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  1. Mako Shark II makes sense, but pretty sure they still have the tool reasonably intact, so they wouldn't need to clone it. Just modify it back, that would take care of it.
  2. No way, Bondo wasn't around then. 2 sticks of lead for that realistic touch! 😅 Speaking of Barris - I then thought of the Hirohata Merc, but that was never a kit. But it SHOULD be!!
  3. So he said it'll be a clone of a vintage kit, and it's not going to be stock. So that means it's a kit that's been lost and hasn't been issued in a long time. Not stock means it's not going to be an annual. Barris? Dean Jeffries perhaps? Carl Casper? At first I heard the rep talking about the new Bronco coming out in late 2022/early 2023, but that's not a vintage tool and it's replica stock, so that doesn't match.
  4. Here's my guess. Please, please oh please!!! Even if I'm wrong, I still want Steve to run it up the flagpole!
  5. Since it was alluded to on another thread, I wanted to start this one as a one place to throw rumors around instead of derailing other threads. Starting with the one Steve G. mentioned about. Let the guesses begin.
  6. We had an all Black Turkish Angora, a very soft, sweet, gentle male. He always had a loud "motorboat" purr and had a drooling habit. He also had an aversion toward using his toilet on a regular basis, so we had to keep him outside. Unfortunately, he disappeared back in August of last year and despite many signs and door knocking, he never was found. We think he was grabbed by a coyote. We still miss him.
  7. What is it, Bumper? Do you happen to know what year Valiant?
  8. Include the pictures in case the link gets lost in the future. And so Steve Guthmiller will see it!😉 This is a neat kit, lotsa great parts. MPC was really in their game back then. I've got a body exactly like this but it's molded in white. It also has the F.I. emblems on the fenders, so I thought it was a 65. I didn't know they still left them on for the 66. It's cool to see one of these unbuilt, so I can see what parts it came with. Thanks for sharing yours!
  9. I thought the announcement was for the 68 Coronet?
  10. Looks like the kit didn't represent the TV car at all. Wrong scoops, color, wheels, grille and what's with the tonneau cover over the back seat?
  11. I'm sure Round 2 has the tooling for this, it was last reissued in the mid-nineties. They should also have the street machine/pro street 74 'Cuda, but that one hasn't seen a box since early 80s. I too would like to see these come back!
  12. 100% agree with you on that!!! Now how 'bout a fully customized Imperial WAGON? or pickup?
  13. For such a simple kit, your build competes well with the Revell versions. This one can hold it's own. Nice job!
  14. I can see why you built it, that photo is great inspiration! I may have to dig out my Monogram kit and try to build one of these too.
  15. With a 428 CobraJet, this car may be low, but it certainly ain't slow!
  16. Beautiful finish. I love the color!
  17. But it WAS currently in use. Before the Caprice kit came out, the newest police cruiser we had was the Dodge Monaco and the real ones had been retired 10 years before. I remember the debates back then on whether the Caprice should be the jellybean body or the box body, which was being phased out by 92. It was a highly anticipated kit at the time, that's why it surprises me that Revell modified it so soon after it came out! (2 years) I still think the SS body would make an ideal reissue as the police and taxi cab versions, if the stock parts are still available and the SS can be modified to be both versions. It would make an awesome 3n1 kit!
  18. There's a hood on Ebay right now. https://www.ebay.com/itm/334467212284
  19. Thank You for bringing this old thread back to the top. I never saw it before and am amazed at how accurate it looks. Bob Spedding (TooOld) did a real good job! I found his build up for those who want to see how he did it.
  20. Why do they do that? I remember it took for-ev-er to get a model company to tool up an up to date police car (up to then there was only the Johan and the MPC Monaco) and then less than 2 years to permanently change it to the SS! DGMW, SS is good, but the police and taxi cab versions were cool too! Luckily I bought quite a few when they were still available.
  21. Very simple, tough, no nonsense work machine. Effective fleet hauler. Looks just like they did back then. No dazzle, just business.
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