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  1. Beautiful. Some outdoor pics with the right camera angle it could pass for the real thing.
  2. Nice. my first car was a 72 Pinto. Paid $500 for it. Got rear ended and it didn't go ka blooie. Insurance gave me $500 for it and I sold it for $300. I did alright on that car.
  3. You might check at Model truckin. I think he carries some of those, but don't hold me to it🙂
  4. Very nice. That's a good looking fleet you have going there.
  5. Got some quality time in on my 4070A. I like how they made headliner/door panels as two pieces. Saves a buttload of of work masking and painting.
  6. Nice. Rivieras were some of the coolest cars ever. Like driving your living room down the road.
  7. Looks good. These Revell snappers are nice. I hope they bring this kit back one of these days.
  8. Thanks Rusty. This is a Tom Daniel design. That guy had quite the imagination.
  9. Too cool. I think these trucks could rust out even in Arizona. I imagine these trucks are all but extinct by now, haven't seen one on the road in years.
  10. Beautiful truck. Some outdoor pics would really make it pop.
  11. BITCHIN' DUDE!!! Some cool rides there. Always fun to build a car or truck you or one of your friends or relatives owned.
  12. Thanks David. This is the Vandal kit reissued 10 or so years ago. It came with a mini bike which is what I bought the kit for. Still haven't built the bike. That body was rough, a lot of sink marks, hours and hours of filling/sanding. I couldn't bring myself to stick those big red decals on it.
  13. Thanks Claude. That was good paint. That and Ditzler.
  14. Beautiful work all around. I have a few that took 20 years to get around to finishing. I can't wait 37 to get any of them done since I don't have that many years left in me🙂 Trouble is I need another couple hundred years to build what I do have.
  15. Here is my fave paint job. Built in 2013. Painted with Centari black through my Paasche VL. Straight from the brush, no clear or polish. This is the worst body I have ever had to work with.
  16. Made forward progress on an IH 4070. Got cab and a whole bunch of small parts painted. Also made progress on an AMT Great Dane reefer trailer. Got suspension together and slapped a coat of primer on it.
  17. Now that is different. Some nice scratch building. My first thought was that is way too clean for a CF truck. Did you have to make the tire chains or are they available through aftermarket? Good work all around.
  18. Way cool. I had forgotten all about this kit. I butchered one of these back in the early 70s myself. But like the rest of my models from back then it got blown apart with fireworks. Maybe they still have the tooling for this and we could be fortunate enough to have another go at it.
  19. Looks nice. these AMT truck kits all have their quirks but the do build up well.
  20. Way cool. There are 4WD vehicles like this all over the Colorado mountains. Just needs chains on all 4 tires and it's all set.
  21. Looks good. This is a nice kit overall. I have one in the works right now. Now it needs a trailer.
  22. Nothing wrong with that. That is not that easy, you captured that 70s workhorse look. I'm with you on the instruction sheets in AMT truck kits. They shoulda called it a suggestion sheet.
  23. Too cool. Rust not over done. Barn looks great also.
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