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  1. Happened upon a group of dutch volvo enthusiasts today. 2 amazons, a 18oos and a couple of 80s 240 wagons. I think one of the amazons might have been played with under the hood, its sounded strong
  2. If you cant find the model master, tamiya have one called rubber black thats good
  3. stitchdup

    1966 Bug

    Nice colour choices. You might be in for a small problem though with the rear firewall. There shouldn't be gap between the two pieces as it is the mount for the hood to the body and is very likelly to stop the body sitting down correctly, If you haven't glued it too solid you might be able to get it in line with a small amount of force and not damage your paint. I would hate to see such a small piece hold back your model when it looks so nice
  4. Usually its just the steering part that links the wheels that dont get glued, i would expect everything else to be glued as the suspension itself doesn't look like it moves. It could be worth looking at other builds of the same kit to see how they did it. If its an older tamiya kit sometimes they had postcard size sheets included to amend steps in the instructions so there is the chance it may be missing
  5. Could you take a pic of the vw set please. It sure looks lie it would be useful to me
  6. Since a splitter tends to be thin I'd try food containers. I'd make a template of where it will mount to the body then shape the rest of the spltter to suit your taste. If you want to add braces i would drill holes to fit pins in the splitter and body. For non flat splitters I would make the splitter in layers
  7. Its a spoiler under the front of a car to aid downforce in a race car, and fitted to a lot of pro touring type cars and tuners
  8. save it on your computer as a jpeg file (to be sure its a supported format) then just upload it the same way as a pic
  9. I'm pretty sure i have a set of them in my stash, no ides what kit they are from but the wheel fronts have a mount that goes through the wheel back for the wire axle to go into. I think they are late60s or early 70s wheels as all the others in the lot were that age
  10. If you have a fly fishing store close by, they might have some of the braided line for tying flies. It looks a lot like metal wire. You can also roll a file sideways on ordinary clear line and it then looks like wire if you press down hard enough
  11. I'd cut it roughly close to shape, then take a tube of the required diameter and cover it in p80-120 sandpaper and use that to get the final shape. Remember to mark out the final shape beforehand and it should go pretty quickly
  12. Very cool, I'd never thought to paint an nsx gold but it suits it really well
  13. I was meaning from the start of season 2 of americas list. Look at the front bumper of the car in the interview background again, ziptie has a cut out centre for the pro charger while the one in the background doesn't have the cut out. Could they have ziptie lookalike for doing car shows maybe so they can still race those days?
  14. The rear suspension from some of the tamiya gt race cars might be a decent starting point for the suspension arms, and some springs outta some biros would be about the right size, then a little scratching with tube to make the shocks and you'd be pretty well on the way. Here's some shocks i started a while back for an f350 but the idea would be similar
  15. its a 70s auto paint i think but im not sure on american terms. I only know cos i tried to use it over acrylic and didn't understand why it crazed all over. I wouldn't bother with their acrylics, most seem to be full of sand in my experience
  16. The humbrol clear red is a celulose paint, not an enamel like the other paints so I would say no. If you use a magnifier the tiny lines on the humbrol tin are actually the ingredients but why they wrote them in letter you cant see with just your eyes is beyond me.
  17. There are at least 3 issues, the xr3 twice and datapost race car and i think there is also a turbo version or rs1600i
  18. I got mine from a seller in france called arm2017 https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/274753466503
  19. There's a narrow light body available for the tamiya bug, it comes with wheels and tyres but everything else comes from the tamiya kit. Its a 3d print and available from a few printers on the auction site
  20. If you are not in a hurry, la's totally awesome cleaner will remove old paint and not damage the resin. Its takes a couple of months as its fairly mild compared to the others. I've had a resin body sitting in some for nearly a year now and theres no damage to it
  21. precious has been in the nova from the start mate, its been in the backgrounds of the jj interviews for a couple of seasons now.
  22. here's some opels https://www.the-blueprints.com/blueprints/cars/opel/page/3/
  23. Cool build, i wouldn't worry too much about the intake, in the 1/1 world they cut the tubes and reshape them to fit each application and it looks like a couple of pie cuts will soon get it in place
  24. I'd go for the 16" volk six spokes, the others will be far too big for the wheel arches
  25. Its the same where I live. We generate every bit of our power from renewables (180% of our local needs from wind,wave and solar) and my bills have doubled in the last year, and they're going up again in october.
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