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  1. My pleasure, Dan. Your signs look great, as does your whole diorama. Keep us posted! I'm working on my next "S**t Load of Chevys" diorama at Shambles Performance Motors.
  2. Impressive work. Keep us posted. That's one of my all time favorite Chevy body styles. I almost bought a '66 convertible that was in pretty good shape. That was about thirty years ago.
  3. Very nice work. And hought some of MY projects were ambitious
  4. Tons of left over and spare kit parts is what inspired my first Shambles Performance Salvage diorama. Well, that and all the models I'd wrecked.... http://www.shamblesmodels.com/dioramas.html http://www.shamblesmodels.com/wrecked.html
  5. We're never too old to play with our toy cars! Welcome to the forums, Kevin.
  6. That wagon would be collectible today. So would Mom's 63 Dodge wagon that I inherited for my high school years.
  7. I've seen some of those hot ride company's ads. I don't know of any close to me here in central FL, but it sho' sounds like fun. You said the Lambo was "written off" the next day... did someone crash it?
  8. Yeah, it's a pretty tight squeeze for my old fat ass. This Vette was originally sold in Canada so the window sticker is in French! Unusual color combo: Blade Silver/ Kalahai interior. The C6 had a little more leg room but the C7 seats are more comfortable. What's that interesting looking green thing off to the right?
  9. I''m 67 and love all the sitcoms from that era. One of my favorites is the early, B&W Beverly Hillbillies
  10. I drove a semi for almost a year back during the great recession. I needed a job and health insurance, OK? I was amazed at some of the custom rigs I saw at the truck stops.
  11. Wow! Did you 3D print it? I've looked into that, but it might be a little over my head.
  12. Dan, that VW is a bad looking sleeper. Did you lower it? I would have been dangerous in this if I was 30 years younger. Probably the most dangerous car I ever drove was my Mom's 1965 Electra 225 with the Wildcat 455 engine. A gigantic sleeper that I loved to street race. Occasionally, I'd catch a Chevelle Super Sport off the line by surprise, but he'd soon catch up with me. Back then, a lap belt was the ultimate in car safety. I always wore my seat belt. Still do.
  13. Yeah, that's all old 'Whats-his-name' ever does. When Frank's not watching, he moseys into the office, pours himself a cup, then sneaks a shot of Frank's Old Grandad outta the desk drawer. I got the shop from a seller on eBay: https://www.ebay.com/str/desales. He customized it for me, adding the front wall and doors and a roof panel. Great guy to work with.
  14. Getting Shambles Performance Motors shop set up. Frank and Connie are supervising Whats-his-name who's supposed to be unloading stuff for the shop.
  15. Nice job! Excellent detail. I built one of these a long time ago. I've still got a photo, but the nose piece is missing. Monogram was my brand of choice for decades of building.
  16. Simply amazing work. Thanks for sharing. Keep us posted!
  17. Enlarging my diorama, and gonna try a green screen background. That should be an easier to work the PhotoShop magic eraser tool. 67 years old, been doing computer graphics since they were invented, and still learning new stuff every day. I love it!
  18. One thing that model car manufacturers and decal making companies have to consider is the licensing fees that the sponsors charge to use their name. Probably not an issue for someone to make one set, but I doubt you'll find a decal company offering such a specialized sheet. I'm a retired graphic designer and can reproduce just about any graphics to scale, but it can be tedious and very time-consuming. I've made my own decals for a while and just ordered the Decal Maker's Value Package from MicroMark. It has the capability of printing white so I'll be able to make decals for dark colored models.
  19. That's amazing, Bill. I'm curious and would like to try this on a diorama I'm doing. I'm not familiar with using a negative ion generator. How does that work, and does the "grass" stay upright and attached with some kind of glue or adhesive?
  20. Thanks, Randy. I'm having a lot of fun with the diorama. I even started a blog on WordPress. I'd done a blog there a few years ago but, like everything, they gotta' make it more complicated. Oh well, keeps my brain exercising. I've got two other old blogs there. You can see my rough draft here (I think): https://shamblesperformancemotors.wordpress.com/shambles-performance-motors/?frame-nonce=4dec6d02b7
  21. Forum 24 · Forum 18 · Forum 43 · Forum 64 · The Lounge · Register · Help · Guidelines · Support Zone Diecast Forums - Forum 24 – Diecast Zone Author: John Shamblin (‘johnshamblin@comcast.net’) Subject: Allow Emoticons? Niburu County Florida's Sheriff's Deputy Joe Billy just got his new SUV Police Interceptor this week. The 2019 Tahoe Police Pursuit Vehicle hit a top speed of 134 mph at the Michigan State Police evaluations last fall. The 4WD model clocked in at 121 mph. Joe Billy’s sho’ proud of it, and can’t wait for his first high-speed pursuit. They just got the decal package put on and it looks cool. Maybe one of Shambles Performance Motors' customers will fulfill Joe Billy's dream of a high-speed pursuit. <img src="https://www.diecast.org/assets/images/forums/2020/01/01/NIBURUsherrif[1].jpg" /> And yeah, I designed and made the decals. CLICK HERE to add image(s) to your post Go back to Diecast Forums - Forum 24 – Diecast Zone New News · List & Reviews · Legacy Motors · Auctions · Forums · Polls · Features · Register · FAQs · Clubs Copyright © 2020 Legacy Diecast Models and Diecast Zone – Logout `
  22. We signed the contract for our new, 3 bay shop. Construction will begin next week, weather permitting. That sky looks foreboding. Frank's getting the lot cleaned up while we don't have much inventory. Well actually, NO inventory. Sold every last car we got in and rolling in cash! Bubba, Frank, and whats-his-name in there putting the bookshelves together are on overtime AGAIN! I think Connie hooked up with that college kid 'cause she left early and had a glint in her eye... if you know what I mean. I let 'em all have tomorrow off for New Year's. I think Frank sent Connie to the whiskey store for his holiday cheer 'cause I saw a suspicious brown bag in the office with "Frank" written on it in her handwriting. He lost his license and can't drive... remember? He can walk across the cow pasture to work... so far.
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