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  1. Please address the brow above the windshield/windshield. It looks all kinds of wonky.
  2. Thanx guys! This thing has been on the back burner for a while! Can't believe I started this project over seven months ago! As usual, I've gotten distracted by other projects. I want to get back on this one soon and get it finished. I don't want it to end up as another project in the pile!
  3. I've been piddling around with an AMT '69 Plymouth GTX to see if I could correct the body on it and just shot the first two coats of paint on it. My plan is to primer the floorpan and do the overspray on the edges. Since the bottom of the body is Satin Black, I'm assuming that that would be the color to do the overspray with? Or would there be a bit of the main body color also?
  4. I built this model way back when the Eleanor Mustang was all the rage. Personally, I thought it was just a bit overdone. So, I wanted a Mustang that was just a little less "showy". I started by giving it a mini tub in the rear to make room for the wheels and tires from the AMT Phantom Vickie kit. It also donated the engine. The stock hood would no longer fit over the engine. A molded in teardrop hood scoop took care of that. I filled in the license plate recess on the splash pan and added a spoiler. I used a set of correct sized headlights from a Revell '69 Camaro. I also added a rear spolier. I hinged the trunk. But, I didn't do them right. When I tried to open it, I bent the hinges and never could get the trunk to seat correctly. Lesson learned. The body was then covered with Boyd's True Blue Pearl Enamel over a black base with plain old Testors White Enamel and a coat of clear. The interior got the rear seat deleted, speakers added and a set of custom bucket seats. It was covered with Flat White and Testors Blue. Thanx for checking it out!
  5. It really wouldn't make sense for Round2 to bring the original '60 Chevy Apache back. They just need to make a LWB frame and bed for the current kit. Extra points for the '61 grille and turn signal pods. They could also do a '62 with a grille and hood. The original '60 isn't that great anyway. Especially, the body.
  6. No matter what paint you use, always primer first. It does make a difference. I've painted a handful of models with AS paints. It's the same as the TS line. Just has a flat or satin finish. Both the TS-13 clear and TS-65 Pearl Clear goes over it with no problems.
  7. It's not just for tiny parts. I've done several top chops, entire roof swaps and multi pieces bodies with it. As others have stated, put the pieces together and wick the glue into the joint. I guess I've become "nose blind" to it as I barely can smell it.
  8. I use the brush. It does take some getting used to. But, once you do, you'll love it!
  9. Nice looking little Mustang Joe! Looks nice with the Acapulco Blue! Nice work!
  10. If you're doing a pro touring build, maybe check out the chassis from the Foose Cadillac. It's pretty long. I had to shorten it 7mms to go under a '49 Mercury.
  11. They're Pegasus Hellas. Also seen them called Hollis.
  12. I have that kit. I think I got rid of the gasser parts. But, I can check the instructions. Edit: I checked the instructions for the pink boxart '55. No traction bars. Also, it can't be stock.
  13. I doubt that there's many builders that didn't make the same mistake of gluing the horn to the firewall on those kits. After all, that's how the instruction were. I'm working on a '69 GTX currently. Surely I won't make that mistake again!
  14. That explains why on my '70 Super Bee when I press the horn button, the wipers come on. When I turn on the wipers, the horn blows.
  15. I always say, "it's yours, do what you want with it." Better to build something cool with it than leave it in a box. I've cut up more valuable kits and promos. Never regret it.
  16. I got the headlights fixed. Like the roof, they're not exactly right. But, they're better. I was able to get them bumped up to six and three quarters. I can deal with that much better than less than six. The hood is in final primer now. So, I'll be squirting some paint pretty soon. It's about time!
  17. Might be worthwhile to make the '76-'77 grille as well. I'd like to have one to go on the '79 Bronco to make a phantom.
  18. The wheels are from the AMT F-150. I think they were in every issue. Was your full scale a long or short bed?
  19. These are about as close as you're gonna get. Unfortunately, they're not directional.
  20. The Yenko Nova was a big block.
  21. A soldering iron was what I used. I had chisel like tip that I could run through the joint. I had a flat tip to do the fill work. It does work. But, it just wasn't for me.
  22. Welp, just as I thought/feared, the headlights are too small! They scale out to 5.9 inches. Why am I not surprised? My first thought was to use the AMT '65 Nova grille and drill out the headlights. But, the headlights on it are too small also. But, it looks like it may be easier to modify than the Moebius grille. I checked the AMT '63 Nova wagon headlights and they scale out to 7 inches just like they should. Too bad I can't just use that grille! The way Moebius engineered the headlights on this kit is stupid IMO. The reflectors are so far back, they're only visible straight on. Not to mention the pegs that won't allow the lenses to be oriented correctly. It's best to just cut the pegs and tabs off. Another thing is the engraving on the grille section is so shallow that I'm not going to be able to open it so that it's see through. The vertical bars are barely there. So, I'm going to have to do some thinking on how to fix the headlight issue. I think I have a plan. But, if it doesn't work out, I'm gonna be screwed. Open to any and all ideas!
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