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  1. Actually, Dave has been working behind the scenes to track what is going on with these late/lost shipments. He is trying to determine if it was a fault of the magazines, the printer/shipper or the postal service. I assume you guys have reached out and contacted Gregg and Larry at the magazine.
  2. That $6 jar of embossing powder would last you a very long time. A little goes a long way.
  3. The debate itself is quite mild mannered, its all of the folks that aren't even participating in the actual discussion that really derailed this thread. My thought on freeze plugs are this.... They are used to clear the passages after casting a block. They also serve a dual purpose because they could give a visual indicator that the water in the engine had frozen. Most folks rarely check their oil, so looking at the freeze plugs would be asking to much. Back in the day, I would guess they used straight water in the cooling system and freezing would have been an issue. Now that most folks use antifreeze, it is no longer a concern. Freeze plugs are also much easier to say than sand removal access port cover. Rock on Daniel, that is a simple detail that folks can add if it applies to what their model is trying to represent. Thanks for sharing.
  4. If you can't say it in church or an elementary school, without getting looks from others, it is probably on the list.
  5. As I am sure you know Lee, discussing is one thing, pounding your opinion on others until it becomes confrontational and personal is another thing. We let the discussion go on for quite sometime, in hopes folks would just wait until the completed model was shown (as was asked by the OP several times on page 1 of the thread). That was our fault, we should have stepped in sooner to save some of the more egregious posters from being removed from the site. We really don't want to be like the mods were at the SA forum. Lots of comments over there vanished within hours of being posted.
  6. I will take this opportunity to remind everyone to be courteous of others and to go back and read the forum rules. There are right and wrong ways to voice your concerns or criticisms. The right way leads to constructive discussion and civil discourse. The wrong way leads arguments and lines drawn in the sand. Too often these discussions become "Us vs. Them" because people want to keep reiterating their view over and over when stating it once is enough. Just take a step back and think about what you are posting. Try to look at all sides of the discussion. Realize that yours isn't the only voice and that you don't have to respond to every post that goes against what you think or feel. We complain that model companies never issue new kits and then we complain when they do. What kind of message does that send to the companies? It is never OK to bash or abuse another member here. Going to go back and reread this entire thread to see if any others need to be issued warning points or given a timeout. I will probably remove a lot of the posts as well which is something we really do not like doing.
  7. I think i am going to do what a lot of other folks ultimately will do, whether that admit it or not. Going to get one and put it on the shelf with all the other kits I will never get around to building. Thanks for posting the sneak peek Tim. I like seeing the final buildup photos you do, as you do seem to point out the pros and cons of most kits you build.
  8. They do tend to fly a little close to the ground. I love photographing the practice sessions leading up to the shows at the local AFB.
  9. There are some instances, like this one, where just reporting an issue or simply sending a PM to moderator is preferred to starting a thread on a subject that has been locked/removed two times prior. Any thread about the Like Button is going to get the same comments from the same cast of characters. This is a fairly new function for this board and there are probably a few additional boxes that need to be checked to sync it with some of the boards other policies. Do not let this minor inconvenience keep you from more important things.
  10. This thread has run it's course and members are starting to make things personal. This horse has been beaten, resurrected, and beaten again. Locking it down for all our sake.
  11. If it gets to 10 I win $100. It's not truly anonymous, the mods can see them (I guess that is a default setting). Like I said awhile back, when Dave gets down to this portion of his list of things to do, we will look at it again. There are more important things to keep up on, like the ads that get out of control, than worrying about changing settings or removing the reactions.
  12. So what you guys are saying.....is that you don't like the anonymous reactions. Might have to add that to our "Premium Feature" list, if we ever have to make this a pay site. Oh look, a squirrel...
  13. David, it sounds like you have your mind made up that the tape and the paint is the cause of your problem and none of the advice that anyone here gives you is going to do anything to change it. As you have already seen by the replies in this thread, modelers usually do not sit by idly when someone bashes a product, manufacturer or retailer that they use and like. Your problem sounds like user error to most of us and not faulty products. However, none of us are there and you haven't posted any photos so that we can get a better understanding at what might have gone wrong. Also, please go back and read the forum rules regarding language, politics and religion. Most of us have used the same paint and tape that you have and have not experienced the same issue. I personally have used Model Master lacquer and Tamiya tape without issue, except when I did not burnish the edge of the tape down well enough and the paint seeped under. That was user error and not the fault of the tape or the paint. Some tapes will leave residue behind. To limit the chance of this happening, remove the tape as soon as possible. 24 hours is a long time to leave it on. Lacquer dries fast and I am usually removing the tape in 1-2 hours. I then let the painted parts sit over night so that the paint can fully cure.
  14. As cantankerous as some of the members are here, we left it anonymous. Some of you would be "Why did so and so like my post, I don't even like that guy" We may make it visible at some point. This was an experiment to see how much it would be used. I think it is used enough to justify keeping it around, so we may tweak it. Dave has a master list of things to address with the board when he gets free time. The like button isn't high up on the list.
  15. Just a reminder --- No COVID discussions, because within 2 comments it becomes political. Carry on.
  16. Lets steer the conversation away from politics please. I don't want to keep locking threads and nobody wants to be put on moderation.
  17. Just wanted to point everyone to the rules again. We have a lot of new members that may not be aware of the rules. We also have some long time members that are starting to experience selective memory when it comes to the rules. It is also important to note that there are separate sections for work in progress (WIP) builds and completed (Under Glass) builds. These sections are further broken down into various specialty or niche groups. Please read all the descriptions and section headers so that you can post in the appropriate section. As this is mainly an automotive (car/truck) forum, your model may not fit into one of our specific sections. If that is the case, it probably needs to go in the "Everything Else" area. The section about Model Cars Magazine, is only for questions or comments about the magazine. Do not post general questions there.
  18. No more talk of Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny please. Lets put this train back on the track and discuss Atlantis Models. Thanks.
  19. You can install an Ad Blocker if they are that annoying, but please remember that the ads are what keep this site running (and free to use).
  20. Who cares? Apparently all of you do. It amazes me the things you guys decide to argue about here. Now I know you will say you aren't arguing, but are only pointing out the futility in it all. Welp, you are arguing, you have chosen sides and if someone from the other other side says something, you feel you must also reply with something. Everyone looking to get the last word in. I think that could qualify as arguing. Some of you are impressed with all of this, some of you are jealous, some of you think you are above all these peasant dealings, some of you are mad because you can't go cherry pick the good kits, some of you are mad because you are nowhere near Phoenix, some of you just don't like some of the people posting in this thread. Better the kits, even if most are common, go to a dealer than to the dump. This is a brick and mortar store that now has a chance to survive a little while longer. Remember all those threads where you were mad the local hobby stores were few and far between. Remember how you said you would support your LHS before purchasing online. This was your chance to stay "way to go, I hope he makes enough money to keep the doors open". Was that brought up in this thread somewhere? Did I miss it?
  21. Got laid of Thursday (after 22 years with the company).... Agreed to terms of new job on Tuesday... Turns out my old job was holding me back and my new deal will exceed the old one. They are even setting up a satellite office in the same area as my old one. Commute even stays the same.
  22. Please remember you are not allowed to offer to buy or sell on this site.
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