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  1. Hmmm, wonder what I could get for my 2019 F350. It has 4,200 miles on it.
  2. I think he has decent skills, but it always seems like one of the other voices in his head takes over halfway through whatever he is working on.
  3. I like Graveyard Cars. You get a lot of Mopar history from that show. Never met the guy, but my guess is that he plays an over the top version of himself on that show. I feel that he likes to let everyone know how knowledgeable he is about the vehicles he works on. From what I see on the show, it looks like they do exceptional restorations. I like the restorations more than the customs, but I feel that most of the customs that Dave Kindig builds are at least engineered to be driven. To build a 1970's unibody car from the frame rails up, from individual parts, is quite the achievement.
  4. I have gone through and read most of these. Most aren't even funny, they are cartoons that align with a certain point of view. I think this thread reached the end of it's usefulness months ago.
  5. It all depends on where you click. Click the quote box, hit delete will delete the whole box. Click at the end of the quoted text, hit delete will delete the last character. Click at the bottom right of a quoted photo(just OUTSIDE of the photo), hit delete will delete the photo. Click and drag to highlight text/photos, hit delete will delete the highlighted items. You just need to be certain where the mouse curser is. Look for it flashing/blinking.
  6. The building itself is pretty amazing. No center columns, and it is a wide building, with the ability to hang a fair amount of weight from the trusses. There is a lot of history in that building.
  7. It's a constant struggle. I will flag this so Dave can try and tweak the settings again, when he returns from vacation.
  8. They just represent your activity level here on the board and they are based on post counts.
  9. Revised the rules to show that discussions/photos about guns and shooting are considered political and not allowed on this site.
  10. Last warning to everyone. Gun talk is no longer allowed here. I am sure there are plenty of other places you can take that conversation to. Minimum 30 day bans from this point on.
  11. This is why I feel access to diesel will outlast the access to gas. I also expect most gas and diesel to be reserved for military use.
  12. EV will need just as many repairs as anything on the road today. Shops will just need a new skill set and certifications to work on them.
  13. Yes, Dave corrected me. They would like to see the higher resolution photos so that they could possibly be used for the Forum Finds section of the magazine.
  14. There will be more and more of these conversions. Companies are and will continue to develop and sell EV conversion kits. This brings more people into the "maybe EV isn't so bad group" When the government/world/whatever decides to REALLY force everyone to go EV it will be quick and painful. The tax/fee you will be required to pay to own and operate a gas powered vehicle will be ridiculous. Add to the that that cost of the fines for breaking the fuel law will force the majority straight to an EV vehicle. Of course, there will be a shortage of those vehicles when the time comes and the prices will be inflated when you go to purchase one. Gas will be the first to go. Diesel will linger on a bit longer as they try to figure out how to ship large quantity of goods without it. Once we all have our EV, there will be a shortage of electricity and those cost will increase exponentially (more than they are now) and the lower middle class and below will quickly be forced to start utilizing public transportation. Throughout this whole process a small percentage of people/corporations will be getting extremely more wealthy. The people who grew up with fossil fuels as the only choice is a dwindling minority. Before long EV will be what most of the kids were raised on and it will be considered the norm. Resistance is futile all will be forced to conform. I am glad that I am older and wont live to see most of it because I resist change like most people do. If this were a movie plot, which it kind of sounds like, the end of the first movie of the trilogy would be when there is a worldwide incident/attack that generates a giant EMP blast that fries everything electronic and the world comes to a standstill. Part two of the trilogy will look very similar to the original Mad Max movie. With all that said, I realize I am already converting to EV. I have a battery operated push mower, weed whacker and outboard motor for my kayak. The truck is nicely done and a good early representation of what can be done. I can appreciate the concept, planning engineering and skill required to create something like this.
  15. Yes, I forgot how the new software handles the posts that have tons of photos in them. It does minimize how they are shown, but it is still a bit more difficult to pick one photo out of 30 to reply to. I would still limit the number of photos in a post to 5, with no limit to the number of posts you can have in a thread.
  16. @Pico Go to the calendar (upper left, most pages) and create an event. We can then approve it and make it visible. Placing it on the calendar is what makes it show up in upcoming events.
  17. Don't assume. Dave looks into every glitch or problem that is posted. Problem is that some things we can't fix on our end and Dave has to submit a ticket to the software company. Sometimes they take a long time to get things worked out, sometimes they don't work them out.
  18. This can be the "control" experiment. Now you need to place the masking tape on a model and paint it. You will also need to use every manufacturer and color of paint that you can find. I am sure you can definitively get to the bottom of this. Please let us know if the paint delays or accelerates this process. Publish the results in a reputable scientific journal for peer review. Keep in mind, that I will only believe the results when I see them on Facebook.
  19. Will have to see when one gets posted. Lots of cars remain in the car section even if they have lettering on the side. If it has a bed, it will go in the truck section with the Rancheros and El Caminos. Like I mentioned in my original post, the rule as it stands now is that if it has a truck bed, it goes in trucks. We may revisit it later. As many already do, you can post it wherever you want, we will move it if we feel you posted in the wrong section. As most people know, there is usually not a single solution for every possibility. We do the best we can to keep the forum running smoothly.
  20. Ask 99 people and we will get 100 different ways to do it. Right now, the rule is if it has a bed it is a truck.
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