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  1. Now he’s got that, I think he’s going to try to finish the build with those tools. ?
  2. Don't forget stuffing one into oncoming traffic on PCH in the hills. Sentient crash test dummies and concomitant judgement skills
  3. Nice pics. Moggie 3w and big scale SL look promising. thx for posting.
  4. I've had great models, boxless. I'll look for a meh model with box for cheap, then better car to boxed, and blow off lesser car. We all probably do that. It bumps a bit for my estate sale, that I really should start now. LOL. Been lucky with paint and corrosion thus far.
  5. That, a nearly identical chassis, interior sl different because hardtop, and 5 bolt vs 6 bolt bead locks. Same tires. Yep, you nailed it.
  6. OK, here's the relatively stock snaptite Jeep, and versions of the Luv. Stepside nasty, at least better than goofy Revell thing. Normal side truck looks ok, bumpers, all but flares, front spoiler seem OK. I tossed in a built one, as it really looks like you could clean it up a bit. Bed wheel wells look like they go all the way to tailgate?
  7. You're right. I couldn't find any replacement bumpers from either year, so no idea what factory parts numbers were. That shape is begging for dents, and since scarce to start with, I'd think there'd be something either repop or repaired. Factory literature really doesn't show that or even mention it. Just odd.
  8. But the Tamiya doesn't have the modern suspension and detailed small block mentioned in the tri-lingual info. Here I thought the 40's small ford was the GPW. Nope, the fat-fendered 37 Ford VW. Ford WAS an anti-semite, so there's that. ? Tricky Volkswagen in the title turns into a Bug = Fat-fendered rod thread. Learn something every day
  9. Great VW collection. Zender Corrado cabrio is tough to find. Sometime show your Best splitty in a resin thread. I'd love to see it. Same people do a Hebmuller cabrio I've twitched at. Wish mine was as neat. Thanks for showing us.
  10. Not here! Everyone will have sat in one and measured it by then anyway. How can you criticize something you haven't seen?? ?
  11. OK, hunted my usual suspects, Tbird club of America, some hole in the wall parts places that have zero repro parts (easy, there are none ) It seems it was a plated front valance that was dealer installed in place of the standard metal one. The N-M cars had it (they were 71's listed in 70 catalog. A random few had it, I saw one 70 thinline grille car with it, and a couple Landau coupes and 4 doors with them. I guess people wanted them to look like the sweet new crash bumpers.Riiiight. It really kills the front end, makes it look ordinary. There were also some of the ugliest GIANT bumper guards added on.by dealers. Thankfully the fake convertible top silliness hadn't hit Ford until 74-75. Bleagh. Build it as you wish, but I like the 70 grille best followed by the 71 grille with the fake hideaway headlights and body color pan. I've got a 69 Radio Promo sitting here ready to sacrifice it's rear deck for a Landau. A complete 70 Motor City from Ebay, like new, a reissue 71, and a builder 71 for the Landau swap. Nice way to kill a sunny afternoon with the dog and a Torano 1959 burning. PS, our friend Casey resuscitated an 8yo dead thread to bring us that thread. Kudos to him.
  12. Big thread here about various builds. Steve pointed out the chrome, not I. David crushed it with the Protouring. The Landau is in the thread too, pics may be gone, but it's a 67-69 Roof transplant onto a 70-71. I really think the chrome was an option on the roll pan. It started with the Neiman-Marcus edition 70's. Neiman Marcus offered Thunderbirds in 1970. The pair retailed for $25,000 and included gender-specific paraphernalia in each. For her: a sewing kit a telescoping fluorescent mirror and a complete tape center with French and Italian language lessons. For him: an electric razor, a dictating machine and locking safety box, along with Spanish and German language lessons. Each Thunderbird also came equipped with a mobile telephone system.
  13. Vision problems are a killer. Ugh. Hysterical multilingual history of an unrelated car. If only it was about a 2020 Vette on a VW kit, it'd satisfy all thread needs. BTW, we really need a Hebmuller cabrio and a splitty. Stock or Cal-look.
  14. The Snap Rubicon was a hardtop, pretty stock, same wheels and tires. Combo of it and Rubicon would be nice.
  15. Congrats on the Grails. Nice hits, chrome on 70 looks decent despite play history. 71 Chevelle looks nice too. IIRC the headlight areas were hard to align with grille, but that may have been a me problem vs. kit deficiency.
  16. Or, conversely, a squirrel finding a blind nut. ?. Some of Palmer's bigger stuff was clearly knocked off from AMT/MPC. Their Stingray was AMT compatible, to the point I used parts from it to finish a build from a 70-71. The sad ACcelerator and original Stars and Stripes AMT's were the awful misshapen things they were. Palmer was closer than they were. I do recall rectangular taillights though. Well, the Palmer beat everyone to the mid-engine AND electric car kit by miles. Wonder if Tesla promos would sell to the fahrt-sniffing owners, broaden the appeal.Fan-bois are fan-bois?
  17. Great start, I really like these cars. The front pan under bumper Can cause fit issues when completing it. I removed mine from the chassis and fit it prior to paint. Rear may also be done similarly. I'd also think about elongating the axle holes in front, and it sits nose high, and T-birds usually did not. If you're doing a wheel swap, perhaps even more. Cool stock colors available too exterior and interior. Good luck, watching
  18. Factory dual rear wheels chassis cab only until 73 Duallie. That stepside in grey with spacers is not a factory thing. First factory For was 1980. https://www.motorbiscuit.com/what-was-the-first-dually-truck/
  19. Looks great. Front end stance is great. Which kit, Tamiya or G-Rev, seems better? All we had for ages was Esci, now 2 more. Only have Esci, heard different stuff about both new kits. This kit looks like the 1:1, so that works. Another car to use as 1:1 outlaw build instead of a longhood. Easier build too. LOL.
  20. Guigiaro designed the Golf and the Scirocco, so maybe it should have been Ital Design? Plaid seats? The early pre-mk 2's all had plaid. The base cars now still have plaid LOL. This looks chunkier than the QR/Whitebox issue.
  21. Looks like $40k to me ? or a nice scale $1600. Knock-off hammers often boogered up a bit. Fun build, doing it far beyond justice.
  22. http://www.dlmweb.com/news6.html Also, Carrera 2's had twin grilles. But T6 356B Super was the one. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Porsche_356 Really hard to keep up with changes along then, horn grilles, just some minutia. HTH
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