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  1. That is some beautiful scratch building. It's hard to believe they never kitted these up and also the 70 Ranchero.
  2. Beautiful work there. You could build another one of these and it could be the load for this one. I wish they had more 1/32 truck kits.
  3. Very nice. I also used to watch this as a young 'un. I don't recall the Shelby on that show.
  4. Beautiful work there. The Whamo wheelie bar on the back of that bike is a nice touch.
  5. Thanks Jerry. Interior colors were Rustoleum metallic champagne bronze and Rustoleum satin saphire. I don't believe these trucks ever came with a blue interior but I wanted it. Artistic license🙂
  6. Very nice. I remember when you couldn't go anywhere without seeing one of these on the road. Haven't seen one in years.
  7. You'll like this kit. It can be assembled rather than having to "build" it. This is the best part, how they did the interior. I wish they woulda done like that on every truck kit. Saves a buttload of time and masking tape. This may or may not be a bother to anyone else but I kinda wish the exhaust system had been a few more pieces. I mean just if the stacks were separate from the jungle gym that holds them up. It would be easier to paint it that way. I can't say it's the best truck kit ever since I haven't built all of them but it's by far the best truck kit I have done. Happy modeling.
  8. I would be very happy with that build too. Beautiful workhorse there.
  9. Excellent paint work. I would likely end up in a rubber room if I tried a paint job like that. Great job all around.
  10. You're getting a nice fleet built there. Some beautiful scratch building.
  11. That is some good looking "junk" Nothing wrong with that build. I have one of these in the pile that I'll get around to one of these days.
  12. Enamel reducer works well also. And for the super cheap route mineral spirits will work. I painted the top on this Skyliner mixing 3 or 4 different Testors colors and thinned with $2/gallon(at the time) mineral spirits. Polishes up pretty good.
  13. Nice work there. I have both of these kits in the pile, got me thinking.
  14. Turned out nice. I see this kit at Hobby Lobby but have yet to pic one up.
  15. I believe that is the first one of these I have seen with a top chop. Looks great. More pics please.
  16. Not on road, more like end of the road..... Out for a bicycle ride and happened to see this at the junkyard right near the crusher. Looked to still have a few usable parts.
  17. That's some cool scratch building there. Very nice.
  18. Very nice. I never knew there was a modern day gullwing Mercedes.
  19. Now that's different. Looks great.
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