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  1. I got the body painted in the Anita's Metallic Galvanized Tin craft paint today. I mixed in some Duraclear Gloss Varnish and a few drops of Createx Retarder for flow improvement. I sprayed it through my cheap dual-action airbrush at 22 psi, three coats total. I also mixed a Dark Gray for the top using Delta Ceramcoat Black and Apple Barrel Elephant Gray with some Duraclear Matte Varnish added for durability at the same psi. I hand painted the carpet area with a less-thinned cap-full of that same dark gray mixture. I also taped off and sprayed the top of the console with the Galvanized Tin. Since I changed my mind and painted the engine a darker color, I painted over the Dark Tin valve covers and air cleaner with the Galvanized Tin body color for contrast. Included are a pic of the un-assembled engine and undercarriage for an idea of my color contrast scheme. I'll get some clear on the body in a couple of days, and will be painting, detailing, and assembling the other parts until then.
  2. Thanks! I mostly airbrush them, but for some smaller parts I do hand paint them. Thanks Mike, It is a nice kit and I don't think I've seen one built badly yet. It was a Father's Day gift a couple of years ago and I'm glad I finally got the inspiration for a color to get it built. Thanks for the well wishes. Funny thing is I still forgot to paint a major piece, LOL
  3. Outstanding work so far! Very nice and realistic engine, well done interior, and a beautiful paint job and color!
  4. Those are actually pretty decent kits fitment-wise, at least the ones I built were. A lot of flash on the parts and potential molding issues in the headlight areas, and maybe at the lower-back portion of the passenger front fenderwell, but otherwise pretty nice kits. I'm sure you'll knock-em out of the park, and I'll enjoy watching the progress.
  5. Great pics of some great looking cars, thanks for posting these. I would love to experience a couple of days at a Mecum Auction, if I had a bucket list that would definitely be on it.
  6. Thankfully we were able to bring our girl home this morning, and she seems to be doing very well considering. Feeling more relaxed, I was able to get the body wet-sanded this afternoon with some 2000 grit wet/dry sandpaper. I'm hoping I can get the body color on tomorrow. I also have to mix a non-glossy "Dark Tin" for the interior carpet area and convertible top, since I wasn't thinking and used the gloss black instead of flat black, LOL. On top of everything else, my brother drove our mom down to Ann Arbor Hospital this afternoon to prep for a heart procedure on Monday that she's been waiting 6 months for. Hopefully this great hobby can help keep my mind off of things like it thankfully has so far.
  7. Things went kind of crazy these last couple of days as we had to take one of our Basset Hounds to the vet for surgery for pyometra, two years after her sister had to do the same thing. Anyways, I was able to get all of the parts painted to keep my mind off of missing our girl until we could bring her home. I have to resort to making color lists and separating the parts into labeled baggies so as not to forget anything. Even then I missed the rear seats in the interior tub part, so I had to go back and get those painted before taping off for the second interior color. I used Mission Models Aluminum, Green Stuff World Chrome, and a custom mix of Glossy Black and the Galvanized Tin body color for the colors so far.
  8. I'm probably one of the last modelers to build the Foose Cadillac, but here goes. I did the usual parts prep work, including removing mold lines and copyright stamps, trimmed the flash, and then scribed the panel lines over the weekend and gave everything a Dawn dishwater bath. After drying overnight I went ahead and sprayed on the Stynylrez primer. I was scraping the bottom of the bottles, so I mixed the white I had left with the remaining gray, and through the airbrush at about 32 psi it went.
  9. Outstanding!! I did mine in red as well.
  10. Thanks guys! Thanks! The background was a lot of fun to do, and I'm always looking for things to add to it. Thanks Joe! That's exactly how this one was, perfect until final assembly. The '69 442 I built a couple years ago was lower at all fours, with only a slight difference from one side to the other.
  11. Here's AMT's 1969 Hurst/Olds. It's painted in Tamiya TS-26 Pure White from the can. I wet-sanded, polished, and waxed the color and did not use any clear. The interior is mostly Anita's Glossy Black craft paint. The wheel spokes were painted with Tamiya x-10 Gunmetal. I added door lock knobs, valve stems, and spark plug wires for added details and used BMF for the trim. The decals were a little tricky on this one particularly the hood stripe. If I had it to do over again, I would measure and cut the hood stripe in a couple of spots for easier application. The passenger's side does sit lower than the driver's side, but I couldn't figure out why. It's a nice kit with no real surprises or fitment issues otherwise. I've also done the '69 Olds 442 kit, and have another '69 Olds 442 kit on my to do list later this year, so I'll probably really look into the stance issue if it crops up again. Thanks for looking!
  12. Very sharp! Excellent idea!
  13. Nice work, sharp color!
  14. Looks good! That's a great color choice!
  15. Nice work on the Chevelle, and those were some great bargains on those kits!
  16. Outstanding!! You did a phenomenal job getting the "stainless/aluminum" look for the interior, in fact the whole interior looks amazing. I had to fix that same issue on my front end, and I like how you got your front end nice and low (mine sits too high and I will probably try to fix it someday). I like the clean look of the bumpers too.
  17. Nice, smooth paint job! Looks sharp!
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