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  1. I'm very sorry for your loss. It's a blessing you had her for so long doubly so that you were able to visit recently.
  2. What everybody else said. Beautiful job.
  3. Great job restoring that. And I'm sure it has much more meaning to you than just the restoration.
  4. Definitely not the only one. I had an '85 Chevy S10 extended cab and it seemed to be the perfect size. Had plenty of room inside and I could haul anything I needed. It was a manual with a 2.8 V6. Don ps. I used it for it's intended purpose, a truck, not the family limo.
  5. Great loss. My wife and I still watch the old Carol Burnette show and he was hilarious.
  6. Guess I'm lucky. I'm seeing an ad for Barber Motorsports Historic Races May 18 & 19.
  7. I'm enjoying this. We had a 1995 M Edition. Beautiful car in Merlot Mica, tan interior, and BBS Wheels. It was a ball to drive. I'm afraid my wife had a close encounter with a tree and it was totaled. Luckily she was not seriously hurt but felt terrible because it was basically her car and she let me drive it occasionally.
  8. That's going to be a great addition and very appropriate.
  9. I saw one of these on display at Steamtown in Scranton PA. You don't realize how big they are until you're standing right next to them.
  10. I'll add one Scott. Why do cows have bells? Because their horns don't work.
  11. Actually it's a C6 and not quite as cheap to buy. It can be undone and probably will be.
  12. Austin. Like somebody else said, you don't seem them very often. Plus your friend will appreciate seeing it done.
  13. I enjoy your builds but being a Raymond Chandler fan I enjoy your stories just as much. Thanks for including them. Don
  14. Right now I wish I hadn't read oldturckers post. That was just cruelty for sake of cruelty and he should reported.
  15. I like it. A friend in high school had one.
  16. Watched "Gran Prix" on TCM channel yesterday. Movie was great but the best part was my wife, who is not a car or racing fan, watched the whole 3 hours with me. Maybe it was James Garner, I'm not sure.
  17. That came out great. I've got to get this kit. I have an '03 that i would like to do as a model and this would work.
  18. Great build and it's hard to beat a red T-bird.
  19. I like the way it turned out. Good job
  20. Some get moved and some don't. Just glad we can track them down. You do great work!
  21. bamadon

    40 Ford Custom

    Very smooth, right out of the 50's
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