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  1. Dragonhawk1066

    57 Chevy

    Nicely done, great color choice!
  2. It turned out great, nicely done!
  3. I got the decals applied on the Mod Rod today. I also got the headlights, taillights, and front and rear nerf bars ready to be installed, and the frame glued to the fender assembly.
  4. I figure it's about time to get back to work on the Mod Rod Hot Rod. I got the body parts wet-sanded, polished, and waxed. I taped off and painted the running boards, and painted the 'straps" on the fuel tank in Molotow Chrome.
  5. Probably hanging out on a container ship just off the coast of California for a couple of months.
  6. My version of AMT's 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT-350, I'm calling "The Great Pumpkin". Paint is Createx Pearl Tangerine sprayed over Anita's Galvanized Tin basecoat. The stripes are Decoart Extreme Sheen Obsidian with some Delta Black mixed in. It's cleared with Createx UVLS 4050 Gloss clear, wet-sanded, polished, and waxed. The interior is black craft paint, the chassis is a mixture of craft paints, as is the engine. I used Pegasus 19 and 23 inch Hella's for the wheels, and sprayed Tamiya Clear Orange on the Off The Sprue machined aluminum air cleaner. I added plug wires and door locks for extra detail, and Bare Metal Foil was used for the trim. It's a pretty nice kit overall, as it's mostly the same as the AMT 1967 Ford Mustang GT Fastback except for the front and rear ends.
  7. Mock-up on my current WIP, AMT 1967 Shelby GT-350. Painted in Createx Pearl Tangerine over a Charcoal Gray basecoat, Pearl Black stripes, with UVLS 4050 Clear and Pegasus 19 and 23 inch Hella's.
  8. That's a pretty sharp color! I'm currently working on that kit as well. I painted mine Pearl Tangerine with painted on Pearl Black racing stripes.
  9. These are my two favorite wheel styles, Cragar Street Star/Weld Pro Star, and Weld Superlite II/Cragar Street Lite. It would be awesome to have them available in a kit or parts pack. I will say though, Morgan Automotive Detail casts very good examples of these wheels for a pretty good price. I had a set of Cragar Street Lite's on my 1983 Monte Carlo SS.
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