilty. I really like these Matchbox kits, even though I haven't built one, yet. I just picked up the Surtees, recently, as well.
  19. I hate to beat a dead horse. But, here are the box art for the original MPC and AMT annuals, and the later MPC/AMT Bos 351s. Again, you can see on the box art how the '73 Mustangs changed in appearance in more than just the front bumper and the grille. The headlamp bezels were also changed. Which I really disliked.
  20. Welcome to the forum Nigel, you seem to have a very nice working space with a lot of potential projects in front of you! Nice little collection of 1:1 cars too by the way!
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