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  1. Thanks everyone
  2. Been wanting one for awhile. Finally found one at a good price. It's a nice kit. I was surprised at the detail. My problem was some parts being molded in black. The grill is also molded out of rubber mesh.........That you have to cut to fit. That wasn't fun. There's also no opening hood. It would have been nice to see an engine. Over all though, it's a very nice kit that I would recommend.
  3. Been a little stormy here on the weekends so I haven't had much time to get out and take pictures. From the new kit. It's not bad, wish there was a bit more detail to the kit. Maybe a few more decals for the emblems. Still, looks good.
  4. Yeah, the shakers never sit right on any model. Looks good.
  5. Not a stock color, but the yellow paint didn't want to stick to the hood. Had trouble finding a stripe for the rear as well. Wanted a black stripe, but had to settle for the white. Went with the day two look. Hood. scoops, and tail lights are from Hart's Parts. The pics came out alright, but it's been storming here lately, so there wasn't much sun.
  6. Looks good. I wanted to start mine this weekend, but couldn't get to it.
  7. Looks amazing; some of your best work.
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